Disciple – Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: Please Restrain Yourself from Displaying Your Stupidity

Zhu Yao did not know how Yin Shi conducted her investigation, but after a few days, Xu Nuoyan suddenly went into closed-door training. Her cheap mother must had found something out, and hence suspicion towards Xu Nuoyan rose.

Zhu Yao felt at ease. As long as Yin Shi became wary, even if Xu Nuoyan’s old relationship with Mo Xianxian bloomed again in the end, it would no longer be easy for them to collapse Fluorescent Wind Clan.

Speaking of Xu Nuoyan, in the precognitive dream she had before, she had felt that he carried a sincere heart towards his own wife, even if he couldn’t be called a good person, at the very least, he was an affectionate person. However, ever since he denied his feelings for Mo Xianxian several times, and had even wanted Zhu Yao to marry him, in Zhu Yao’s heart, he had already turned into a complete trash from head to toe.

However, as long as he did not get the opportunity to make contact with Mo Xianxian, then, it would mean that Fluorescent Wind Clan’s crisis of being destroyed was averted.

Zhu Yao had a dream. Ever since she began her cultivation journey, other than those precognitive ‘spoiler’ dreams, she rarely dreamt in her sleep. She seemed to have even forgotten how a true dream felt like.

Now, she felt that her entire body was immersed in a pool of warm water, yet, even though she had been in the water for a long time, she was not suffocating in the least. Instead, it was peaceful and tranquil, allowing her to feel especially at ease. In front of her eyes, varied colours fluttered about, and occasionally, it was a green blur. Her consciousness was a little blurry, and it felt as though she couldn’t focus no matter what she did.

She could faintly hear shallow breathing sounds. They sounded a little familiar, but she wasn’t unable to discern who they belong to.

It seemed as though her entire body was floating in empty space, yet, unexpectedly, she felt especially at ease in the depths of her heart.

However, she didn’t know how long she had maintained this state, as a blurry and unclear green figure gradually appeared in her line of sight. It looked like a big mass of green, and light penetrated out from the slit between the green mass, hitting her body.

A moment later, the light began to greatly weaken, turning into scattered dots. That big mass of green began to grow darker as well, and in the end, it turned pure black. Just like that, the two colours constantly interchanged.

After a long period of time, she could actually hear a faint voice.

The voice was very gentle. In the beginning, she could only hear a few syllables, and the voice began to grow clearer as time went by. Yet, she was still unable whose voice it belonged to. She could faintly hear the words ‘little sister’, repeating over and over again.

Zhu Yao silently thought to herself. Just whose unlucky child had gotten lost?

In the beginning, the voice was a little tender. Slowly after, it became a little sharp. After a period of sounding terrible and coarse, the voice turned calm and gentle. Every syllable sounded similar to a light breeze, and from hearing it… Zhu Yao felt like sleeping.

Uh… She seemed to be sleeping in the first place, right?

Alright, she was currently being transferred into a state of deep sleep.

Yet, the voice next to her ear suddenly became especially clear. The tone carried seventy percent gentleness, twenty percent anxiousness, and ten percent helplessness.

“Little sister, why are you still not coming out?”


Zhu Yao suddenly opened her eyes, only to see a ray of snow-white flash, carrying a dense amount of killing intent, striking straight towards her.

The hell!

Zhu Yao was instantly clearly awake. Rolling onto the ground, she dodged the attack. A deep arc-shaped groove was instantly created on the grassland.

That was a wind blade. If she had moved even a moment slower earlier, she would have been sliced into half by now.

A chill surfaced in the depths of Zhu Yao’s heart. Before she could even react, the next wave of attacks had already arrived. Spiritual swords, numbered in the high hundreds, were attacking straight towards her. Raising her hands to form seals, a defensive barrier was erected around her.

Only then did she have the luxury of time to look at the person who launched a sneak attack against her. Up above, not far away from her, a human figure was currently standing on a sword. Dressed in a familiar black garb, the person seemed to have assimilated into the darkness of the night. Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat, thinking that she was looking at the Devil who wanted to kill her before, however, after taking a closer look, she realized she was wrong. The person on the sword was clearly a woman, and her cultivation was merely at the Profound Deity level. A concealment art seemed to be hiding her face, and Zhu Yao was unable to see her facial features clearly. She simply had a feeling that the woman was currently staring at her with eyes filled with killing intent.

Who’s this?

“Who are you?” I never saw you on-stage before, is there a need to attack me the moment we meet?

The black-clothed person did not answer. Seeing that her spiritual swords had been dodged, she instantly summoned her divine sword, and came hacking towards Zhu Yao. The sword, clad in a white glow, was filled with heavy sword intent.

Zhu Yao immediately performed hand seals, summoning five heavenly lightning bolts which zapped towards her. Her figure however was extremely quick, dodging past them in merely a few moments. The sword slashed across, and although Zhu Yao had managed to avoid it, she felt a piercing pain from the sharpness of the sword aura. On the sword’s blade, countless spiritual swords were once again summoned, which then flew towards Zhu Yao from all directions.

The hell, she’s bullying me because I don’t have a weapon of my own, right? Zhu Yao frowned, as she immediately summoned out a ray of purple-coloured lightning. However, this time, she did not throw it towards her opponent, instead, she reached out into the air and grabbed the purple-coloured lightning bolt. With a swing of her hand, not only did it sweep away the spiritual swords in front of her like a whip, it was sent straight towards the black-clothed person.

The woman was caught unaware for a moment, as she seemed to have never expected that the lightning bolt could be used in such a way either. Hence, taking the hit, she was swept several meters away.

You dare to launch a sneak attack? Then I shall whip your buttocks.

Zhu Yao flew up and chased after her, and the lightning whip in her hands resoundingly sparked as she swung it about. Even Zhu Yao herself did not know why the lightning bolt which she had casually summoned out, actually possessed such incredible strength. The black-clothed person who was filled with an overbearing aura earlier, was now actually being whipped all around while being powerless to fight back.

Putting how she was constantly being pushed back aside, even her defensive barrier was unable to block even a single hit. After getting struck in the chest, she even made a ‘puah’ sound, puking out a mouthful of blood.

Zhu Yao instantly used a restraining art, wrapping her up like a dumpling. For a moment, she was filled with confidence.

Your guts sure are big! Sending yourself up to my doorstep just to get some good whipping, now you know how strong I am?

“You, call me queen, ah pui…” Her style twisted. “Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?”

The black-clothed person stayed silent, however, she was still staring straight at her, and she was filled with hatred to the point where it could burst out at any moment.

Zhu Yao could not recall when she had pulled in so much hatred. With a wave of her hand, she removed the concealment art on her face, only to reveal a delicate and beautiful face.

“It’s you!” Mo Xianxian! Zhu Yao stared with widened eyes. She didn’t expect it to be her of all people.

Mo Xianxian, however, did not try to hide her intents in the slightest, as she carried an expression that looked as though she could bite Zhu Yao at any moment. “You slut!”

“Thank you, you bitch!”

She was startled, as though she did not understand what a bitch was.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, took a step forward, and squatted next to her. “Is there something wrong with your brain? Why aren’t you sleeping this late in the night, and instead, came to Fluorescent Wind Clan to wake me up?”

Mo Xianxian snorted coldly as she turned her head to the side, as though she was disgusted just by looking at her. “You know the answer yourself.”

“I’m asking exactly because I don’t know the answer. You think everyone’s as bored as you are?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at her. “Just why in the world do you want to kill me?”

Mo Xianxian, however, became absolutely furious. “Slut, first you seduced my husband, then you hunted me down. Now, you’re not even letting my husband go, and you’re asking me why I want to kill you?”

“Wait a minute! Why do you still think that I was the one who seduced Xu Nuoyan?” Zhu Yao’s head ached a little. “Didn’t I tell you that I don’t even know him at all before this? And I never thought of marrying him either.” Where did your most basic judgmental ability go to?

“Hmph! Pretentious.”

“…” Your logic must have been eaten by dogs, right.

“If you don’t have any ill intentions, then, why did you send people to kill me?”

Zhu Yao spaced out for a moment. There’s actually really people hunting her down? Could it be… The hell, that trash!

Seeing that she had turned silent, a hint of something flashed past Mo Xianxian’s eyes. “If you really have no intentions for my husband, then do you dare to confront him with me face to face?”

“Fine, a confrontation it is.” This stubborn lady. If she did not allow her to personally witness his true personality, she really wouldn’t know what to call her.

Zhu Yao stood up. Just as she was about to pull her up, suddenly, she realized a red light shining brilliantly on the ground. A large blazing fire suddenly rose. She reflexively retreated, only to realize that her surroundings had already been heavily surrounded by flames. The flames were especially mysterious, blue could be seen mixed within the red flames, emitting out an intense heat. Even the surrounding flowers and grass had instantly withered.

“Hahahaha…” Mo Xianxian let out a complacent laugh, as she instantly escaped from her body’s restraints. Rising up, she jumped several meters away, with a face that looked as though she had succeeded in her treacherous plan. “I sure want to see how you’re going to escape from this.”

The hell. This bitch trapped her. If she had known, she would have placed a formation down long ago.

Zhu Yao looked a little blankly at the flames which had already completely surrounded her. For a moment, she began to regret a little. Why was she so incredibly bored, to the extent of coming to this secluded mountain? And, she had even unknowingly fell asleep. If this had been Dawnfall Peak, at the very least, her master was there.

The flames did not look simple. “What is this art?”

Mo Xianxian coldly laughed. “What? As the young mistress of Fluorescent Wind Clan, do you not recognize your own clan’s ultimate art, ‘Divine Nascent True Flames’?”

“No, I don’t.”

“…” She actually shamelessly admitted it. “The ‘Divine Nascent True Flames’ can completely annihilate one’s divine nascent core, being the strongest flames in the world. Before your divine nascent core completely vanishes, and your divine sense completely scatters, it’s impossible for you to flee.”

“Is that so?” But why did she feel that these flames, were a little cute? Even the embers were looking a little strange. Hey, hey, hey, it seemed to have formed a heart shape!

Zhu Yao could not help but reach out her hand.

“Hmph!” Mo Xianxian coldly glared at her. “These flames cannot be extinguished, so obediently accept your dea…”


Before she could even finish, she heard a sizzling sound. The flames which were still lively and spirited earlier, with a wave of Zhu Yao’s hand, were completely extinguished.

“Impossible!” That’s the Divine Nascent True Flame, flames that could not be extinguished even with water!

Zhu Yao looked a little blankly at her own hand. She seemed to have learnt some sort of incredible skill, and suddenly managed to control these flames.

“Burn!” With another wave of her hand, in an instant, the entire mountain peak was once again set ablaze with the red and blue flames, burning straight towards Mo Xianxian’s direction.

Mo Xianxian’s face instantly turned deathly pale, as she immediately controlled her sword and prepared to flee. The moment she flew up, she suddenly felt an overwhelming might pressing down on her. Before she could even react, she was knocked off her sword and fell into the flames.

“Master.” Zhu Yao waved her hand at the white figure which suddenly appeared in the sky. He sure came at the right time.

“What’s going on?” Yu Yan frowned, as he walked towards his stupid disciple.

“Nothing much. There’s a bitch with a low intelligence, who even came up to me to flaunt her stupidity.”


With a wave of her hand, Zhu Yao extinguished the flames in front of her, only to realize the area in front was completely empty. Where’s the bitch?

“Where is she?”

She clearly saw her falling over there though? Could she have escaped? Zhu Yao went forward and searched the vicinity, yet, she was unable to find even a strand of her hair. Even Mo Xianxian’s presence could no longer be felt.

“Yu Yao!” A hint of strangeness flashed past Yu Yan’s face. He suddenly bent down his waist to pick up an object, which he then handed over to Zhu Yao.

After clearly seeing what it was, Zhu Yao’s face instantly darkened.

Hoho. Hello, cheat artifact!

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