Disciple – Chapter 155

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Chapter 155: Entering Advent Cloud Palace

“After this, as long as you manage to make your way to the teleportation formation in front and transfer to Domefair Hall, you will pass the third trial.” The deity who came to guide us, pointed at the small hill that was floating in the air in front of us, and said.

The height of the small hill looked nothing more than a dozen meters, and the peak was a piece of flat land. Glowing inscriptions could be seen on it, which seemed to be a formation that had already been activated. However, from where they were standing, they seemed to be at a distance of several dozen meters from the floating hill, and large clouds were at the center separating between the two lands. The two sides were both so high, it was basically impossible to clearly see the ground beneath them. If one were to make a careless mistake and slip off, most likely, there would be no chances of survival.

However, as ones which had turned into spirits, how many of them wouldn’t know flying techniques? Especially when it came to those spiritual monsters which became spirits from bird-related species, they would simply need a few flaps of their wings to reach the other side. This third trial was indeed a little too easy.

“It’s fine as long as we cross over?” A mountain wolf spirit asked sternly. Everyone did not dare to believe that that the last trial would actually be this easy.

The deity receiving them nodded. “As long as you reach Domefair Hall, you will be official Advent Cloud Palace disciples.”

Only then did the spirits feel at ease. Several of them had begun to fly over with their activated transportation divine artifacts, or with the use of the Cloud Riding Art. The moment they landed on the ground, they were enveloped by the white light within the formation, and their figures disappeared. Most likely, they had already been sent to that Domefair Hall. The path was smooth-sailing, without any irregularities to be seen.

With someone leading the way, the rest of the spiritual monsters began to fly over one after another as well.

“Boss, let us head over as well.” Goudan pointed to the formation at the front, and became a little anxious. “Almost everyone has left.”

Zhu Yao did not reply, instead, she looked downwards at the layers of clouds between the two lands. The corner of her lips could not help but twitched for a few moments, and her expression darkened.

Because, above those white clouds, a familiar set of words, written in a large Arial font, could be seen.

“Come on, step on me if you dare!”

What’s with this arrogant and annoying spoiler? Realmspirit, the cheat you gave me this time is a joke version, right?

For a moment, Zhu Yao felt her feet itching. Yet, seeing that she was not moving for a long time, the words flashed, and actually began to nudge and shuffle about.

“You don’t dare to step on me, right? Idiot!”

“Come on, why aren’t you stepping?”

“Step me, come and step me!”

“If you don’t step on me, you’re a monkey.”

Aiya, look at this temper of hers. Raising her leg, Zhu Yao stepped towards the layers of white clouds. She did not summon her flying sword, nor did she cast any flying techniques.

“Boss! What are you doing?” Goudan was startled, as he reached out his hand to grab her out of shock. “You will fall… Eh?”

Before he could finish, he realized that Zhu Yao’s body had stopped in mid-air. Even though she was stepping on emptiness beneath her feet, her stability looked as though she was stepping on some sort of flat ground. And, she had even forcefully stomped a few times, yet, it did not look as though she was going to fall at any moment at all.

Goudan widened his eyes in an instant, and was in utter disbelief. “This, this is…” What kind of art was this?

“Rock spirit, wait for me!” Seeing that Zhu Yao had walked a far distance, the mushroom immediately followed after her. He stepped onto the boundaries that should have been just empty air, yet, just like Zhu Yao, he stably stopped in mid-air. There wasn’t even a single shaky movement made.

“Boss?” Not just Goudan, even the remaining few spirits were dumbfounded as well.

“Goudan, what are you spacing out for?” Zhu Yao waved her hands. “Just walk directly over, there’s an invisible bridge in-between.”

A bridge? Goudan blanked. Only then did he react, and reach out his foot to try stepping onto the edge of the land. When he realized that it was indeed not empty air, he instantly felt at ease, and immediately hurriedly followed after her.

Though, the deity who received them looked at the few people in the air with a satisfied expression. “I never expected that there would actually be spiritual monsters who could see through the profound secret to the sky here.”

The moment the remaining spiritual monsters heard this, what else were there not to understand? The test of the third trial was actually this hidden bridge, and when they realized this, one after another, they began to walk over as well.

“Boss, how did you know there was a bridge suspended in the air?” Goudan looked at his own boss with a worshiping gaze. Clearly, many spirits before them had all flown over instead. “No one else seemed to have noticed it.”

“Hoho!” Zhu Yao let out a bitter laugh. “Because, I activated my hacks.”


“Hurry up, I’m going.” Zhu Yao did not explain, and directly stepped into the teleportation formation.

However this time, the teleportation formation did not activate immediately. It flashed a few white lights, the inscriptions on the ground began to change, and they slowly turned into a new teleportation formation. Right after, a red radiance flashed, along with the last few people who came walking together, they disappeared within the formation.

They were sent into a great hall, and there were already several people waiting within. After doing a short count, they numbered a little more than ten. However, they were not the spirits who had come before them, but rather, human practitioners. Every single one of them had the cultivation level of an Earth Deity, and most likely, they were deities who had just ascended. Mo Xianxian was among them as well.

“Eh, there’s actually so many spirits who are capable of seeing through the profound secret of the bridge of trials this time. Not bad.” A clear and mighty voice resounded, and it came from the front. However, that place was simply filled with mist, and basically not a single human figure could be seen. Most likely, that person had concealed himself.

Zhu Yao guessed that the person sitting at the top was the one in-charge of the selection for Advent Cloud Palace this time – the human resources manager.

“Rock spirit, there are so many divine practitioners here, so scary.” Mushmush worriedly tugged on Zhu Yao’s sleeves. “I wonder if they eat mushrooms and rocks?”

Zhu Yao rubbed her forehead. Dear mushroom, other than being worried of being eaten, could you please have some other worries?

“Eh?” Mushmush was suddenly startled for a moment, as he pointed to a female deity not far from the front, and shouted out loud. “Little bitch!”

In an instant, all of the eyes in the hall swept towards them one after another, including the female deity who was wearing a green coloured dress.

The hell, it really was that little bitch who posed as her!

“You little spirit, what nonsense are you spouting?” Tao Manfeng’s brows instantly straightened, as she furiously stared at the mushroom. No matter who it was, that person would still be furious when being pointed and scolded at. If not for the presence of various other deities, she would have long made a move. “I have never offended fellow deity, so why are you bad-mouthing me?”

Mushmush was frightened by her stare, and his imposing attitude instantly weakened. However, he did not forget to save his face, as he pulled Zhu Yao behind him, and softly said. “Rock spirit, don’t be afraid… I-I-I-I… I will take care of you.”

Then don’t tremble!

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened, as she pushed the mushroom aside. Though the little bitch was detestable, this place wasn’t suitable for taking revenge. “This brother of mine has only just materialized his human form, so he does not know the rules. He has mistaken you for someone else, and I hope fellow deity will forgive him.” She had only seen Zhu Yao and the mushroom in their original forms, so she shouldn’t be able to recognize them.

As expected, she simply swept a cold glance at the two of them. Because of their present location, she simply snorted coldly and turned her line of sight away.

The place instantly recovered its former quiet and calm. A moment later, that mighty voice once again resounded.

“In the future, everyone here will be disciples of our Advent Cloud Palace, and be taken care of by our Advent Cloud. I hope everyone will work hard in your cultivation…”

That voice continuously spoke for exactly an hour, but all of those were simply officially scripted words. In general, it could be summarised as: We hope by being closely united, as an organization with our patriarch as the center, you can successfully push forward with our Advent Cloud’s unique cultivation career. Raise up the huge banner that carries the theory of raising one’s cultivation and the important mentality of “Ascending into Gods”, implement the concept of constant improvements to everyone, and improve the infrastructure of Advent Cloud Palace enterprise, in order to provide even larger contributions to Advent Cloud, the strongest and most peaceful society!

At the end, that leader who concealed his face, even shouted out a few words that were similar to: Today, you will be proud of Advent Cloud, but tomorrow, Advent Cloudl will be proud of you! Using such a resounding slogan, he then ended this leadership session that lasted an entire hour.

Zhu Yao expressed that she had already given him a lot of face by not sleeping the session through. Yet, the entire hall of people had such excited and hot-blooded expressions, as though they could not wait to immediately shed their own blood and dedicate their entire lives to Advent Cloud Palace. This made her feel as though she had entered an MLM organization.

“Today, all of you shall first settle down and rest. Tomorrow, there will be an entry selection match. I hope everyone will give their best.”

Eh? What?

“Yes!” Everyone in the hall responded in unison, and bowed in unison. They then turned around and headed out one after another.

What entry selection match? She didn’t hear anything about it at all? Zhu Yao turned around and wanted to ask Goudan about it, however, she did not see his figure. After searching her surroundings, she saw that he was currently politely standing next to a white-clothed female deity. He actually went to hook up with Mo Xianxian so quickly, as expected, one would forget his friends when he’s attached!

Zhu Yao could only place her hopes on the mushroom next to her, yet, she saw him standing there unmoving, and faint grunts could be heard. This guy actually slept while standing!

Forget it, she had no choice but to take one step at a time. Zhu Yao woke the mushroom up, and walked out of the great hall with the crowd. The moment she exited, a disciple passed her a jade tablet with a smile. When Zhu Yao took it and had a look at it, the two words “Alpha Two” were written on it. When she stuck it on her forehead, a map was printed in her mind. It was a route leading to a cave residence. It seemed like that would be the place she was staying for the day.

“Rock spirit, why is mine different from yours?” The mushroom stretched out his own jade tablet, and the words “Charlie One” was written on it.

In the next moment, Goudan shouted out. “I’m Charlie Two, who’s Charlie One?”

It seemed like this cave residence was shared by two people, and both Mushmush and Goudan were coincidentally in the same room.

Zhu Yao pulled the mushroom over, and coincidentally, Mo Xianxian was actually Alpha One, and was in the same room as her.

“Boss, can I switch mine with yours?” Goudan said with an expectant look.

The mushroom immediately responded. “That’s great, that’s great! Rock spirit, I’m not used to sleeping with others, I like to sleep with you the most.”

“Scram!” Who wants to sleep with you? Do not say such words that can cause misunderstandings, hey.

However, Mo Xianxian did not have any reaction. She simply glanced skeptically at her and Goudan, before turning around and summoning her flying sword. “Fellow deity Zhu, shall we head off together?”

Zhu Yao nodded. After waving her hands at Mushmush and Goudan, along with Mo Xianxian, she then headed off in the direction pointed out by the map.

The journey there was quiet.

A moment later, the two of them arrived at a lone little hill. On the hill, there was a small manor with three storeys, and there was even a courtyard of considerable size at the front. Outside the courtyard, a defensive formation was placed down. They placed their jade tablets into the doorplates at the gate, and the formation automatically opened up.

Inside the courtyard, as though a formation that concentrated divine energy was set down, the divine energy within was evidently much denser than outside. Zhu Yao nodded towards Mo Xianxian, before heading to the right side of the building, where the door which had the words “Alpha Two” written was located.

“Fellow deity Zhu.” Just as she was about to head in, Mo Xianxian suddenly shouted out.

Zhu Yao turned around.

Mo Xianxian lowered her head, and her eyes flickered, as though she was hesitating about something. A moment later, she gave her a polite bow, and said. “Back then, outside Divine City, thank you for saving me, fellow deity Zhu.”

She finally said it. Zhu Yao was even beginning to think that she was going to continue acting as though she did not know her.

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