Disciple – Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: Bi-Gender Type Character

“Oh…” Goudan instantly blanked. All of the old spirits in the forest clearly said that when one’s life was saved, he or she had to repay the kindness with their body. Liars, all of them!

Zhu Yao could not be bothered to care about this deeply lonely arrow spirit. Raising her hand, she summoned her own divine sword, and especially materialized it to the size that could fit three people. “Let’s go.”

“Ou.” Goudan nodded, as he casually turned to glance at her. “Eh? Boss, why do I feel that you suddenly grew a little?”


“Really!” Goudan said with a serious expression. “Earlier, you were merely at my shoulder-level. But now, you’re right at my eye-level. Your legs seemed to have grown taller too, and your shoulders are a little wider…” Goudan looked at her from head to toe, and his face was filled with doubt. “Though this part seems to be smaller…” As he said that, one of his claws reached out for her chest.

“You’re courting death!” Raising her hand, Zhu Yao threw a fried dumpling right to his face[1].

Goudan revealed a wronged look. “I’m serious, boss. Your face changed as well… As though you have changed… into a man, you know?”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Zhu Yao heavily patted on her own chest. “I’m a genuine wom-“


Zhu Yao’s words came to an abrupt halt.

No, no, no. It’s definitely a problem with the method she touched her own chest with.

Let’s try again.

She once again touched her own chest, yet, she still felt a vast flatland. This was illogical! Where did her little crystal dumplings go?

Zhu Yao could not help but want to pull up her skirt.

“Boss?” Goudan called out, as he immediately called out to stop her from acting out such moral-collapsing behaviour. “Did you drop something?”

Zhu Yao nodded, as she felt like crying. “Yes!” She dropped her morals.

“Wait a moment.” Zhu Yao pushed the woman into Goudan’s hands, as she sprinted towards the nearby unoccupied large tree, and set down an isolation formation. Not giving up, she pulled apart the top of her skirt…

Her eyes instantly suffered from irreparable damage.

Someone tell me, what’s with that additional snake-like thing between my legs!?

This was illogical!

Wait a minute…

She recalled the notification window that appeared when she was first about to materialize a human form. That notification which only had the single body-type option available.

Bi-Gender type…

The hell. Could there actually be a network delay with this body-type option!?

Zhu Yao walked out with a soulless expression. In her mind, horse-shit kept springing out from the ten thousand horses that galloped past, which stepped on her fragile nerves one after another.

“Boss?” Goudan revealed a worried look. “Did you find the thing you dropped?”

Zhu Yao shook her head.

“Ah? Then what should we do?” Goudan became a little anxious as well. “Boss, just what are you missing?” Looking at her dejected look, it must have been a very incredible divine artifact.

Zhu Yao gave him a smile that looked even uglier than crying. “No, I didn’t lose anything? I just found myself gaining an additional something.”

“Ah? Ah!?”

While carrying an incomparably solemn mood, Zhu Yao returned to the inn. No matter how she thought about it, she could not accept how she had suddenly turned into a man. Just how did she change?

Clearly, she had always been a woman till then. And she did not eat anything strange either, nor did she cast any strange divine art. The only exceptional point was that she was smacked by that female deity.

Wait a minute, female deity?

Speaking of which, ever since she gained her human form, she seemed to have only made contact with people of the male gender. Her master, the Floor Master, and Dog-Egg. That female deity was the only exception. And she seemed to have only turned into a man when she crawled up after being smacked to the ground by her.

Could that be the reason? She suddenly had a terrible assumption.

“Goudan, come over here.”

“Ah?” Goudan walked over with a doubtful look. Zhu Yao instantly grabbed onto his hand. “Boss! Y-Y-You…” Goudan instantly widened his eyes. “I sell my body, but not my skills!”

Don’t even think about it. “Scram!”

She then instantly kicked Goudan out of the room, as she anxiously looked at the changes to her body. As expected, her figure was currently changing slowly. Her height shrank, and her face became slightly convex. Even the abnormal thing between her legs had disappeared as well.

The hell. So her gender was set by the people by her side. If she were to make contact with a man, she would become a woman. If she were to make contact with a woman, then she would become a man? Wasn’t this a little too random? Was it really alright for the so-called Bi-Gender type to be so random?

“Boss!” Goudan was still slamming on the door in sadness, wanting to come in. “That woman’s injuries are very severe, I wish to save her. Please let me in.”

“Enough nonsense. I will treat this woman, set a defensive formation outside for me.”

When Zhu Yao said this, as expected, he stopped, and obediently meditated outside the door to form a defensive formation.

Looking at the female deity lying on the bed, Zhu Yao momentarily felt uncomfortable. So, the moment when she was smacked by her earlier, her second gender type was activated?

Zhu Yao expressed that she no longer had the energy to retort, as she accepted her fate and raised up the person on the bed. Sitting behind her, she circulated her divine energy, as she resigned herself to fate and began to treat her wounds. Haah. She couldn’t bear to see the woman die in front of her, after all.

As expected, the moment she made contact with her skin, a chemical reaction once again began to happen on her body, as she turned back into a male body.

Heheh… Realmspirit you second uncle. Your grandfather’s bi-gender!

The female deity’s injuries were very severe. The person who chased after her must had harboured the thought to take her life, as he did not show any mercy in his methods. If she had not encountered them, she basically wouldn’t be able to last through the night. The person who injured her must have been that Gold Deity which Goudan mentioned. She really wondered just what kind of deep hatred that person had for this woman, to the point where he had to send her to her deathbed no matter what.

Zhu Yao could only circulate her divine energy to restore the woman’s injured meridians. Restoring meridians was a very delicate process which did not allow the slightest bit of carelessness, and the consumption of divine energy was astronomical. Fortunately, she had a dimensional space worth of divine energy which she could freely use.

While the Dantian was something she completely did not know how to restore. Fortunately, she had her all-purpose master with her. If she didn’t know, she could always ask.

“Master, how do I restore someone’s Dantian? How much divine energy do I have to spend, and how should I circulate it?”

Yu Yan frowned. He had many opinions on her disciple’s stupid kindness. In any case, that person was not even her family, so what’s the use in saving her? Hence, he did not teach her wholeheartedly. He left out a bit of the techniques, and missed out on mentioning a little of the things she had to take note of.


“Oya, she puked out blood.”

“Oya, I can’t control the divine energy.”

“Oya, the flow of the divine energy reversed.”

“Oya… the Dantian shattered into smithereens.”

Zhu Yao spent exactly three days, before she barely managed to somehow fix that unfortunate female deity’s Dantian, and she began to generate deep suspicion towards her own comprehensive ability. As expected, she was not suitable for cultivation, right?

Yu Yan: …

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and did the finishing touches. The treatment was pretty much done, and all that remained was to wait for her to wake up and nurture the healing process on her own. Zhu Yao got down from the bed, found a chair to sit on, and casually poured a cup of tea for herself.

When she had only a third of the cup, that female deity had already slowly regained consciousness. As though she sensed Zhu Yao’s presence, she sat up shockingly. Tightly grabbing onto her own collar, she revealed a pitiful expression. It was as though she had some sort of heavenly grievances.

If it wasn’t known that this female deity had an Oscar award, and that Zhu Yao herself was an authentic woman, it was really possible for others to suspect Zhu Yao for doing savage acts towards her.

This one here did not even tear your clothes off, so why the hell are you grabbing onto your collar?

When the female deity saw that she did not have any reaction, her flustered emotions retracted a little, and the colour on her face slowly returned as well. After circulating the air within her, she realized that the injuries on her body had already recovered to a large extent. “Was it senior who saved this little one?”

Zhu Yao narrowed her eyes at her. She did not reply, and continued to drink her tea.

As though she had already received her confirmation, the female deity hurriedly got down from the bed, and bowed towards her. “Thank you, senior, for your saving grace. This little one will definitely repay you in the future.”

Her master had said that the schemes in her mind were heavy, and that she should not involve herself with her too deeply. Look at this expression of hers. From her eyes, it looked as though she would really do anything to repay her. She really had the knack for acting. Zhu Yao secretly gave her a thumbs-up. You do know how to act, but I do too. She was the greatest at acting cold and mighty.

“Senior?” Seeing that Zhu Yao still did not reply, the female deity was a little anxious. She had thought that he would at least ask of her plight, yet, he did not even spare glance at her. This was the first time she had encountered such a cold man, it was as though other people’s affairs were not even the least bit related to him. Then why did he save her?

Zhu Yao continued to drink her tea, and even her eyes had shifted to where the window was. She did not have the slightest intention to care about her. Mn… Being cold and mighty was a tradition handed down in Lightning Divine Palace.

The lady gritted her teeth. “This little one, is named Mo Xianxian, and has ascended from the White Spirit World. Senior, is it possible to inform this little deity of your esteemed title? So that this one can repay you in the future.”

Zhu Yao finally turned her head around. Yet, she simply glanced at her coldly, not the slightest bit of emotions could be seen carried within her eyes.

Mo Xianxian was startled from his stare. His eyes were ruthlessly cold, yet, they were simply too penetrative, as though all kinds of schemes could not be hidden under his eyes.

Though, Zhu Yao was actually staring blankly into thin air.

The female deity realized that she was the first one who lost her cool, as she had indeed raised a degree of cautiousness in her heart. Earlier, she had inspected that her own injuries were mostly healed, and even her shattered Dantian was restored to a large extent. Someone who possessed the power to restore a shattered Dantian in Divine Realm was definitely someone who held great power. If he could take her in, then she would be much safer in the Higher Realm.

But, how could someone like him easily agree to her request? He must have long seen through her schemes.

Mo Xianxian gritted her teeth and figured that she might as well fight for her chances. She instantly knelt down in front of Zhu Yao. “I humbly request senior to save this little deity.”

Zhu Yao frowned, as she pinched on the now empty cup. She was hesitating whether she should have another cup.

Like spilling beans, she spoke out the entire story. “This little deity ascended only a month ago. However, ever since the day I ascended, unknown people has been chasing and attempting to assassinate me. I have hovered between the boundaries of life and death several times, and this time, I was even seriously injured.”

Zhu Yao still did not speak, and simply silently turned the empty cup about.

“I know that this matter is indeed unrelated to senior, and that this little deity is being audacious.” Mo Xianxian continued. “But, if there isn’t anyone to aid me, I will definitely be killed by people in the dark. Although this little deity’s death isn’t worth pitying for, wouldn’t it be a waste of senior’s efforts in saving my life?”

Zhu Yao’s brows twitched.

Mo Xianxian clenched her fists, as she continued to plead. “This little deity isn’t aware of the identities of the people chasing me, and I have yet to form any grudges with anyone either. It’s just… when this little deity was in the Lower Realm, I have a practitioner-pair husband, and his name is Xu Nuoyan. He had long ascended a thousand years before this little deity. In these recent days, I have been going to several places to inquire about his present situation, but I have yet to find him. Instead, I have attracted several unknown enemies. So this little deity has a conjecture that the people who are chasing me, must have a grudge with my husband.”

So that’s the case. Zhu Yao put down the cup in her hands.

“Senior?” Mo Xianxian carefully inspected his expression.

However, he still did not speak up. Instead, he suddenly stood up, pulled the door open and walked out.

You have already said it all yourself, so what’s there left for her to talk about?

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