Disciple – Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Mu Meiyan’s Challenge

The entire situation had entered a stalemate.

“There’s no need to talk any further.” Suddenly, a disdainful and prideful female voice resounded in the Great Hall, and Demigod stage might was carried in her tone. At the very center of the great hall, a black arc appeared, which slowly expanded into a full circle. This was a space distorting mystic art which could only be used by Demigods, and everyone present was thrown into a shock.

A moment later, a human figure stepped out from inside. “Whoever’s stronger will get the say in the matter.”

These words sounded especially arrogant, yet, the thoughts of rebutting this idea were unable to take root due to the Demigod’s might carried within the speech. Even Zi Mo himself was unable to refute, and was simply tightening the grip of his fists.

Three people walked out of the distorted space one after another, and the three of them were even familiar faces. The first to come out, was a woman dressed in fiery-red clothes, whose lips carried a cold smile, and the three letters ‘BUG’ on her face were so dark and bolded, it looked as though the word was printed on her face. Mu Meiyan!

Even Zhu Yao was a little astonished. A hundred years ago, she was only an intermediate stage Nascent Soul practitioner, but now, she was actually a Demigod. The aura she sensed from her body was comparable to hers, and it seemed to be faintly suppressing hers as well. Zhu Yao stared at that shadow behind her which had already fused with her body. Compared to before, it was even denser than before, and it was emitting a dark aura that sent chills to the spine. In the past, she didn’t know what it was. However, because she had recently learnt the skill of weapon refining, she was now especially sensitive to auras. In an instant, she recognized that it was actually an aura of extreme darkness.

Other than her, no one else could see that shadow, yet, she did not know why, but she could sense that the shadow had been staring straight at her, as though something ice-cold was crawling up from beneath her feet. Zhu Yao intentionally ignored that shadow like the rest of the people, however, that feeling of being watched became even deeper than before.

“The two Sovereigns have arrived.” However, the Sect Master of Celestial Indus Sect looked very delighted, and greeted them. “Sovereign Qi Han, Sovereign… Ru Lu, Junior-martial sister Hanxin.” He greeted every one of them, however, when he saw Mu Meiyan, he paused for a moment, and a hint of awkwardness flashed past his face. After all, the Sovereign in front of him was previously his own daughter, and had even been personally expelled out of the Sect by him in the past. However, who would have thought that she would breakthrough into the Demigod stage a hundred years later, and had even returned to Celestial Indus Sect without harbouring past grudges.

From looking at the Celestial Indus Sect Master’s expression, Zhu Yao could guess parts of the situation. No sect would reject a Demigod stage practitioner, even if there was some sort of grudge between them in the past. The reason why Mu Meiyan had been hiding in the past few years was probably because the shadow had yet to recover back then. Now that the shadow’s abilities were flourishing much more than before, naturally, she would borrow the strength of her cheat to raise herself to the Demigod stage. It was no wonder she had changed from her past gentle and weak personality, and become so arrogant. Most probably, this was her true nature.

The matters had become even harder to manage now.

“Yan’er?” Wu Song stood up, and looked towards Mu Meiyan at the center with a face of disbelief. His expression changed, revealing a complicated look.

However, Mu Meiyan simply turned her head and glanced at him with scornful eyes. After a cold snort, she seemed to have done something, as blood began to trickle down the corner of Wu Song’s lips, his expression paled, and he began to cough as he sat right back down.

Zhu Yao frowned. As expected, she had always been simply using Wu Song. However, Wu Song deserved it as well.

Turning her head, she looked towards Yue Hanxin who was following behind Qi Han, and could not help but sigh. The female lead and supporting female lead were natural enemies as expected. Although she really wanted to see the fight between Mary Sue and Green Tea Bitch, looking at how the shadow was acting, it definitely wouldn’t let her go.

Like all Mary Sues’ settings, Yue Hanxin had an astonishingly beautiful face. For a moment, Zhu Yao could not recognize her as that skinny and frail child back then. However, her delicate face seemed to look a little languished. It seemed that when Mu Meiyan rose to a Demigod, she had often sought trouble with her. Zhu Yao then could not help but turn to look at Yue Ying. He, however, had a calm face, and his eyes did not even move in the slightest. He had been looking at her while lowering his head the entire time.

Aren’t you heading over to meet your family? She’s your elder or younger sister, you know?

Mn. After thinking for a moment, Zhu Yao realized a problem. Between Yue Hanxin and Yue Ying, which one was older?

“In the cultivation world, the strong are always revered.” Mu Meiyan swept her eyes past Zi Mo, and instantly locked onto Zhu Yao. The corner of her lips revealed a hint of a cold smile. “In the past, isn’t the Ancient Hill Sect known as the number one deity sect by possessing three Demigod Sovereigns? Now that my Celestial Indus Sect possesses three Demigod Sovereigns as well, it’s time for a different sect to take the number one seat, right?”

Zi Mo’s expression instantly darkened. What did she mean by ‘known as’? Regarding his Ancient Hill Sect’s strength, was there a further need to boast about it?

“This Sovereign.” Zi Mo forced a smile back. “This so-called number one deity sect is merely a title. My sect was established many years ago, and this title, is merely a nickname that the various Daoists, who think highly of us, have given us. My sect is named Ancient Hill, and we have never had the intentions to change it, so naturally, we will not take this mere title for ourselves.” Although his words sounded modest, in actual fact, he was making hidden remarks at Celestial Indus Sect. When translated to human words: ‘What number one deity sect? It’s simply a title that has been pushed to us by others, why would we bother wanting it? Yet, you’re treating it like a treasure, and you’re even shamelessly coming to steal it.’

Although Mu Meiyan had lived two lives, in terms of the use of speech, how could she compete against a Sect Master who had lived in the world for several thousand years, and was capable of turning matters of human affairs into scriptures? After being countered speechless in an instant, her widened pair of eyes stared straight at Zi Mo.

Uncontrollably, the pressure from her might was pressed straight towards Zi Mo.

Just as Zhu Yao was about to act, there was actually someone who was a step faster. Another much stronger pressure was sent right back at her.

“Celestial Indus Sect sure has huge guts.” The person who acted was unexpectedly Ancient Hill Sect’s Sovereign Dan Wu, who did not have much sense of presence this entire time. In the past, in general meetings, even if he were to show up, he had never spoken. He was so low-profile, it caused people to unconsciously forget his presence. However, the moment he acted this time, he had clearly demonstrated his strength as a late stage Demigod.

Even Mu Meiyan’s expression changed as well. Although Celestial Indus Sect claimed to have three Demigod stage practitioners, Qi Han and Mu Meiyan were both merely Demigods who had broken through not too long ago. While the other Sovereign that had yet to make his appearance, was merely an intermediate stage Demigod as well.

Only then did Celestial Indus Sect Master feel a little afraid. The joy from suddenly gaining two Sovereigns in his sect had gotten way over his head, as he had forgotten that Demigod Sovereigns of Ancient Hill Sect had all broken through into the Demigod stage a very long time ago. Although Sovereign Zhu Yao, who had the weakest cultivation out of the three, was an early stage Demigod, she came from Jade Forest Peak!

He could not help but put a bold face and step out to ease the tension. He explained to everyone that his sect’s Sovereign was just acting on a moment’s impulse, and did not have intentions to start a war.

However, Sovereign Dan Wu did not reply, and simply closed his eyes once again, as though he was completely uninterested in this entire issue.

Mu Meiyan felt that she had indeed acted too impulsively as well. She was too aware of that feeling of being absolutely lowly and frail. So, when she had grown stronger, in her heart, she could no longer control the urge to act wilfully, and she no longer wanted to be suppressed by anyone else. Hence, she dropped her guard a little.

“Today, we’re discussing about the matters of the Great Inter-Sect Tournament that will occur a year later.” Qi Han coldly reminded. Although he was a little frustrated about Ru Lu’s impulsive actions, after taking her cultivation level in mind, he endured it. Though, he was becoming even more unhappy with this Sect Master’s daughter. In the past, he still had some form of pity for her, after all, she was a water heavenly spirit vein holder in the past. However, ever since her spirit vein mutated, he felt that her personality had changed. She became craftier, and had often acted against his own disciple.

“Sect Master Zi Mo.” Mu Meiyan restored her calm, and a hint of fine light flashed past her eyes. She then said with a smile. “In actual fact, the Great Inter-Sect Tournament is a big matter for the various sects, and is related to everyone present. Since the problem of the hosting location is difficult to solve, why not simply ask everyone here for their opinions, and have everyone decide where they wish the Great Inter-Sect Tournament be held at?”

This move of hers was ruthless enough. Since the other sects earnestly wished for the two sects to be in conflict with each other, they would naturally express their agreement one after another.

And, several of them were even beginning to declare that they wanted to go to Celestial Indus Sect.

However, there were some sects who declared they wanted other sects to host it as well. What’s even more outrageous was that some even wanted a rotation system.

Are you treating this as the Olympics? Zhu Yao silently retorted.

The various sects continuously argued. Initially, it was a competition between Celestial Indus Sect and Ancient Hill Sect. In the end, the other sects wanted a piece of it as well, and hence, a huge pile of sect candidates suddenly popped out. Every single one of them argued that they should host the event in their own sects.

After arguing for a long while, there still wasn’t a resolution to the matter. Zhu Yao was barely about to control herself from suggesting that they should just fight it out outside.

“Then let’s battle it out, in best-of-three matches. Winner takes all.” Someone suddenly roared out.

Eh, they’re really going to fight?

The final conclusion had arrived. In the end, the one with the strongest fist would have the final say. Every sect would send out three representatives, and whoever were to win, would have the say in the matter.

Zhu Yao fell on her knees due this extremely simple conclusion which took them an entire day of arguing to arrive at.

If you wanted to fight in the first place, then why did you spend so much time flapping your gums, huh? You people might as well take this opportunity to finish the Great Inter-Sect Tournament too.

In but a few moments, everyone had already prepared their representatives, and the people participating were actually all Nascent Soul practitioners.

However, when it came to Celestial Indus Sect selecting their representatives, Mu Meiyan stood up. With a smile which actually did not look like one, she looked towards Zhu Yao in the upper seats. “Since everyone is so excited, why don’t I accompany everyone as well? Sovereign Zhu Yao, are you willing to face me in a battle?”


Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. Wasn’t her main mission today simply to put her face out here?

Seeing that she did not have any reaction, Mu Meiyan smiled even more complacently. Zhu Yao understood that although the person she hated the most was Yue Hanxin, ever since she was stopped from devouring Yu Luo, it had been a stifling thorn in Mu Meiyan’s heart. However, Zhu Yao had never expected that she would actually dare to fight her openly.

When this challenge was issued by Mu Meiyan, the entire place instantly quietened down, and a moment later, excitement could be faintly felt from the people present. This was after all, a battle between Demigod stage practitioners. A sight that was rarely seen.

“What? Sovereign, are you afraid?”

“Mn, I’m afraid.”

“…” Mu Meiyan blanked, as though she never expected that Zhu Yao would answer this way. For a moment, she did not know how to follow up, as Zhu Yao actually shamelessly admitted it.

“We Demigods have strength capable of moving mountains and overturning seas, and we’re currently situated at my Ancient Hill Sect.” Zhu Yao explained lightly, and even rolled her eyes while she was at it. What she meant was: ‘Just by fighting a single battle, there would be such huge losses. Are you stupid?’

Everyone present: “…”

She actually sounded logical. Demigod stage practitioners had never acted casually, and their overly impressive strength was the reason. If they were to fight, the mess created could never be cleared.

Hence, the eyes that were looking at Mu Meiyan, had turned into ones that were looking at someone who would disregard others’ lives just for her own selfish desires.

Mu Meiyan trembled in anger, yet, she was unable to refute her explanation. Hence, she could only ruthlessly reply. “We can move away from Ancient Hill Sect, and fight above the ocean.” This way, they wouldn’t implicate others, right?

“Not going.”


“Aren’t there people next to the ocean too?” She once again rolled her eyes.

“…” If they were to fight above the ocean, the ocean water would bring about huge waves. Tsunamis would definitely form, which would definitely bring upon disasters for the people by the shore.

Zhu Yao decided to add another bucket of oil into the fire. “Haah, we’re once mortals too.”

As humans, we must never forget out roots, yo.

Hence, everyone’s eyes on Mu Meiyan had become even more ill-looking, as though she was a great evil who was about to kill a large number of residents by the shore.

Mu Meiyan took a few deep breaths, before she was able to endure the anger in her heart. She then said with a cold smile. “In the very end, aren’t you just afraid of fighting against me? No worries. It’s not like I definitely have to fight with you. As long as you’re willing to admit defeat, then we can just put this battle aside.”

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