Disciple – Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: Wu Song Cancelling his Engagement 

“Hahahaha… So it’s Wu Song.” Zi Mo however, was exceptionally happy.

Zhu Yao was completely dumbfounded, and suddenly had a bad premonition.

“This Azureflight Sect is a new deity sect established seven hundred years ago.” Seeing that she was staring blankly in the air, Zi Mo thought that she simply did not recognize the sect, and hurriedly explained. “Although this sect had only been established not long ago, and their numbers are small, they are considerably powerful. Especially when Tasyoluk Secret Realm was opened previously, the eighty disciples that their sect entered with, obtained a huge amount of resources, and they actually returned without making a single loss. From then on, they gained reputation in the cultivation world. Not to mention, since a few hundred years ago there would always be a disciple of theirs among the top three in the Great Inter-Sect Tournaments.”

Zi Mo sighed at how the times were changing.

Zhu Yao blanked. Turning her head, she looked towards Yu Luo at the side, and saw her slow nod. Because this Azureflight Sect, was exactly the radish farm she established, and the person arriving was Wu Song! However, when did he become Sect Master? How did she, the expired Sect Master, not know of this?

“Little martial aunt, why don’t you head over to have a look with me?” Zi Mo gave an excited expression, yet after pondering for a moment, he said with a slight apologetic tone. “You have left for more than a thousand years, little martial aunt, so you aren’t aware of this. Nine hundred years ago, this Sect Master Wu Song asked for my daughter’s hand in marriage. I see that he is a material that can be sculpted, and is sincere to my daughter, so I accepted their engagement on my own discretion. I intended to inform little martial aunt in the future once you return.” Although he was Yu Luo’s father, in the cultivation world, ever since the ancient times, what being practiced was the master-disciple inheritance, and it was taught that a master’s command was above everything else. Especially when it came to a lifelong decision such as choosing a practitioner-pair companion, usually, the disciple’s direct master’s approval was needed.

Zhu Yao looked towards Yu Luo’s pained expression, and her own face instantly darkened a little. Only then did she know of Wu Song’s engagement with Yu Luo. Yet, he actually cheated on her so brazenly. For a moment, she was a little furious at how really blind she was back then.

“Alright, I will go with you.” She really wanted to see, how a span of a thousand years had turned Wu Song into an ungrateful wolf.

Yu Luo’s expression paled, yet she still nodded and followed after them.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, before deciding to cast a Cloaking Art to conceal her own figure. Although Zi Mo felt it was a little strange, after thinking for a while, he figured that she wanted to test his own son-in-law, so he did not make any objections.

They sat at the great hall for a little while, before a group of people mightily walked into the place. Leading at the front was Wu Song as expected. He seemed to be much taller than before, his legs had lost a little of their tenderness, and looked a little firmer. Surrounding him, the flow of condensed spiritual energy could be sensed. That spiritual energy was different from normal as well, and it could be faintly sensed that there was something mixed within it. Zhu Yao was able to see it clearly, and simply felt it was uncoordinated. After taking a closer look, she realized he had actually reached the late stages of Nascent Soul.

Following behind him was a familiar group of people as well. They were exactly Radish Number One, Two, Three and Four. They had all grown up. In the past, she had felt that the radishes all looked pretty much the same. After taking a look now however, she felt every one of them had their own unique traits, and all of their cultivation levels were at the early stages of Nascent Soul.

Zhu Yao looked to the side. Her line of sight fell at the woman who was half a step behind Wu Song, and was closely leaning against him. After having a good look at her face, Zhu Yao instantly felt as though she had swallowed a fly.

Why was the bug, Mu Meiyan, here!?

“Greetings, Reverend Zi Mo.” Wu Song bowed with his hands clasped.

“My dear son-in-law, there’s no need for formalities.” Zi Mo chuckled as he stepped forward with a joyful face. Earlier, Yu Luo did not have the chance to inform Zi Mo that a problem had surfaced in their relationship. “We’re all family. Come, come. Sit down.”

Awkwardness flashed past Wu Song’s face, and even the faces of the people behind him revealed hints of guilt. Turning his head, he glanced towards Yu Luo who was standing next to Zi Mo, and said with a low voice. “Yu Luo…”

Yu Luo frowned, and turned her head away.

Wu Song sighed, pulled the woman behind him, and sat at the side. This action of protecting another woman raised the dissatisfaction in Zi Mo’s heart, yet, he still forcefully suppressed the suspicion in the depths of his heart. “Wu Song, I wonder why you’re here in Ancient Hill Sect today?”

Wu Song looked even more hard-pressed than before, and for a moment, he did not know how he should express himself. Mu Meiyan who was next to him however, tugged him. Only then did Wu Song turn his head to give her a smile, and resolved himself. “The reason why this one is here today… is to cancel the engagement with esteemed sect’s Yu Luo.”

“What?” This time, Zi Mo was really stunned, as he looked at him with a face of disbelief. “This… Is there some kind of misunderstanding?”

Wu Song’s face turned uglier than before, and he once again looked towards Mu Meiyan who was next to him. “Sect Master Zi Mo, back then, I wasn’t mature enough. I mistook sibling love for actual love, and ended up delaying Miss Yu Luo. Fortunately, I was enlightened in time, I beg for your forgiveness.”

Zi Mo’s face instantly turned as dark as the bottom of a wok. Clenching his fists, large flames of anger surged from within him, causing him to wish that he could give this boy a smack down at this very instant. Enlightened? What did he treat his own daughter as? Some sort of demonic obstacle in his heart? And Yu Luo had to wait till his mind was clear? Did he understand how important a woman’s marriage was? If he were to cancel the engagement today, just how much big of an influence it would be for Yu Luo, had he ever thought of that?

Although the various sects were not informed of their engagement, the fact that Yu Luo had been staying in Azureflight Sect for all these years, was something known to the entire cultivation world. It wasn’t difficult to figure out what kind of relationship the two people had.

“Sect Master Wu.” Zi Mo took a deep breath, and only then did he finally stabilize his anger which was close to exploding. “Back then when you came to ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage, this was not what you said. You sincerely swore that you would take good care of my daughter, and would never let her down. Only then did I hand my daughter to you. Yet, in a blink of an eye, you actually went back on your words. Who do you think I, Zi Mo, am? Is my daughter someone you can simply ruin like this?”

“I don’t mean it that way?” Wu Song was a little anxious. In the first place, he was in the wrong for this particular matter, and no matter how he beautified his words, he would simply be giving excuses.

“You don’t mean it that way? Then what do you actually mean?” Zi Mo snorted. His piercing gaze looked towards the gentle and frail woman at the side, and a pressure of might was instantly released. “I see that it’s this succubus here who’s causing trouble.”

Although Mu Meiyan had the cultivation of a Nascent Soul, in the end, she was still at the intermediate stages. For a moment, she was unable to bear the pressure released by a late stage Nascent Soul practitioner, and retreated a few steps back. Wu Song’s heart instantly ached. Grabbing onto her hand, he dispelled the discomfort within her, and at that instant, he felt a little furious as well. “Sect Master Zi Mo, what’s the meaning of this? This matter does not concern Yan’er, so why the need to act against her?”

“Hmph.” Zi Mo snorted, and simply continued to release his pressure. You’re anxious to that extent, and you say that she’s unrelated to this matter? Who would believe that?

Mu Meiyan at the side took the opportunity to move into Wu Song’s arms. A hint of something flashed past her eyes, however, it then instantly changed into a pitiful expression. Then, suddenly, she turned her head towards Yu Luo was at the back. “Big sister Yu Luo, it’s all my fault. I beg of you to not make things difficult for big brother Wu. I know I shouldn’t have taken big brother Wu from you, but… but things like feelings can’t be forced. Big brother Wu had always treated you like an elder sister, and had taken care of you for so many years. Are you really going to be that ruthless, and bring us down to our graves?”

She sounded so genuine and sincere, and that expression of hers as well, looked as though she was being bullied and was not willing to fight back. Yet, from her words, she was criticizing Yu Luo for being ungrateful. Right from the start, he never had feelings for you, yet, you’re still latching onto Wu Song without letting him go. Even Zhu could not help but praise her for her high-level acting skills.

As expected, Yu Luo instantly paled from her words, and was so flustered, she took a few steps back.

Wu Song’s expression became even more pained, and he stared at Yu Luo with slight hatred. “Yu Luo, on that day, I have already made it very clear. Yan’er is the only person in my heart. Why are you still acting this way?”

There was no longer even a trace of redness on Yu Luo’s face. Clearly, she hadn’t done a single thing, yet, she was forcefully labelled as the villain by the two of them. She could not help but bite her lips, and just as she was about to explain something, she was interrupted by Mu Meiyan. “Big brother Wu, don’t blame big sister Yu Luo. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.”

“Yan’er.” Wu Song became even more furious, and he ruthlessly glared at Yu Luo. “Yu Luo, I really didn’t think that, you’re actually such a person.”

Yu Luo’s paled expression instantly turned terribly white, and despair was what’s left on her face.

A clear and cold voice, however, suddenly resounded.

“Tell me. What kind of a person is she?”

Instantly, a Demigod stage pressure assaulted with an overwhelming force. Along with Wu Song, the two of them were ruthlessly pressed onto the ground.

Zhu Yao released her Cloaking Art, and slowly, her figure was revealed.

The show had run for quite a white now, it’s time to bring an end to this drama.

Zhu Yao walked over with slow steps. As she completely ignored Wu Song’s expression which looked as though he had seen a ghost, she interrogated, with emphasis on every single word. “Wu Song. Tell me. What kind of person is my Yu Luo?” That little radish, who would cover for him even though she felt aggrieved, had always been sincere towards him, yet, she was being treated by him in such a manner. She really wanted to know, just what kind of ungrateful wolf had he turn into in a span of a thousand years.

“So… Sovereign!” Wu Song completely did not think that she would appear here. Clearly, she had disappeared for a thousand years, and even he had thought that she had fallen a long time ago. How could she suddenly appear here, and at the very moment when he was here to cancel the engagement?

He could not help but recall that scene at Azureflight, when Zhu Yao handed Yu Luo to him.

At that moment, Wu Song did not know what to say. In the depths of his heart, he carried a certain degree of guilt towards Yu Luo in the first place. Earlier, it was simply a moment of anger on his part, and after seeing her and recalling the matters back then, he became even more guilty.

Though, at the side, Radish Number One to Four’s faces were filled with utter disbelief. With their mouths agape, they looked as though they wanted to call out something. However, they then hurriedly glanced towards Wu Song in front of them, and closed their mouths one after another.

“It’s you!” Though, Mu Meiyan lost her calm, and exclaimed out. The reason why Zhu Yao suddenly disappeared was something she clearly knew of, even though no one else knew about it. A hint of fluster was evidently displayed on her face. “How can you possibly be here?”

“Why can’t this Sovereign be here?” Zhu Yao replied with a laugh. “Though, it sure has been a long time, esteemed lady Ru, the precious daughter of Celestial Indus Sect Master.”

When her words fell, Mu Meiyan’s expression instantly paled. Everyone present looked towards Mu Meiyan on the ground with shocked faces, and all of them were filled with disbelief.

“The precious daughter of Celestial Indus Sect Master? How is that possible?” Radish Number Two regained his senses from Zhu Yao’s appearance, and muttered. “Isn’t she eldest martial sister’s friend?”

“I heard that Ru Lu of Celestial Indus Sect had been expelled from the sect a long time ago.”

“That’s right. I heard it was because she killed someone from the same sect.”

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