Disciple – Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: Uncontrollable Scenarios

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded heavily. This time, without needing him to steal a kiss from her, she moved closer and directly smooched on his lips, while hugging him tightly. Until the moment his figure began to become fainter, he left these words. “If you have any matters, call for me.” In the end, he disappeared in the pillar of light.

Zhu Yao stood still on the ground. There was an additional object in her hands, and it was even the jade pendant she was especially familiar with. Zhu Yao could not help but lift the corner of her lips. Raising her head, she looked towards the sky which had once again recovered its calm. Only after a long while did she slowly look down.

Walking back into her own house, she felt a little chilly. After pulling over that light veil on the bed which covered her body earlier, she suddenly realized something, and began to regret.

The hell, there was such a good opportunity earlier, and she actually missed it just like that! She finally managed to see her master, so shouldn’t she have taken the opportunity to push him down? She actually only remembered and spent her time talking about truths, yet, she had forgotten the most important issue!

Master, come back!

After staying in the peach blossom garden for exactly seven days, Sesame finally woke up. A month later, Yue Ying woke up as well. Back then at the Severed Lands, the three of them had all suffered injuries. She was the one with the most severe injuries, but due to her master’s nursing, she had already completely recovered from them.

In this month, instead of idling around, she had been working hard in her cultivation. She could faintly sense that the current situation was definitely not optimistic, and even her master had descended upon the Lower Realm to warn her. Thus, it could be seen that in the thousand years she was trapped in the scroll, many things had happened in the world. Although she was a Demigod, in the hands of that shadow, she was basically nothing to speak of. If she did not continue to cultivate, forget about protecting the people next to her, protecting herself might be a problem itself.

Not only that, Mu Meiyan’s and Yue Hanxin’s cataclysmic war was definitely beginning to heat up.

After hesitating for a moment, she still decided to first return to Ancient Hill Sect, in order to inform Zi Mo the matters regarding the shadow, and have him make preparations. After all, Ancient Hill Sect was the number one sect in the cultivation world. Also, adding the fact that she had stopped Mu Meiyan from devouring little radish in the divine sense region back then, she was definitely being resented, and be plotted against by Mu Meiyan.

Since she had already decided, Zhu Yao did not stay any longer. After having Sesame enter her divine sense, she then carried Yue Yin, and flew in the direction of Ancient Hill Sect. She was eager to know the current situation, hence, the speed of her flying sword was naturally faster than before.

However, when she was passing by a ravine, she sensed a stir in her divine sense. Zhu Yao blanked for a moment, before she turned and looked towards one of the caves below. She felt as though something there was calling for her.

Yet, she was rushing back to Jade Forest Peak, and did not want to have any delays. Just as she was about to fly pass, she pondered for a moment. She then still decided to turn around and fly towards the cave.

After that, she could not help but feel fortunate for turning around. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to avoid a tragedy from happening.

That was a very simple mountain cave. Outside the cave, there wasn’t any presence of spiritual energy being gathered. However, the moment she stepped into it, the cave was filled with the aura of a heretic practitioner.

A wretched man, wearing a green-coloured robe, was currently half-kneeling on the ground. The lower part of his clothes had already been removed, and the disgusting object in between his thighs was revealed. And under him, he was currently pressing onto a white-clothed female practitioner who was evidently heavily wounded. And that face of hers…

It was little radish!

Zhu Yao instantly felt as though flames of boundless of anger had surged in the depths of her heart. With a wave of her hand, a wind blade which carried a dense spiritual energy was swung towards that heretic practitioner, and it instantly pressed that heretic practitioner onto the wall. Lightning sparks gathered in her hand, and she struck it straight towards his Dantian, Blood Sea, and his Primal Soul, instantly crippling his Nascent Soul cultivation.

The man grunted, and spat out a huge amount of blood. Yet, he was directly pressed onto the ground by the pressure of her might, and was unable to move at all.

“Little radish.” Zhu Yao walked towards her disciple whose clothes were already in a mess, and even her hands could not help but start to tremble. Fortunate… How fortunate… How fortunate that she managed to make it in time. How fortunate that she did not simply fly pass the place.

Yu Luo’s consciousness seemed to be a little blurry. Slowly turning her head, she looked at Zhu Yao, and whispered. “Mas… ter?”

In the next instant, she fainted.

Zhu Yao’s heart ached, and then, felt a little afraid. She handed Yue Ying who was in her embrace to Sesame, and then, hurriedly helped her fix her dressing. Only after she had worn the clothes properly, did she carry her unconscious disciple, and turn her head to glance at the heretic practitioner on the ground.

With a swipe of her fingers, she instantly seized his crime tools and shattered his spirit veins. No matter how high his cultivation was, someone like him would be nothing more than a rapist.

When Yu Luo woke up, she was on her own bed. It was not that soft one which she had slept in for nearly a thousand years, but that plain and simple wooden bed. She had returned?

For a moment, Yu Luo felt a little absentminded, yet, a heart-piercing pain suddenly came from the depths of her heart. The things that had happened in the past few years, were like a dream. Even she did not dare to believe that it had ended just like that, and in such a way as well.

Her expression suddenly changed. That heretic practitioner…

She hurriedly checked her own body, only to realize that there wasn’t any anomaly. And right before she fainted, she seemed to have seen…


Yu Luo suddenly sat up, and charged right out of the room.

In the courtyard, a woman was currently enjoying a cup of tea. Her pink-coloured gown was so clean, there wasn’t even a speck of dust on it. Yet, her long hair was loosely draped over her shoulders. She loved cleanliness, and used the Dirt Removal Art more than anyone. However, she did not like to maintain her own hair, and the hairstyle she had every time was something a half-dead person would have.

When Yu Luo was young, whenever that person had to leave, she would have to use sweets to coax her, so that Yu Luo could do her hair for her. And she was a greedy one, yet, she hated to use the Body Purification Technique. Hence, Yu Luo had to use her own spiritual energy to cultivate various vegetables and fruits, in order to trick her that she had made various delicious dishes for her.

The most important thing was. She was very protective. Whenever Yu Luo was bullied, she was actually more anxious than herself. She would think of ways in order to bully those people back.

But… Someone like her, actually disappeared all of a sudden. And it was even for a thousand years.

“Mas… ter…” She was a little afraid. What if she wasn’t?

Zhu Yao turned her head. A long arc pulled open from the corner of her lips, and she waved her hands to greet her. “Yo, little radish is awake.”

The image in front of Yu Luo suddenly blurred, as though the burden that had been accumulating in the depths of her heart, had instantly found an exit to be vented out. Tears uncontrollably flowed out of her eyes.

This however, gave Zhu Yao a fright. “What’s wrong with you? What are you crying for?”

Yet, no matter what Yu Luo did, she could not stop them at all. More and more tears began to pour out. She could no longer hold it in, and with loud cry, she pounced over, and hugged her master. Her cry was heart-shattering, and even the sun and moon had lost their radiance.

“It’s fine now, it’s fine now. Don’t cry, don’t cry.” At that moment, even Zhu Yao was a little frantic. Could it be that the blow from encountering that heretic practitioner was too big for her?

“Master… Master… Master…” Yu Luo however began to cry even more agitatedly, as she shouted her name with a teary voice. “Why did you… return so late…”

“Uh… Something happened.” Haah, who would have thought a thousand years would pass by in a flash? Zhu Yao patted on her back, and tried to calm her emotions down. This little radish of hers, ever since she was young, she had never cried this sadly before. Even when she was looked down upon due to her spirit vein back then, she had never acted this way. In the end, little radish was a child she brought up, her heart ached from seeing her this way.

From the moment Yu Luo started crying, she only managed to stop exactly six hours later.

In the end, even Yue Ying who had been standing by the side, was a little tired from standing. Most probably, after bringing him around for so many days, he had now gained a little awareness of his own. He climbed onto her thighs on his own, and squeezed away Yu Luo who was hugging onto her without letting go.

Only then did Yu Luo finally stop her flooding tears.

Seeing that she had finally calmed down for a moment, Zhu Yao poured her a cup of spiritual tea, and asked. “Just what has happened? Why are you all alone? Where’s Wu Song? Isn’t he with you?”

The moment her words fell, Yu Luo’s expression which was still at ease earlier, instantly paled. Even the tea cup she was holding in her hands began to tremble.

Zhu Yao faintly sensed a bad premonition. “What’s wrong? Did something happen to him? Or did Azureflight encounter a problem?”

“N… No.” Yu Luo drank the tea, yet, her expression looked even more terrible than before. “Azureflight is doing well, He’s… doing well as well.”

Zhu Yao’s expression sank, and looked straight at little radish. “He failed you.” Her words were decisive.

Yu Luo’s hand shook, and the tea cup instantly fell onto the table. The spiritual tea which was filled with spiritual energy, began to flow across the table. With a frantic expression, she wiped the table, and said. “I… It wasn’t intentional. Master, don’t feel offended. I will hurry… and wipe it clean.”

“Yu Luo!” An unknown flame began to surge within Zhu Yao’s chest, as she pulled up her disciple, whose face was as pale as a piece of paper. “I shall accompany you. Castrate him.”

Recently, Zhu Yao was a little frustrated. With a difference of a thousand years, when she returned, she realized everything had completely changed. Many things had begun to stray from the former course. Little radish and Wu Song for example. If it was in the past, even she was beaten to death, she wouldn’t have believed that Wu Song would be a faithless person. Back then, when the two of them were together, she could see that Wu Song was sincere towards Yu Luo. However, no matter how deep the feelings were, most probably, they could not stand the erosion of time. To her, it felt as though it had only been yesterday when she handed Yu Luo to Wu Song, yet, the next day, he actually cast her away like a pair of shoes. This was why she was so furious, and wanted to settle scores with him.

However, Yu Luo did not allow it. And because of this matter, she even knelt in front of Zhu Yao, to seek her forgiveness. Only then did she recall that although it had only been a few days for her, to the rest of them, a thousand years had already passed.

Haah, but could she forgive her? Clearly, she was not in the wrong in any way. At this moment, she regretted that she had taught Yu Luo too well. She did not even have the slightest bit of resentment, let alone hateful intents.

However, the thing she regretted the most, was to have so easily accepted their feelings back then, and she had even encouraged them.

“Since I no longer have a place in his heart, even if I insist, what’s the point?” Yu Luo lightly said these words. Clearly, in her depths of heart, she who forever was a little girl, but in actual fact, she had already experienced the vicissitudes of life.

For a moment, even Zhu Yao was clueless on what to do. Regarding relationship matters, only the ones who experienced them themselves knew best, outsiders were basically unable to step in. Ultimately, just why was she such an idiot back then?

“Haah…” Zhu Yao heaved out a long sigh, and her mood was a little down. Taking out the jade pendant her master had left her with, she lightly called. “Master.”

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