Disciple – Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: Lord, What a Fateful Coincidence

With the participation of so many high rank demonic beasts, after working hard for exactly six hours, the sky was already bright, and the forest’s entire riverbank had disappeared.

At that moment, Zhu Yao felt a sense of relief. The river water had a strong corrosive ability towards spiritual items such as mystic artifacts. They would basically lose their effects with just a slight contact with the water, and it was also the reason why it was a magic forbidden zone here.

Currently, without the river bank, when the piece of jade falls, it would instantly be destroyed, and it would be impossible for Mu Meiyan to possess those divine artifacts.

The mission was accomplished, hence, Zhu Yao had everyone return to their own homes. Although the demonic beasts all looked reluctant, they did not dare to disobey her orders. Hence, they scattered apart, while turning their heads around with every step they take, except for that tenth rank demonic beast named Chen Ning.

From the river enlarging operation earlier, it could be seen that Chen Ning was the strongest out of the bunch. Although the demonic beasts might not submit to his reign, they did not dare to easily offend him either.

He said that he did not live in this forest, and when he found out the direction she was heading to, he said that he was heading in the same direction as well. As thick-skinned as he was, he followed after her. And, he just had to have helped her out earlier, so at that moment, Zhu Yao could not bear to reject him. Thus, she could only allow him to tag along.

“Lord, I actually possess a little bit of your bloodline. Look at my claw, doesn’t it look the same as yours?” As Chen Ning said that, he stretched out a gigantic chicken claw towards her.

The hell, in what way are they similar? Your chicken claw is only three-toed, I’m a dragon with five-toed claws, alright? Zhu Yao’s face was dark as black ink. Turning her head around, she glared at him, and with a chilling tone, she said. “Wouldn’t we look more alike if you turn into a human?”

When Chen Ning heard this, as though he had only just realized this, he immediately returned to that elegant white gentleman-look. Directing a brilliant smile at her, he even intentionally stretched out his front claw. Wait, no, it was currently his right hand. He waved it to the right, and then, to the left. He even stole a glance at her hand, and with his hands holding onto his face, he giggled. “Lord has hands. I have hands. Such a fateful coincidence.”

Your sister has a fateful coincidence!

Zhu Yao held in her impulse to scratch him to death. Summoning her own flying sword, she began to fly.

Like a certified stalker, Chen Ning immediately flew up as well. He was a demonic beast, hence, he did not need to borrow a mystic artifact to fly. In the first place, Zhu Yao did not need one either, however, she was already used to it after doing so for so many years.

Chen Ning silently looked at her, and then, he muttered out something before summoning out a flying sword as well. He then stepped on it. Seeing that Zhu Yao did not look over to him, he once again looked at her. Only to see that three-feet long jade sword he was stepping on give off a brilliant glow, and it suddenly changed its shape. Its current appearance was exactly the same as the sword Zhu Yao was stepping on. And, he even straightened his back, and adopted the exact same flying posture as hers.

Enough already. Zhu Yao was this close to spitting out blood at his face. Was there a need to learn from her to this extent? Why don’t you transform into a human that looks exactly the same as me too? Huh?

Zhu Yao felt a little furious. She needed to calm down!

Ignoring Chen Ning’s idol-chasing actions, she focused on flying her sword, and increased its speed to its maximum. Chen Ning read the atmosphere, and shut up as well. Along the way, they did not make any small talk. An hour later, when she was about to fly out of the forest, Chen Ning suddenly spoke up.

“Eh, there’s actually a mortal down below.”

Zhu Yao was startled. She could indeed sense someone’s presence down below, however, there was still quite a distance between them, and there seemed to be still third rank demonic beasts around, carrying a faint scent of blood.

That person did not possess the aura of spiritual energy, so, he should be a mortal. However, this place was a forest of demonic beasts, why would there be a mortal who had no regards to his life?

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and in the end, she could not simply watch the person die. Turning around, she flew towards the place.

From afar, she could see three little third rank demonic beasts surrounding something. Just as she was about to summon a bolt of lightning to frighten the demonic beasts away…

She saw that small figure lying on a pool of blood, and her heart trembled for a moment. What the freaking hell, why was it him!?

Zhu Yao was instantly furious. Her Demigod’s might instantly suppressed the three demonic beasts, which immediately pressed the demonic beasts onto the ground.

“Yue Ying!” Wasn’t he still sleeping in Celestial Indus Sect? Why was he here in this forest, hey?

As though he had heard her voice, the bloody boy who was still lying on the ground unmoving earlier, suddenly moved and raised his head. Seeing that moment when she flew down, his eyes which were filled with loneliness and death earlier, instantly brightened up.

He actually began to crawl towards her. Zhu Yao landed beside him, and just when she was about to carry him up for an inspection, he actually moved earlier than her, and grabbed onto the hems of her robe. He grabbed onto it tightly, as though no matter what would happen, he would definitely not release it.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little sour in her heart. She quickly cast an incantation to stop his blood from flowing out, and hugged him in her embrace.

His injuries were severe, with wounds all around his body. Several of the bones on his leg were even broken. She really wondered how this child managed to hold on.

Zhu Yao was a little anxious. His presence was very weak, although she had already stop his bleeding, she did not know how long he could last. If she wanted to cure his injuries, she had to go through his meridians. He carried no cultivation himself, hence, he was unable to protect his own heart-pulse. She was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold on during the treatment. Yet, she just had to not carry any medicine on her.

“Lord, do you require pellets?” Chen Ning suddenly popped out, and looked at her with an expectant gaze.

“You have some?” Zhu Yao turned back strangely.

“Mn.” Chen Ning nodded forcefully, and he began to report a string of names. “I have in my hands, the low grade Blood-Stopping Pellet, intermediate grade Blood-Stopping Pellet, high grade Blood-Stopping Pellet. Also, the three grades of Energy-Raising Pellet, Body-Strengthening Pill, Foundation Pellet, Azoth Core Pellet, Nascent Soul Pellet. I have various types, and I should have whatever you ask for. Their prices are not substantial, and I guarantee a fair trade. And as long as it’s a low grade pellet, there’s a deal of getting a free pellet for every two pellets bought. Their total price is only… Uh, Lord, do you want some?” Chen Ning instantly changed his words.

“I don’t have spirit stones.” Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. She had everything but money.

Chen Ning’s expression instantly reddened, and looked at her embarrassingly. He then weakly answered. “It’s merely a few pellets, if lord wants them, why would this subordinate take your spirit stones for them?” Wasn’t he used to saying that line of his earlier?

“Then hand me a high grade Blood-Stopping Pellet.” Zhu Yao said.

At that moment, Chen Ning happily retrieved a small bottle from the pouch beside him, and handed it to her.

Zhu Yao poured out a pellet which was emitting a faint red light. As he had said, it was a high grade Blood-Stopping Pellet. She then passed the remaining ones to Chen Ning, and said. “I will return you the Spirit Stones in the future.”

Chen Ning’s expression instantly sank. A loose tongue had killed the beast. He clearly only wanted to curry favours with the lord.

Zhu Yao fed Yue Ying a Blood-Stopping Pellet. Then, she circulated her spiritual energy to aid in activating the medicinal effects, and protect his heart-pulse. Only then did she finally remove the Blood-Stopping Art which she had cast earlier.

Initially, she had wanted to carry him in a sitting posture in order to tend to his injuries. Yet, Yue Ying nestled in her embrace, and no matter what she did, he refused to get up. He did not move, nor did he say anything. He simply stared straight at her unblinkingly, as though he was afraid that she would once again leave him behind.

Zhu Yao’s heart ached. She reassured him that she would definitely not leave, and then, simply allowed him to grab onto her sleeves, before allowing him to sit right up.

Zhu Yao closed her eyes, circulated her body’s spiritual energy, and summoned her own sword intent. In an instant, a phoenix flew out from her body. Its body was covered with lightning sparks, as though it was formed by lightning itself. An instant later, the lightning sparks slowly turned blue, changing into the colour of water. And, it had become very gentle, and completely did not carry the slightest bit of its aggressive nature before. It did not fly up to the high skies, instead, it spread open its gigantic wings, and covered the child in front of it with its feathered wings.

And the wounds on Yue Ying’s body slowly began to heal.

In the beginning, Chen Ning was frightened by that large bird, and his body could not help but tremble slightly. A phoenix… That was an ancient God-beast, just like a dragon. As a demonic beast, he instinctively feared and revered it.

However… Wasn’t lord a dragon? Why was the sword intent she cultivated, a phoenix?

Chen Ning could not figure out at all, and in the end, he concluded as such. As expected of lord! So incredible! She is worthy of my reverence! I really want to hug her thighs!

Zhu Yao spent an entire day and night to fully heal the little twerp’s meridians and wounds. After he was healed, his first movement to crawl two steps forward, and hug her neck. After leaning against her chest, he no longer moved.

Zhu Yao was a little speechless.

His clothes were already torn to a terrible state, and after the fresh blood that had stained in clothes dried, the patches of blood looked extremely glaring. Zhu Yao sighed, and then cast a Dirt-Removal Art on him, before she felt better.

After pondering for a moment, she once again took out a few sets of smaller clothes from her ring. Those were clothes that her master had made for her when she was version 2.0. After that, when she grew up, she wondered why her master had still kept them in the storage ring. She could not bear to throw them away either. Although they were female wear, it would still be much better than wearing a ragged cloth.

She then wasted a huge amount of effort to teach Yue Ying how to wear his new set of clothes. This time, however, he was very obedient and no longer hugged her without releasing her. Though, during the entire dressing up process, he still grabbed tightly onto the hems of her robe.

Zhu Yao looked at that set of torn clothes in her hands, which was the uniform that all Celestial Indus Sect disciples wore, and frowned. She could guess that when the little twerp woke up and could not see her, he came chasing after her and arrived at this forest.

She had used the Deep Sleep Incantation, and this place was the mountain foot of the Celestial Indus Sect. It could be deduced that, at the very earliest, he came crawling down the mountain in the early morning of the second day.

Logically speaking, with the vast number of Celestial Indus Sect disciples, there should have been people who saw a powerless little baby running out. Even if no one had seen him, after the incident had happened, they should have definitely looked for him.

However, she had sat here for an entire day and night, yet, she did not see a single disciple that was looking for him. There wasn’t even a single reaction from the Celestial Indus Sect. This could only mean that, they basically never came out searching, or, they basically did not care about a disciple like him.

She suddenly recalled the expression the Celestial Indus Sect Master had when he saw Yue Ying’s penta spirit veins during the spirit vein test. Especially when he saw Yue Hanxin’s heavenly spirit vein, the change in expression was especially obvious. He must never had carried any expectations for this child in the first place, right?

But, even if that was the case, a child had disappeared just like that, you know? Forget about the fact that he had just been born, with basically no knowledge of the world, if they were regular people, they should have at least tried to look for him, right?

The uncaring attitude which Celestial Indus Sect demonstrated was something Zhu Yao, as a person who was transported here from the modern era, could not agree with in the slightest.

After pondering for a moment, she decided to bring the child back to Azureflight Sect. At the very least, there would be a bunch of little radishes that were around his size, and they could get along together.

Zhu Yao summoned her flying sword, while the child was like a little tail, as he continued to tightly grab onto the hems of her robe at the back. Unknown if it was because he had succeeded in learning it while he was climbing down the mountain last night, he already knew how to walk. Although his posture was a little strange, and would still tilt a little, he was able to stand very stably.

Zhu Yao silently made a decision, that she would definitely correct his method of walking.

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