Disciple – Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Strange Little Radish

Zhu Yao glanced at him, for some reasons, she did not really believe his explanation. Earlier, she had seen it absolutely clearly. When he caught the girl, from that glint of light that flashed past his eyes at that instant, he looked as though he had caught an absolutely big pleasant surprise, and completely did not have the intention to care about the other child.

Zhu Yao felt that he was definitely hiding some matters, however, these were all unrelated to her.

“Wuu…” Suddenly, the girl in his embrace moved. Slowly opening her eyes, she looked a little curiously at Qi Han who was hugging her, and let out a few “ah ah’ sounds.

“You can’t talk?” Qi Han asked.

Towards this nonsensical question, Zhu Yao immediately rolled her eyes at him. Obviously, why don’t you try talking when you’re just born!

Yet, Qi Han seemed to be in a very good mood, as he stroked the girl’s head. “No worries, I will be your master in the future. Your name is Yue Hanxin.”

It really was her!

Most probably, Yue Hanxin really possessed the female lead cheat. She suddenly revealed a cute and obedient smile towards Qi Han, responding with “mn mn ah ah” sounds.

It seemed Qi Han was moved by her smile, as he smiled with her as well. His face was filled entirely with smiles.

“Ahem!” Zhu Yao could not help but interrupt this scene which demonstrated the deep bonds between master and disciple.

Qi Han was startled for a moment, and only then did he recall that there was another brother who had been born as well. With slightly apologetic eyes, he looked towards Zhu Yao. “He’s called Yue Ying then.”

Even Zhu Yao had sensed the difference in treatment. And the more he did it, the weirder she felt.

However… This seemed to be unrelated to her, wasn’t it?

With quick hands, she stuffed the child in her hands into Qi Han’s embrace. This is your merchandise, please receive it.

Qi Han did not seem to have expected she would change her mood so quickly, and he barely managed to catch him. As he was standing unstably, he even took a few steps back.

Suddenly, he recalled something, and hurriedly called out to Zhu Yao. “Sovereign, I have to once again request you to help look at these two children if they have suffered any form of injuries.”

Zhu Yao turned around and gave a glance. Truthfully speaking, if not for that bug Mu Meiyan, she really did not wish to step into this puddle of dirty water. This person called Qi Han looked pretty decent in the beginning, however, he really didn’t know how to bring up disciples.

She knew simply from the attitudes he had shown to the two children. With just a single glance, he was biased towards Yue Hanxin. Although she couldn’t deny that there might be other reasons for that, his actions were a little too obvious.

It was no wonder Mu Meiyan, the side character then, had bred such a twisted and extreme personality after her reincarnation. As a master, forget about acting fairly, his bias was so evident, he did not realize it himself.

“I once again request this of Sovereign.” Most probably he realized that Zhu Yao’s expression wasn’t looking good, Qi Han became a little anxious. When a spiritual infant was sealed, he knew that this art had the possibility of influencing the child’s divine sense. Hence the reason he was requesting this of Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment, before walking back. She inspected the wrist of a child, but the hand she grabbed onto was the boy’s.

She had her divine sense enter his body for an inspection. Other than finding out that he was a little too weak and frail than normal, his meridians were all working fine. She then focused and entered his divine sense region as well.

Although the child was a spiritual infant, he, after all, had yet to officially begin to cultivate. Adding that he was unconscious, and did not have any awareness, she was basically not obstructed in the slightest when she entered it.

The child’s divine sense region was extremely small. Although there were no hints of it being damaged, it was extremely weak and unstable, as though it could collapse with just a slight use of force.

Zhu Yao carefully retreated, and just when she was about to explain to Qi Han…

Qi Han interrupted her first. “Why don’t you look at Hanxin’s as well?” As he said that, he motioned the little girl to reach out her hand. Seeing that she did not understand, he even personally rolled up her sleeves.

Zhu Yao: “…”

I dare you to be even more obvious with your bias.

“No need.” Zhu Yao coldly glanced at him. Suddenly, she became a little worried of the little boy’s fate, as she could faintly imagine the surfacing of a new bug. However, most probably, he wouldn’t be as lucky as Mu Meiyan, who had the opportunity to be reborn.

“His divine sense region did not suffer any injuries, it’s simply a little unstable. It’s fine to simply nurse him more often. That little girl was birthed along with him, so she should be in the same situation.”

When Qi Han heard her words, he knew that she no longer held the intention to do another inspection, hence he retracted his hands a little disappointingly. Yet, he secretly decided that he would look at his disciple himself when they get back.

“Since the matter has already been settled, I will be returning.” Zhu Yao no longer wished to speak with this failed educator. Just when she turned and was about to leave, suddenly, she felt a tug at the corner of her robe. She was being pulled by a someone.

When she turned her head back to look, she coincidentally met with a pair of eyes which was as black as the dark night. The little boy seemed to have woken up. His eyes were widened, and were looking straight at her. With one of his hands, he was grabbing onto the corner of her robes ever so tightly.

“Yue Ying, do not be so impudent.” When Qi Han saw this scene, he reflexively lectured him. Compared to Yue Hanxin, his attitude towards him was completely different. “Hurry and release the Sovereign.”

The little boy looked as though he did not hear him. He continued to stare blankly at her, and the hand which he was grabbing onto the corner of her robe with, instead, tightened by a little bit more.

Even Zhu Yao was beginning to feel strange. Why was he grabbing onto her? Could it be parental imprinting? However, at the moment he woke up, the person who was carrying him was evidently Qi Han.

“Release me.” Zhu Yao carried her cold and prideful mask, and lightly said.

Yet, the little boy still did not have any response. He did not move, nor did he release her.

“Yue Ying!” Qi Han became a little furious, as though he was very frustrated at the impolite actions of this extra disciple who popped out, he forcefully reached out his hand to pull away the little boy’s hand.

Zhu Yao’s expression changed, and she could not help but add. “I say, Qi Han. Seeing how I helped you, for my sake, you should have someone else take this boy as his or her disciple.” His life will be ruined if he stays with you.

Qi Han was startled, as though he did not understand why she would say this.

Zhu Yao, however, was already tired of explaining. Turning, she continued to walk forward. However, after not even taking ten steps, she was once again tugged by someone.

Seeing that she was leaving, even the boy did not know where he gained the strength from, as he suddenly escaped out of Qi Han’s hands. Although he did not know how to walk, he crawled over at amazing speed, and once again grabbed onto the hems of her robe.

Zhu Yao: “…”

Little radish, what are you planning to do?

Qi Han, who was behind him, furiously shouted his name.

Unfortunately, Yue Ying had completely no response at all. That’s true, he was just born earlier, how the hell would he know that was his name? The little radish simply grabbed onto the hems of her robe, and struggled with all his might to raise his head to look at her. His expression was still as blank as before, and in his black pupils, only her figure was reflected cleanly in them.

Zhu Yao sighed. She began to seriously suspect if someone had actually cast on her a ‘Luring Little Radishes’ buff. Why the hell did all little radishes like to pounce onto her?

Accepting her fate, she bent her waist and carried Yue Yin up. Whatever. She had to head over to the front mountain anyway, since it was along the way, she could bring him there.

She once again looked towards this strange child. She stared straight his pair of eyes, pointed to his little chest, and said with emphasis on every single word. “You’re called Yue Ying.”

The little boy did not have any response, and continued to stare at her without blinking, as though he was completely unable to hear any sound or noise. At that moment, Zhu Yao was a little worried. This child wasn’t mentally handicapped, right? His brain couldn’t have not developed properly due to the lack of nutrients, after being sealed in the ice for so many years, right?

Right now, she really wanted to give him a CT scan.

Right after that bunch of little radishes in Azureflight, Zhu Yao once again found herself being pestered by another little radish. On that day, when she carried little radish Yue Ying back to the front mountain of Celestial Indus Sect, that little radish who kept hugging onto her neck, actually wouldn’t let her go. It was as though he had decided that he was going to rely on her.

No matter how much she coaxed and bribed, he never came down. Zhu Yao’s neck even turned red from all his clasping. And yet, she simply could not circulate her spiritual energy, or use her arts to forcefully pull him down.

After all, he was child who still did not know how to talk, while she herself was a Demigod. If she acted against a little child, it would be the most embarrassing and shameful act ever.

However, hugging a child for too long would be embarrassing too, you know?

The Celestial Indus Sect Master was covered in cold sweat from her stare, and even Qi Han wore an apologetic face. Only Mu Meiyan, who had turned into Ru Lu, was solemnly staring at the girl in Qi Han’s hands, and she did her utmost best to glance at the ruckus that was going on the other side.

She had scolded. She had coaxed. And she had even spoken logically to him. Yet, the little radish still hung onto her neck, like an unmovable mountain. In the end, everyone present had no choice but to suggest Zhu Yao to stay over for the night. Most probably, when the boy got tired, he would naturally release his hand.

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment. She looked at Mu Meiyan’s face which was covered with a ‘BUG’, and could only accept their proposal.

Yue Yin did not know how to talk, and he was still walking unstably. When Zhu Yao returned to the guestroom, she tried to coax him to come down. Yet, he simply tilted his head, nestled against her neck without even making a sound, and no longer bothered listening to her.

Zhu Yao powerlessly looked at him, while she was making crazy retorts in the depth of her heart. Normally speaking, when she was in the modern era, she basically wasn’t someone who was welcomed by children. Just what the hell was going on with the current situation where waves after waves of little radishes were pouncing onto her now?

Did she cross into Plants and Zombies, and the endless mode, no less?

Right now, it was already evening. Usually, children would have slept by then, however, the child on her was an exception. He still looked as spirited as ever. She even intentionally laid with him for four hours, yet, he did not seem to have the intention to sleep at all.

Only when it was deep in the night, did she realize that the child in her hands was still making, relatively, the same noise. She only had to move slightly, and the hands on the neck would reflexively tighten.

Zhu Yao sighed. She had no choice but to cast a Deep Sleep Incantation on him, before she was able to pull him off her body. Mn. There’s no outsiders here right now anyway, no one saw her make a move.

Zhu Yao placed the little radish on the bed, only to realize that there weren’t any blankets on the bed. Most probably, because she was a Demigod, they did not prepare blankets for this guestroom.

Zhu Yao thus could only retrieve a sharkman’s rawsilk from the ring and covered him with it, before getting up.

In the depths of her heart, she did pity this child a little. Earlier, when Qi Han returned to the front mountain, he tested the spirit veins of the two children. That Yue Hanxin, similar to her dream, possessed the expected ice spirit vein, while Yue Ying possessed penta spirit veins.

This was simply a difference between heaven and earth. Most certainly, even if Qi Han had the intention to take him as his disciple, it’s impossible for him to keep the child by his side. Most of the penta spirit veins holders were outer sect disciples.

Back then, very likely, when he was sealed in the ice, it was also due to his spirit veins which prevented them from being born. Recalling that dream of hers, there wasn’t an existence of this child in the dream at all. Most probably, he might have frozen to death in the iceberg.

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