Disciple – Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: A BUG Can Call for a Transfer

This was also why Zhu Yao had desperately altered the water mystic arts for so many years, in order to instil the idea of being strong into little radish, and eliminate the sense of inferiority she had towards her own water spirit vein. No to mention, she even allowed her to participate in the Great Inter-Sect Tournament, in order for her to build her own self-confidence.

However, she never expected that the supporting female lead would choose this moment to take over her body. Little radish had just experienced a great battle, her spiritual energy and mental fortitude was at her weakest moment. Clearly, the time revealed to her in her dream was tomorrow night. This foretelling was basically inaccurate, hey.

“Junior-martial nephew Zi Mo, you’re her father, your weight in her heart isn’t light, call out to her! Most probably, once she hears your voice, it might give her some strength.”

Right now, they could only treat a dead horse as though it was alive. She recalled that in the modern era, there were many patients, who turned into vegetables due to various reasons, reacting to their relatives’ summons. Their calls were able to wake their subconsciousness, and there were even cases where the patients began to slowly recover because of this. Probably, this method, was useful in the cultivation realm as well!

When Zi Mo heard this, he immediately began to call out to his daughter, and say various encouraging words.

As he continued to talk, the sun began to set.

Zhu Yao anxiously looked at Yu Luo’s reaction, however, what she saw was the word ‘BUG’ on her face continuing to darken, reaching to the degree of clarity similar to that time when she first saw those dark letters on Xiao Yi’s face. At the pace this was progressing at, before daybreak, Yu Luo’s soul would be completely, and cleanly devoured.

Could it be that the supporting female lead’s reincarnation could not be stopped?

The hell. This old lady here simply won’t believe it. Just on what basis, should the little radish she had been raising with her own two hands, be taken over by a black radish?

“Help me set a protection field.” Zhu Yao pulled Zi Mo away, pulled up Yu Luo who was lying on the bed, and sat cross-legged behind her. “I’m going to enter her divine sense to take a look.”

“Martial aunt, the divine sense region isn’t a trivial matter. Furthermore, my daughter is currently unconscious. If you forcefully break into it, I’m afraid that martial aunt will be injured as well.”

“I can’t be bothered about such things now.” Radish was going to die really soon, so she had no choice but to take the risk. Zhu Yao closed her eyes, separated a bit of her own divine sense, and invaded Yu Luo’s divine sense through her forehead.

As expected. The moment she made contact with her divine sense, she was blocked by a large force. Zhu Yao concentrated, desperately penetrating herself inside. Finally, a small crack was made, and she entered the inner depths of divine sense.

The moment she entered, she was dumbfounded by the scene inside. What was supposed to be a clear and pure divine sense, had already been dyed in grey, and there were two masses of particles, one white, and one black, at the very top.

Only a small part remained of the white mass, while that black mass was currently swallowing that white mass, bit by bit. Whenever it swallowed a small part, that black mass of air would become correspondingly stronger and bigger, and the space of the divine sense would grow dimmer little by little as well.

“The hell. Bitch!” Zhu Yao could not help but curse out at that mass of black cloud, the little radish’s white mass was left with but a few more bites.

“Little radish, you best listen carefully. If you were to get motherf**king eaten by someone else, you will no longer be my disciple.”

That white mass which was still being obediently getting eaten earlier seemed to have jerked for a moment, and a doubtful voice sounded. “Master?”

“Since you know it’s me, you best wake up.” Zhu Yao shouted loudly. “The things that this old lady had taught you for twenty years, just where did all of them go? You’re actually so willing to get eaten by someone else?”

The white mass’ pause became even more evident, and even its action of being swallowed had stopped as well.

“Little radish. So, you worked hard for so many years, desperately practiced your mystic arts every day, was all for the sake of giving your body to this deceased soul that came from an unknown origin?”

“Of course… not.”

“They why aren’t you resisting?”


“Do you still remember what you told me when I first taught you ice-type mystic arts?”

“… I want to become strong.”

“And then?”

“Prove that I’m not trash.”

“Have you given up? Or were you simply lying to master?”

“Of course not!” Little radish’s voice suddenly became firm, and even that small little mass, had instantly brightened up by quite a bit.

Zhu Yao smiled. So she finally had the will to fight. “Then, prove to your master. Don’t lose to this mass of soul that came from god-knows-where. You’re Zhu Yao’s only disciple. The people of my Jade Forest Peak, are always the ones bullying people, there’s a never a turn for others to bully us!”

“Yes!” Yu Luo responded resoundingly. In an instant, as though that white mass had been lighted up, it released a glaring white light. As though that light was contagious, it spread towards the deep darkness.

The black mass seemed to have realized the former owner’s resistance, and began to devour quicker than before. For a moment, the two sides were in a stalemate, demonstrating a trend of being evenly matched.

Zhu Yao thus had to ignite another flame. “Little radish, if you lose today, don’t you ever call yourself a disciple of my Jade Forest Peak.”

As she had thought, that white mass seemed to have gained a sudden burst of strength, forcing the black mass straight back, and had even began to devour it instead. “Ahmmu” After giving her opponent a huge bite, just when she was about to continue devouring, suddenly, a black hole appeared above the black mass. The half of the black mass, that was left after being bitten, hid itself there, and instantly disappeared without a trace.

The hell, it was no wonder she did not sense the appearance of a Nascent Soul aura. She had actually appeared directly in little radish’s divine sense.

“Master…” Little radish finally opened her eyes, and seemed to be extremely tired, with only a single breath left.

“It’s fine now, rest!” Zhu Yao laid her down, and stroked her head. After giving her a relieved expression, she finally fell into deep sleep.

Zhu Yao once again took a look at the person on the bed. The word ‘BUG’ on her face had already completely disappeared. It seemed like her cultivation plan this time was considered as a success.

After giving a Zi Mo a glance, the two of them then retreated from the room.

“Thank you martial aunt, for saving her.” Zi Mo gave her a deep bow, and at that moment, did he finally heave a deep sigh of relief. He then wiped away the cold sweat on his head, and the corners of his moist eyes. “Earlier, I was starting to think that my daughter would really… All is well, all is well. Both my daughter and martial aunt are alright.”


Just when Zi Mo was about to continue, Zhu Yao, however, suddenly spat a mouthful of blood onto his face.

“Martial aunt!” ” (⊙o⊙)…

The hell, as she had thought, masters were all big liars. What happened to the promised that the separation of divine sense was a prerequisite skill for Demigods? Clearly, back then when her master separated his, he managed it simply and properly. But why was the rebound so huge when it was her turn?

It hurts like hell!

The aftermath of Zhu Yao separating her divine sense for the first time, made her lie on her bed for three entire days. When she woke up, the first person she saw, was actually a worried-looking Feng Yi.

As Zhu Yao did not pay attention, she had almost fell off her bed.

“Senior-martial sister… Feng Yi, why are you here?” The hell. She couldn’t have seen through something, right? Zhu Yao was a little anxious for a moment. Her initial foggy consciousness instantly cleared up more than a half.

What responded her was Feng Yi’s calm expression, as she turned back and said. “She’s fine now.”

Only then did Zhu Yao see Zi Mo who was standing behind her. He gave Zhu Yao an explanation of what happened. So, it seemed she had fainted right after she puked blood that day. Naturally, Zi Mo was unclear of her situation, hence, he had no choice but to bring her over directly to Beast-Taming Peak, and had Feng Yi who was similarly a Demigod stage practitioner take a look at her.

However, she was fortunate. Other than losing a bit of spiritual energy, everything else about her was normal.

Little radish though, had yet to wake up. Most probably because of the body take-over, her soul, after all, had taken quite a bit of damage. Hence, she required a period of time to restore it.

Zhu Yao did not expect that a simple separation of her divine sense would have such a huge consumption on her part. Back then, when her master sneakily followed her to Tasyoluk, she basically did not see any sort of bad reaction though? As expected, comparisons would really make people furious.

Zi Mo had planned on chatting with her regarding Yu Luo’s condition. However, a disciple suddenly walked over, and said an Elder from Celestial Indus Sect wished for an audience, as he had something to discuss. However, what’s strange was, the person this Elder wished to seek an audience with, was actually not Zi Mo, but her.

“Celestial Indus Sect?” Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment. Why was this name so familiar?

“Celestial Indus Sect is south of Ancient Hill Sect, and is a deity sect second only to ours.” Zi Mo explained. “The disciples of this sect are usually proficient in music, and specialize in using music to bring down their enemies. I wonder how martial aunt came to know this Elder?”

“I don’t know him though!” She simply felt the three words “Celestial Indus Sect” were a little familiar, and that was it.

Zi Mo was startled as well. Since they did not know each other, why did the Elder wish to see her personally?

Harbouring such suspicions, the two of them bade farewell to Feng Yi, and headed to the secondary hall of Main Peak. Zi Mo first called for a cup of tea for her, before allowing a disciple to bring that Elder into the hall.

The person who came in was a youth who looked about twenty years old. Looking at his demeanour and the spiritual energy around him, he should be a Nascent Soul Paragon who had cultivated for more than a few thousand years. A practitioner’s age could not be perceived through appearances, as Nascent Soul practitioners were all capable of altering their own exterior looks. After all, not everyone was like Zi Mo, who liked to make himself look like an old man.

“Qi Han of Celestial Indus Sect greets the Sovereign.” That person greeted while reporting his name.

Only then did Zhu Yao recall why Celestial Indus Sect sounded so familiar. Wasn’t this Qi Han the master of that supporting female lead Mu Meiyan, whom she saw in her dream? However, in her dream, he had already broken through into a Demigod, while currently, he was merely at the Nascent Soul stage.

She had just helped little radish chase away his disciple who intended to devour her own disciple’s soul, why did her master come knocking on her doorsteps so quickly? Zhu Yao gave a perfunctory nod. She felt that she needed to suppress her astonishment, so she picked up the cup of tea from the table and took a fierce gulp.

However, Qi Han did not mind it too much. He simply moved aside and hinted the disciple behind him to step forward. “Ru Lu, why haven’t you greeted the Sovereign yet!?”

That disciple immediately stepped forward. “This disciple greets the Sovereign.”

Hugging her fist, she gave a deep and respectful bow towards Zhu Yao, with her body bent forward by a standard ninety degrees. After pausing for a moment, she then raised her head, and revealed – a face with the word ‘BUG’ written on it.


Zhu Yao’s mouthful of tea, directed splattered onto her entire face.

A proper flowery young girl, was instantly sprayed with tea leaves that covered her entire face.

At that moment, only a crow’s cawing could be heard within the hall…

Qi Han: ….

Disciple: ….

Zhu Yao: …

“Martial aunt, you…” Zi Mo was embarrassed as well. Even if he was killed, he wouldn’t have thought that his martial aunt would do something like that. Even if she did not like his disciple, she shouldn’t have expressed it out in front of the Elder himself, right? How was he going to clean up the mess now?

“Ho, hoho, hohoho…” Zhu Yao chuckled a few times. As she desperately suppressed her thoughts of wanting to retort, she began to weasel her way out. “Uh… I see this little lady here, has an astonishing figure, a cultivation genius who is rarely… seen in a hundred years. Because of a moment of surprise, I… spewed out my tea. Hoho, I made all of you witness something embarrassing.”

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