Disciple – Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Tragedy of the Destroyed Sect

Zhu Yao frowned. She gave up on chasing, instead, she landed on the ground and walked towards the source of the scent of blood.

Although Wu Song did not really understand what was going on, he still figured out that something must have happened. He did not make any queries and simply followed closely behind her.

Suddenly, as though he had seen something, he called out. “Sovereign!”

Wu Song pointed to the ground in front, where a severed arm laid, stained in blood.

Naturally, Zhu Yao saw it long before him. However, the part where the arm was cut off was very clean, and there was no blood pouring out at all.

This arm wasn’t sliced off.

Zhu Yao cast an art, releasing a beam of light which shot right towards the front. In mid-air, what looked like a water screen suddenly shook for a moment, and then, like curtains opening, the screen split open. On the other side of the curtains was actually another land. A mountain was currently floating in the sea of clouds, evoking the image of the realm of deities.

This was a Great Mountain Barrier Formation, however, this mountain barrier formation, was evidently of low rank. It was simply only able to conceal the celestial mountain, compared to the absolute defensive formation Ancient Mountain Sect had, it was simply too weak. Zhu Yao silently gave her own master a thumbs-up.

After opening the formation, the place where the severed hand was, revealed an entire person’s body. That person was no longer breathing, his eyes were popped out, as though he had seen something terrifying. Zhu Yao used her divine sense to investigate him, only to realize that he was actually an Azoth stage practitioner, and his Azoth core had already been shattered.

Looking at how this mountain barrier formation was so casually formed, it was most probably a second-rate deity sect, and it seemed as though something grave had happened.

Zhu Yao frowned. Summoning her own flying sword, she pulled Wu Song up, and flew towards the main mountain. “Let’s go!”

Wu Song was a little frightened, yet, he did not let out a single sound. He knew something grave had happened as well, and simply quietly stayed behind Zhu Yao as they flew over.

The closer they approached the mountain peak, the heavier the scent of blood was, to the point where it could even choke someone. She had already swept the place with her divine sense earlier, so she was mentally prepared. However, when she personally witnessed the scene, she was still stunned.

The corpses of practitioner disciples filled the entire mountain peak. Some had their chests pierced through, while some had been directly cut into halves. Countless of severed limbs and destroyed organs were even scattered all over the ground.

This scene was simply too brutal. Zhu Yao simply managed to cover Wu Song eyes in time, even she was unable to bear to continue looking at them.

“Close your eyes. Without my permission, you’re not allowed to open your eyes.”

Wu Song was stunned for a moment, before he silently nodded his head.

Only then did Zhu Yao release her hand. Just what kind of grudge did those heretic practitioners have with this second-rate sect, to the point that they wanted to destroy its entirety? After carefully investigating the area, she realized there was still a weak presence at the back of the hall.

She immediately used her flying sword and flew over.

However, she was completely dumbfounded by an even more terrifying scene at the back. That was a crater that had been smashed out offhandedly, yet, that crater was piled up with countless of corpses. Not a single corpse was complete, and that fresh blood that was flowing out, filled up the entire crater.

This was like a banquet of massacres. It was so brutal that it could cause one’s hair to stand on ends. Anger suddenly surged out of nowhere within Zhu Yao.

“Save… Save…” His entire body was covered in blood. Someone, whose human figure could no longer be distinguished, crawled out from the crater of blood. He only had half of his body intact.

Zhu Yao walked over, suppressing the bitterness in the depth of her heart. She then inserted a little bit of spiritual energy into him. “How are you?”

Although she spoke that way, she knew that he wasn’t able to hold on much longer. Putting aside the fact that he only had half of his body left, his Azoth Core had already been shattered, and his cultivation was destroyed. It was already a miracle that he was able to hold onto that last breath till now.

“Save… Save the children.” That person weakly tugged onto the hem of her clothes, as he took out a jade tablet. “Back… mountain cave.”

After he said that, he collapsed. He was no longer breathing.

Zhu Yao sighed. Looking at the jade tablet that was dyed in blood in her hand, this should be similar to a mystic artifact used to open some sort of formation. Earlier he spoke of the mountain cave at the back? Could it be that there were still people who were alive?

She hurriedly stood up and walked towards the final place. After an inspection, she realized that there was indeed a cave residence at the back of the mountain.

The door was simply tightly shut, and there was a gigantic sealing formation on it. This was a Life Source Formation that even a Nascent Soul practitioner would be unable to break with full force. A Life Source Formation was formed with human’s blood as sacrifice, a formation that could only be designed with a human life as base. This formation could not be destroyed from outside, nor could it be destroyed from the inside either. Furthermore, it was even able to conceal the presences inside the formation.

Hence, when she used her divine sense to investigate, she did not sense any trace of people over here.

However, this formation was actually exposed like this out here. It must have been discovered by someone, and that person simply did not dare to break through the formation.

Zhu Yao frowned. This formation could not be entered, nor could it be exited. If she had not arrived here today, wouldn’t that mean that the people inside would be trapped till they die?

Zhu Yao took two steps forward. Just when she was about to dispel this formation, she suddenly sensed a ripple of another formation at the side.

Eh? When Zhu Yao took a look at it, she realized that was actually a teleportation formation. And it was even a forced teleportation formation? Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad premonition. However, the way this formation was set up was very ingenious. It could not be forcefully broken, and it activation condition, was actually under the situation when the previous formation had lost its effects.

Zhu Yao was a little troubled, yet, she couldn’t not save the people inside, otherwise, they would be trapped to death. Furthermore, the heretic practitioners had undergone such a large-scale operation of destroying an entire deity sect. This could be considered as an official challenge towards deity practitioners. As the number one deity sect, it was not possible for Ancient Hill Sect to simply sit by and do nothing. There might be a possibility that this formation which was intentionally added in, could lead to some clues.

Zhu Yao had made her decision. After having Wu Song stand a bit further away, she reached out her hand to break that formation. There was actually a fatal weakness in Life Source Formations, and this fact was found in the books which introduced formations that her master had left behind. A Life Source Formation had the soul of the person who offered his blood as its core. As long as the soul no longer exists, naturally, the formation could be broken.

Hence what she needed to do right now was very simple, provide salvation to that deceased spirit. Zhu Yao cast a few arts, broke open the formation core, and then, sacred words of the past could be heard. A moment later, within the formation core, a blue-clothed spirit appeared. What he was wearing was exactly the uniform those dead disciples were wearing. Initially, he was filled with hostility, after Zhu Yao chanted out a few sacred words, he slowly calmed down, and returned to his youthful look.

“You?” That spirit was a little suspicious, though, he was able to recognize that she was not a heretic practitioner.

“Ancient Hill Sect.” Zhu Yao simply said these three words.

Only then did that soul reveal a worriless smile. After that, he slowly dissipated.

This was the first time Zhu Yao had ever provided salvation to a spirit, and it was good that she had succeeded. Following the disappearance of that deceased spirit, the formation naturally lost its effect. Zhu Yao took a step back, and returned to Wu Song’s side. Seeing that he was still obediently keeping his eyes closed, she finally felt at ease.

Then, she stared at that concealed formation, and as expected, that formation activated itself. The formation released a huge red glow, and it was even growing bigger.

Suddenly, a loud roar rang through the clouds, a sixth rank demonic beast flew out from the formation. It looked like a horse, however, its four hooves emitted out flames, wings were attached to its back, and it had a mouth filled with brutal sharp teeth like a panther’s.

So it was actually a teleportation formation for demonic beasts. Zhu Yao was a little disappointed.

Wu Song, however, was frightened by that sound. His small body trembled, and took a step closer to her. However, he still remembered her words at heart, and did not open his eyes.

Not bad, he was an obedient child. Zhu Yao nodded satisfyingly, and pulled him closer to her embrace.

After the formation transferred a sixth rank demonic beast over, it did not seem to stop. Demonic beasts, one after another, ran out from the formation, as though a beast wave had been brought about. Sixth rank, seventh rank, and there were even eighth rank demonic beasts.


Roar~~ ┗|`o′|┛

Sesame immediately leapt out. Looking down at those demonic beasts that were springing out like fleas, it turned around and looked at Zhu Yao grouchily.

“Mistress, my tail hasn’t recovered yet.” It had no interest, and did not feel like moving at all.

Zhu Yao’s expression sank. “I don’t mind giving you a few more auntie’s husbands!”

“No!” Sesame instantly became obedient. It did not know what an auntie’s husband was, but it had already firmly remembered the pain he felt back then. It was afraid of pain. With a swing of its tail, it slapped away a seventh rank demonic beast and fawned over her. “Mistress, actually, these demonic beasts are simply ranked too low, hence, they’re unable to recognize you. As long as you release your aura, they will immediately become obedient.”

What’s that supposed to mean?

Zhu Yao did not understand, however, she felt there were some hidden meanings in its words, so she transmitted her voice over.

Sesame instantly transmitted back. “Mistress, have you forgotten? You’re a member of the Dragon Race. As long as you release your dragon might, they will immediately become obedient.”

Zhu Yao suspiciously narrowed her eyes at it. Closing her eyes, she instantly released her aura entirely. This was not pressure, she simply released a stream of energy that she could faintly feel that had always existed in her own Dantian.

As it had said, in an instant, those demonic beasts that were still acting viciously earlier, suddenly stopped. All of them looked at her with trembling bodies, and unknown to which one had started it, all of them bent down towards her one after another, showing submissive looks.

The hell, it’s actually this useful.

She actually picked out such an incredible body this time?

“Mistress~~” Sesame, with a fluttering voice, came leaning towards her. Shrinking to her waist-height, it rubbed against her leg with an infatuated look. “Mistress, you’re so mighty. Sesame wants to be your little beastie for your entire lifetime. Please do not hesitate to step on me.” With that look it currently had, where did the might of a tenth rank demonic beast go?

“Scram!” Zhu Yao kicked it away, and walked towards that cave residence. Why was this Sesame becoming more and more shameless?

“Mistress~~” Sesame persevered and followed after her, with teary eyes, it looked towards her thigh. I really want~ I really want to hug it~

It had no choice either. The Dragon Race had a natural deterrent force towards demonic beasts. It was a form of inheritance that had been carved into their bones, and the moment they see a dragon, they could not help but want to approach it.

Roar~~ Mistress, love me once more~ o(><)o

That teleportation formation had finally stopped. Demonic beasts no longer sprang out, and Zhu Yao casually destroyed that formation.

With another wave of her hand, she opened that stone door, only to see a few dozen children standing packed together with each other. Some of them even had undried tears on their faces. The eldest among them were just in their early teens, and the one with the highest level of cultivation among them, was merely at the eighth level of Essence. There was actually not even a single Foundation stage disciple.

Seeing Zhu Yao who had suddenly appeared, there were even some that hid deeper inside out of fear.

Zhu Yao frowned. She had thought that the ones hiding here would be the elite disciples of this sect. However, she had never expected them to possess such low levels of cultivation. They were clearly children that had just joined the sect not too long ago.

That person from this sect who used a Life Source Formation to hide these new disciples in here, could be considered as a righteous person.

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