Monohito – Chapter 8

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Monohito Chapter 8 – Turn to Asheeees!!

A little bit before Mikene and Aryu caught up.

Promptly reaching the site of the attack, Riheed with his body which had become younger swung his staff upwards knocking a man off his feet with force and stopped in front of a long haired girl who was holding back the thieves with magic not allowing them to come near.

“Thank you for the help.”

The girl thanks Riheed with a lovely voice matching her graceful face.

Her silver hair is sticking to her face from sweat and her breath is also rough.

Her body is likely temporarily burdened due to overuse of magic, Riheed guesses the girl’s condition.

“Hehh, our prey has increased to two.”

“It seems like the boy will sell for a high price.”

“Compensation for hitting our comrade on the head is high!”

The thieves show no signs of pulling pack due to a single boy showing up, but rather are holding up their swords in anger.

Riheed on the other hand raises his staff while his face is overflowing with great joy.

“Ku, kufufu.”

The thieves don’t seem to hear it, but the silver haired girl can hear that unpleasant laughter and is looking at Riheed with surprise.

“Kuhahahahaha! A chance has finally come!!”

Riheed, who has obtained an opportunity to use the magic he learned from Mikene, has his tension reach the maximum at once.

No longer taking the girl into consideration, magic power is collected into the staff which is taller than him and he begins muttering an aria.

The thieves aim at Riheed with their swords about to assault him, but Riheed’s magic is swiftly completed.

“Haahahhahha! Turn to asheeees!!”

Though a dangerous remark was spoken with high tension, the flame magic is adjusted so as to not really turn them to ashes.

For a magic veteran an aria isn’t even needed for such a simple magic and the magic formula can be assembled in their head, though the amount which appeared is peculiar.

Fireballs precisely double the number of thieves appears and fly aiming at their swords.

Parts of the thieves’ swords dissolve due to Riheed’s magic, feeling the heat from the blades they are thrown away in a panic.

While the thieves are confused, simple wind magic is completed, proportionate to the number of target it soars aiming at their abdomens.

Receiving a body blow while still confused, the thieves quickly collapse.

“Hmmm. I would say the attack magic from now is a type to shoot several at once. In exchange for shooting them in rapid fire, the blows are weak.”

“U-uhm. You saved me, thank you.”

While Riheed is considering this and that regarding the magic usability in actual combat, a voice appears from his side.

“Don’t worry about it. It was a profitable experience.”

Riheed laughs with satisfaction.

“Riheed, is it, all good!?”

While Riheed is laughing, Hyph who has caught up asks while out of breath.

“Ah, it’s fine. Rather it was a very useful time.”

“I see. Don’t rush ahead, to something dangerous, I’ll worry.”

Hyph who thinks of his friends says so.

“Hm, I’ll be careful.”

“Uhm, is he a companion?”

While Riheed is only mouthing his reflection, a voice comes from next to him.

“N? Ah. I’m Riheed, this is Hyph.”

Hyph bends his waist slightly in a bow from Riheed’s introduction.

“I’m called Litris. Thank you for saving me from a dangerous situation.”

Riheed speaks of the doubt he has to the girl who is courteously giving her thanks.

“You’re sturdy despite being young. But even so, a girl like yourself shouldn’t walk alone in such a place.”

“Our ages seem to be more or less the same. However walking alone does seem to be no good, I will reconsider.”

Mikene and Aryu catch up while Litris is saying so.

Mikene recognizes the girl when seeing her due to them being students in the same school and same year.

Called a prodigy in magical ability, with a small figure and an appearance like a well-featured doll, it is plenty enough to attract the interests of the students.

As the daughter of a wealthy merchant, many want to build favorable relations with her, but Litris ignores most of them.

Because of Litris’ situation being like that, there’s a feeling of being cut off at school, Mikene who was interested is aware of it.

“Well, is anyone injured?”

Mikene asks while still being somewhat perplexed at Litris being there.

“These are persons Mikene-san is accompanied with. I was saved.”

Turning towards Mikene’s face, Litris gives thanks.

“Ah, yes. Litris-san being safe is for the best.”

Surprised when her own name is called, Mikene returns that response.

Mikene isn’t someone self-conscious of herself, but her magical ability is also considerable.

And above all, her talent at learning from her teachers is amazing.

“Hmm, you’re acquainted.”

“Ah, yes. We’re classmates at school.”

“I see, then are you on your way returning to school?”

Riheed faces Litris and questions her.

“Yes, I just returned from the ruins.”

“Ruins! They’re the romance of ancient times magic!”

What are ruins, they’re from the magic system Riheed furthermore eradicated in the olden days, the remnants of a high level civilization with advanced magic.

Magic techniques excavated from them are known as ancient magic, completely different from modern techniques, mysteries that even researchers are unable to solve.

If you say attack magic, there’s numerous magic that can be shot like a cannon, and it’s guessed that the people from that civilization held a large amount of magic power.

“Are you interested in ruins?”

Litris’ eyes shine because of Riheed’s reply.

“I’m very much filled to the brim already.”

Riheed’s eyes glow with a suspicious light, and the two stare at each other.

Litris is a magician who has devoted herself to ancient magic.

Her soul is captivated by that cannon principle.

Day and night she studies matters relating to ancient magic, and for the first extended vacation she secretly went out to the ruins in the outskirts of the royal capital.

However, there was nobody at the magic school with similar motives, and is tired of people who pretend to have them.

With Riheed showing up, moreover being acquainted with a classmate, has made her considerably delighted.

“You seem fit to converse with.”

“Yea, there certainly won’t be many to discuss ruins with.”

The two hit it off, and laugh dubiously.

Seeing that spectacle, Mikene, Aryu and Hyph are exchanging glances with each other.

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