Monohito Chapter 35

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Monohito Chapter 35 – Respective Nights

In bed before sleeping, Mikene is recalling the scene she had seen today.

Though it’s still low, it can be said she flew in the air by herself, and what remained most in her memories was what she had seen from the air, Riheed with sparkling eyes.

The moment those eyes were seen, Mikene’s hesitation and nervousness, the uneasiness disappeared, and magic power had risen only a little.

The results of the practical skills exam was very satisfactory for Mikene.

And then Riheed’s magic afterwards, was an astonishing spectacle for Mikene.

Blue light expands covering her full field of view, but it absolutely wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, it gave the sensation of being wrapped in something warm.

First, the body until even the mind is wrapped, everything is washed.

It’s an awfully wondrous experience, Mikene only entrusted her body.

“A really mysterious person.”

The evaluation of the man who caused such a wondrous magic is let out.

An eccentric, self-important, becomes strangely timid at times, strangely stubborn, making trouble in various places, a person who can’t be left alone for some reason.

How he was this morning was ideal in a sense, but he was a magician who only gave a sense of discomfort.

Wishing for him to be normal tomorrow morning, Mikene went to sleep.

Litris places the notes written about dragons on her desk.

The sun had already sunk, and the moon has appeared.

In a room lit faintly by a magic tool, Litris sat at her desk.

The summoning magic which she had used today is reviewed.

Litris’ partner, who was called by controlling the magic with her willpower, was sent back at once after the practical skills exam.

Afterwards, Litris asked a teacher at school about dragons and took notes from a library book, then going home it was reviewed for a long time.

“Fuu. Dragons are complicated creatures.”

Litris mutters while stretching.

Dragons are hard to please, even if contracted; they may not cooperate if they’re not pleased.

Such is peculiar thinking for dragons, by studying conduct; Litris thought it can make the summons more smooth.

“Well, it seems unlikely for that dragon to be hard to please.”

Litris remembers the dragon which she summoned, what was collected in the notes was summarized to the reference data level.

Seeing things favorably, in Litris’ eyes the dragon didn’t have a high dignified pride.

“Well, doing it step by step is fine.”

In the end, the conclusion was reached that it’s better to come in actual contact than just thinking with her head, Litris closes the notes.

Throwing herself down on the bed, Litris recalls today’s events.

“I was thinking what to do with Mikene being in a bad mood, I’m glad it was mended.”

Riheed and Mikene’s state was strange this morning, Litris was relieved that both had finally returned to normal.

But when thinking again, Litris was also worried this morning, an unsatisfied feeling was surging for some reason.

“Tomorrow, I should apologize firmly to those two.”

Speaking so, Litris laughs happily.

And then, noticing that she is looking forward to tomorrow in her thoughts, she felt happy.

The girl thought about her life at school after this.

Rhonks magic school’s dormitory, a lone girl was looking up at the night sky from a room.

Mari Meiryus Vertolily, princess of the forest people.

Mari peeped at her own face in the window of the dorm room allocated to her.


And laughs delightfully.

If someone were to see the figure of Mari looking up to the night sky while beautifully laughing, they’re sure to be fascinated regardless of gender.

It was well-matched.

And the person who came to mind of such a charming girl, was the magician who was heard about in place of lullabies.

Being disappointed to an extent with the first meeting, her heart jumped when later on seeing that figure making that unprecedented deed, even with half a day having passed it can be vividly recalled.

Perhaps it might not be forgotten, Mari ponders.

After all, it’s magic which summoned the water king.

It was an extravagant, beautiful and overwhelming magic which is normally unthinkable.

The beautiful scene comes to mind as Mari’s eyes are closed, and she’s entranced for a short while.

And regarding the magician, a wonderful thing is realized.

“Which reminds me, he said he’s a book committee member…”

Hitting upon something, a happy smile is expressed on Mari again.

So the forest princess’ night goes on.

Leanne is walking in the woods near the dorms.

Riheed’s magic seen in the day doesn’t leave her mind, so she couldn’t fall asleep.

Leanne was too overwhelmed by Riheed’s magic.

Great strength, a torrent of magic power, she fell into an illusion that her own existence was easily swallowed.

It’s entirely like being in front of all her father’s power, for a moment it became such a feeling.

An obvious power gap is felt, whether he’s even really human is doubted.

But at the same time, there’s a gentleness felt in the magician’s magic power not in her father’s, it’s certain that the sense of security is committed deep down in Leanne’s mind.

And so she is lost.

The father who is an absolutely strong man, the human magician holding power which can rival that father, father’s cool-headedness which can be called power, power is felt even in the magician’s warmth, which is right, what is strength, inside Leanne’s mind, strength had always been seen as her strong father’s back, now aware of the human magician’s warmth, she couldn’t be calm.

However, there is one thing which Leanne understands.

Her father acknowledges the power of the human magician, and he is recognized as an equal existence.

When noticing it, Leanne has a feeling of being a little more familiar with the father who is a symbol of fear.

She is glad thinking so, but on the other hand in Leanne’s mind was to be cautious of imprudence.

“So what is strength, father.”

Words spoken to herself were let out towards the night sky, of course there’s no answer.

The troubled figure of the Maou’s daughter, only the moon was quietly watching.

A room in the Mikarune family’s royal capital residence, even though it’s late at night, Riheed’s room is illuminated.

Inside the room, suspicious things are scattered about, there was the figure of Riheed absorbed in writing on his desk.

Strange laughter occasionally leaks from his mouth, an eerie spectacle.

“Kuhi kuhihi. This magic is beautiful.”

A magician soaked in joy when recalling.

When the residents of the residence peek inside the room, they’re unable to explain the situation.

However, in a sense it can be said that this is a usual spectacle.

Speaking of what Riheed is seriously doing, before the magic witnessed during the day is forgotten, they’re transcribed.

The ability to concentrate such that the time is forgotten is tremendous.


Letting out a groan while thinking, Riheed’s hand which was continuously moving suddenly stops.

The magic of Mikene and Litris which was seen during the day floats to his mind.

Though clumsy magic, it’s the sort of magic from which potential can be felt.

This which he is unable to mimic is in front of him, while impressed, on the other hand, there was a bit of bitterness in the magician.

Potential, possibility, prospects, displaying such young power, then envy which he intended to give up far back in the past, only a little appeared in the bottom of his heart.

Riheed is surprised at himself, such thoughts are immediately swept away by shaking his head, getting rid of these sprung up obstructive thoughts.

“That’s no help.”

Muttering so to let out all the ill feelings inside him, he returns to his work of transcribing magic.

Afterwards, the magician’s room was quiet.

In this way, each respective night passes and morning came.

Riheed is restless and unsettled since morning.

It’s the usual if only this much, but the degree is more than usual.

And the cause is clear.

It’s the committee.

The reason is that Riheed has entered the books committee.

It’s not only from the liking for books, it’s possible to read books which students are restricted from reading when entering the books committee.

It’s inevitable for Riheed to be looking forward to it at such a time.

Seeing that state, Mikene has an amazed face.

“Really, there’s e today as well.”

“I’m also looking forward to that!”

“Fufu, Riheed-san’s enjoyments are many.”

Litris, who came to class earlier, smiles seeing Riheed and Mikene’s exchange.

“Mufuu, it’s a good thing to enjoy many things in life!”

“Don’t worry too much now.”

Mikene’s way of talking is entirely like a parent concerned with a child.

As the three people get excited, classmates come near trying to participate in the talk.

Various speculations whirl, most are curious.

Extraordinary actions, ability to get results, and above all is the wondrous magic which they hadn’t seen before, even the general magic department student with pointlessly high pride had to meet them half way.

“Morning, Riheed-kun, Mikene-san, Litris-san, what’re you talking about?”

“Good morning, you three are getting along well.”

“Morning, yesterday’s magic was amazing.”

“It was really beautiful.”

“By the way, its classes from today, have you properly prepared?”

“Should I lend my notes?”

And so on, Riheed is confused from the change in the surrounding classmates completely different from yesterday.

The normally self-important Riheed is hastily replying with so-and-so every time, Mikene and Litris watch that amusing figure.

Those two are holding the premonition that the entire class is heading in a good direction.

Thus, the third day began

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