Monohito – Chapter 10

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Monohito Chapter 10 – Once Upon a Time in a Certain Place

The magician is dreaming.

A dream of the olden days.

When the magician didn’t know his left from his right, and there was no-one he could call a teacher.

Though he had magic power, he had no talent in creating new magic.

Even knowing the basics he couldn’t put it to practical use.

The relation of teacher and student among magicians is not only about inheriting the teacher’s skills, but also about further development.

Therefore someone who could only do as he is taught is seen as useless.

And a pupil who can only practically use half of what they’re are taught but is able to enhance them, would rather be selected by a magician.

For he who lacked this talent, it could said to be a curse.

Someone like him was turned into a magician with negative emotions.

Because his magic power was larger than average, he was patronized by a royal capital magician and left his hometown, a small countryside village.

Originally in his poor village, his parents had little money, and thanks to the alluring words that if their son becomes a magician they could all live a good life in the city, he was ‘sold’ to the magician.

The boy was slightly suspicious of that matter.

Like that the boy moved to the town the magician was based in.

At first the magician had interest in the boy’s good memory, but when he sees through the boy’s lack of creation talent, “Someone with no talent at creation is unnecessary” is said and the boy was immediately thrown away.

For a magician, there are many who can become their pupil, so it’s common to throw away those with no talent.

Though not everyone would do such a thing, there are also cruel ones who sell them to slave dealers. In comparison one is better than the other, the boy understood that point later, but at first was confusion and non-comprehension at being thrown away, he could do nothing but cry.

When the boy recovers himself, all that remains is feelings of hate.

The parents who sold him, the magician who threw him away, the senior pupils who laughed when looking at him and what he hated above all is himself for having no talent.

For the sake of refuting that he has no talent, the boy enters an apprenticeship with various magicians, all of them expel him.

As rumors of the boy spreads, apprenticeship is no longer possible and the day came where he is troubled for food.

As a last resort the boy takes on various jobs through a work mediator.

Although it is only jobs for the lower class people, it is enough income to the point where he won’t die.

Like that he becomes friends with the children living in the slums, being able to use magic he is relied on by everyone, and an everyday life of that sort is spent.

The grudge is also forgotten, and he thinks it might be good to return to his hometown.

It was on such a day.

After he had collected his luggage to return to his hometown, and his comrades are enjoying a small but crowded banquet.

The girl who was a substitute elder sister for the children of the slums, was kidnapped on her way to buy sake.

The girl was the owner of a beautiful face which you wouldn’t think would be living in a slum, invitations had been received many times to become an adopted daughter or bride.

But all were refused, and for the sake of her comrades in the slums which were her family, she worked in a restaurant.

That beauty was almost kidnapped a few times, and the girl was absolutely not allowed to go out alone.

That day, the man who went together with her was cruelly injured, but somehow managed to return in order to notify the others.

The people of the slums raged, and made their way to the upper residential area with weapons in hand.

The criminal was known.

Among the men who courted her, the most persistent, the person who attempted to kidnap her several times, the lord of this town.

Tyrannical and selfish, a person who treats the residents of the town like insects.

The people have always accumulated their anger towards him, and at last it exploded due to this incident. In a flash it spread throughout the whole town.

The boy learns of the girl’s crisis while treating the fallen man with magic, and rushes to where his comrades are.

The boy comprehends from the man’s wounds that the one who kidnapped her is a magician, thinking that his comrades who went on ahead are in danger, the boy follows after.

When the boy arrives at the front gates to the lord’s house, fortunately though injured, everyone is alive.

And in front of the gate, stands the magician who brought him from his hometown.

The magician was employed by lord.

In truth he thought that there was no time to spare in aiding a kidnapping and refused, but when it was said that the crime of a talented pupil will be written off, he participated.

When the work ends just when thinking he can return, the lord’s residence came under attack, reluctantly participating in the battle between the lord’s guards and the town’s people, projected in the magician’s eyes is the discarded pupil’s magic approaching.

Easily defending against the former pupil’s magic, in the air is an uninterested sigh, and at once comes the words using powerful magic power for a precisely refined and developed magic technique formula.

When the magician isn’t killed by the surprise attack, the boy is surprised, and felt the fear of death coming from the powerful magic swirling around the magician.

When the techniques formula is completed he sees it as if in slow motion.

When the boy notices so, in several instances he completes the same technique formula as the magician, and releases it.

The spectacle from that time is when the boy became a young man, and something he will never forget.

The magician is swallowed by the light the boy released and vanishes.

The light erases the gate, and the ground is gouged out.

When the cloud of dust dissipates, the town’s people grow in excitement from the disastrous scene in front of the eyes, and the private army of the lord ran away in haste.

Afterwards, the kidnapped girl is rescued safely, and the lord is punished by the hands of the people.

The people themselves are boiling over with energy due to the victory.

The lord is replaced and the town underwent change.

Steps were taken to provide aid to the lower class people, and they came to be able to find stable employment.

And so the boy making use of his special skill went on a journey to collect numerous magic.

To show his own talent.

After that he had many encounters and farewells, that is after this it will also continue on like this.

“Mu, I fell asleep.”

Riheed wakes up from a large shake in the carriage, and looks at the surroundings while stretching.

There is the figures of the female formation who weren’t defeated by the shaking.

“Hmm. A dream of the important olden days.”

While recalling the contents of the dream, the slight tears in his eyes are wiped.

And, for a brief moment he submerges himself in the lingering feeling from the dream.

“Thinking about it, I left on a long journey.”

Stroking the hair of Mikene who’s using his lap as a pillow, he has face just like a father, or rather a grandfather, it was a mature kind face.

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