Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 : Into the Nine Entrapment Woods

Ling Mo Han completely ignored the person behind him and just widened his strides to continue walking. He was thinking that the little beggar was actually some young master from some rich family who had secretly run away for fun. From the moment the little beggar had latched onto his leg, he had not sensed the lowly humility from the beggar and he had a pair of eyes that showed wit and were sharp, astute, nothing like what a beggar would have. After hearing that he was intending to go to the Nine Entrapment Woods, he was even more certain that the youth was just going there for nothing more than fun.

If the youth really did not fear death and followed him blindly into the Nine Entrapment Woods, he would not be a busybody to go save him if anything happened.

Seeing that the uncle in front was ignoring her, Feng Jiu did not say another word after that, but just jogged to keep up a few steps behind. However, if one were to look a little closer, they would notice that her steps were a little queer, as the speed she was moving at wasn’t slower than Ling Mo Han before her by much.

The two of them moved one behind the other. Ling Mo Han in the front did not once stop for any rest and neither did Feng Jiu behind him. As time was running out, she needed to get to the Nine Entrapment Woods to find the necessary herbs to dispel the poison within her body, or her life would really end senselessly in this world just like that.

But this body had afterall once belonged to a young miss of a rich family. After running for a whole day and night without any food and drink, the body had reached its limits. Her legs were sore and heavy, her strides gradually slowing down, and the figure of Ling Mo Han infront was getting further and further away from her.

However, she still managed to come to the edge of the Nine Entrapment Woods at the break of dawn the next day, and she did not see any sign of the uncle anywhere.

“Whew! I’m bushed!” She crashed back down onto the ground, panting heavily. Sweat ran in rivulets, and she was starving. She was feeling a little lightheaded and rather nauseous.

From yesterday till now, the only thing she had was the apple that she had swiped from the fruit stall and that had long been digested and not even the juice was left. Her stomach was ravenously empty and she wished endlessly for a scrumptious chicken leg to eat at that moment. She rested awhile to catch her breath, and after wiping off her perspiration, she stood up and stared at the Nine Entrapment Woods before her, a smile of anticipation showing on her face. “Hee hee. I should be able to catch myself some wild meat in the Nine Entrapment Woods…..” Just thinking about it made her swallow with a big gulp, and she immediately moved her feet to go into the woods.

The trees were dense and the vegetation abundant. The sun’s ray from above her head were half shielded and the damp smell of the dirt and the fragrance of grass wafted pass her nose carried by the light breeze.

Feng Jiu held a sprig broken off from one of the tree and swept it left and right before her as she walked. By doing that, she could on one hand, sweep away some of the weeds in her path, and on the other hand, drive away any venomous snakes that might be hiding in the grass.

Her progress was slow, as her eyes carefully scanned for any herbs covered under the weeds.

She had studied the poison in her body and it might be difficult for others to undo, but for someone like her who was highly skilled in Medicine and poisons, it was relatively easy. Of course, it was on the premise that she must first find the herbs she needed or even if she was a Medical Deity, she wouldn’t be able to undo the poison in her body with nothing.

Perhaps it was because she was still on the outer edge. Although she had managed to find some herbs, they were all of the more common variety. And as for the wild fare that she was salivating from, it was almost utterly hopeless. Even after having walked for more than an hour, she had not seen a single sign of an edible live animal, but only quite a number of lizards rested upon the branches of the trees.

She was so hungry it was making her feel weak. She saw some edible Creeping Woodsorrel Herb growing among the weeds and she picked out a big bunch of them and chewed on them as she walked. Although the stem of the herb was sour, its flowers tasted lightly fragrant. It might not be much, but it was nevertheless better than her well emptied stomach.

“Hey? I can actually find Tree Root Berries here?” She ran over in pleasant surprise when she saw the herb growing at the foot of the tree, which was one of the herbs she was seeking for on this trip for her antidote.

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