Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: “I am Feng Jiu”

“Heavens be damned!” The man looked at the blood oozing out from his chest and rage filled his mind as he lashed out with a hard kick to the abdomen of the motionless heap on the ground and he roared: “Get up! Don’t play dead with me!” As he shouted, he grabbed at her clothes and lifted her limp body and threw her onto the bed.

The excruciating pain in her head and abdomen made the initially unconscious person’s face crease up in a deep frown. A voice was weeping noisily in her mind, further frustrating her with her already throbbing head. “Shut up!”

She hollered loudly and at the same moment she opened her eyes, her brow pinched together. There really was a voice still sobbing in her mind, and before her eyes, there was a vulgar looking man who had stripped himself all the way down to his underwear, currently eyeing her lustily.

Her gaze swept past the vulgar looking man and his equally disgusting body and saw that she was in a room filled with old Chinese vintage decor and her mouth turned into a hard straight line.

In her mind, that weeping voice had after her shout, seemed to slowly subside and just finally stopped.

“So! You finally realised that playing dead doesn’t work? Just be good and play with your lord here or else! I know of many ways to make sure you comply!” Once he finished saying those words, he pounced like a hungry wolf on his prey as he leapt towards Feng Qing Ge on the bed.

“You seek death!” Her face filled with utter contempt, she shouted out and lifted her bent knee and lashed out her leg with a swift kick to send the vulgar looking man flying.



The vulgar man had taken a direct hit from that kick and he fell sprawled onto the floor landing on all fours like a toad, groaning in pain. He struggled to recover and stood up quickly, staring angrily at the girl sitting by the edge of the bed. He clenched his fist tight and threw a big punch: “You dirty slut! You dare to kick me! I’ll kill you!”

But, he was completely stunned when his punch thrown with his full strength was caught and without knowing how she did it, she grabbed the back of his hand and pulled back sharply. The sound of bones breaking cracked in the air, and the excruciating pain made him scream out almost losing his mind. A pair of cold hands suddenly closed around his neck and another crisp crack sounded. His head lolled to one side with his eyes bulging and he fell over like a limp doll. With death, not another sound came out from his mouth.

Time seemed to stop at the moment as silence fell in the room. It was so quiet you would be able to hear a pin drop.

At that moment, the girl sitting on the bed stretched out her fair slender fingers and she stared at them. Frowning slightly, a faint smile with a slight perverse tinge played across her lips. But that sinister smile when paired with her disfigured face, was chilling to see, whichever way you looked at it.

The man who just died must have left instructions that no matter what happens in the room, no one was to come in. Hence, the two guards standing outside the room had not been bothered when they heard the loud crashes earlier, thinking that it was just the man torturing the girl.

The young girl on the bed walked over to the bronze mirror and sat down. She looked at the abhorrent countenance reflected in the mirror and her eyes narrowed. She tapped her finger lightly on the top of the dressing table to elicit a soft knocking sound.

“Speak! Who are you?” She asked staring into the mirror, as if talking to herself.

And, just as she finished her question, a sobbing voice spoke at the back of her mind: “I am Feng Qing Ge. And who are you?”

“Feng Jiu.” She opened her mouth to say: “I think you should already have died? Why have you left a sliver of your consciousness in my mind?”

“I refuse to resign to my fate! My hatred for Su Ruo Yun continues to burn! Su Ruo Yun put me in this pitiable state…..” The sobbing voice was suddenly filled with hatred as it resounded within her mind.

Feng Jiu remained silent, and did not say a single word for quite a while, only listening to the voice weep. The sobs were filled with resentment and hatred and the raw emotions passed from her mind and crept into her heart, making her strongly feel a indignant rage that did not belong to her.

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