Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 : Strange Skills


The young girl screamed out in humiliation, but it was not known whether it was from rage of embarrassment when her face turned bright red, and without thinking she raised the bow in her hand once more, pulling out an arrow from the quiver on her back to take aim at Feng Jiu before releasing the string.


The ruthless arrow had been imbued with mystical aura as it sped towards Feng Jiu’s heart with blinding speed, fully intent on taking Feng Jiu’s life in one strike, chillingly merciless.

The men with the girl did not move in the slightest, the leader seemingly intentionally indulgent. Afterall, from what they were seeing, Feng Jiu was just a mere little beggar who possessed zero mystical powers who might perhaps had been extremely lucky to be able to make it all the way in here. And for a person like that, they all would be able to get rid of easily just by barely lifting a finger.

Just a few steps away from Feng Jiu, Ling Mo Han did not do anything to stop the attack this time. He wanted to see just how capable the little beggar girl was? From his observation of her, the little beggar girl was not brainless, in fact, she had shown herself to be extremely shrewd and astute, never committing something she wasn’t confident of.

The only thing was, it was obvious she did not possess the slightest sliver of mystical aura within her body, so from where was she getting the confidence to provoke others so readily?

As he thought to himself, his gaze steeled.

He saw her somersault with great agility to avoid the speeding arrow, shooting past under her, not injuring her in the slightest.

Witnessing the scene, not only Ling Mo Han, but even the middle aged man and the younger man on the other side showed a glint of surprise in their eyes. Without the slightest sign of any mystical power on the opponent, and knowing full well how chillingly fast that arrow that was shot out had been travelling, they were certain that the little beggar should not have been able to dodge it at all.

But the little beggar had done just that. That just meant that the little beggar was not someone as simple as he was portraying himself to be.


The young girl stamped her feet in frustration and reached her hand behind her back to retrieve another arrow to string onto her bow before pulling back to shoot another one out.

But not a single one of those arrows carefully aimed at the little beggar could hit him. After her next several successive attempts hit nothing but air, she stared at the little beggar looking smilingly at her with his chin resting nonchalantly in his palm, seemingly saying to her in ridicule: [Is that all you’ve got?]

She got so angry that she kept her mystical bow, before pulling out the dagger at her hip to charge straight at the little beggar.

“Are you sure you want to do this? Anymore and I will not hold back.” The smile on Feng Jiu’s face suddenly looked strange, as her eyes swept over the girl’s ample bosom briefly and Feng Jiu charged straight towards the dagger being thrust at her instead of avoiding it.

“Damned beggar! You shall die!”

Ling Mo Han’s gaze was fixed on Feng Jiu as she moved, and he only saw Feng Jiu disarming the young girl of her dagger in a blink. The speed that it had been carried out, was too fast for him to even see how she had accomplished the feat.

The next moment, the dagger was already in Feng Jiu’s hand and with a quick step, she was suddenly behind the young voluptuous girl, and Feng Jiu’s hand had even slid over the young girl’s snowy white exposed skin in a soft caress, which made him suddenly find himself at a complete loss of words.

[Is that really a girl under those tattered clothes? That really isn’t a shameless ruffian hidden beneath?]

“Woo hoo, so smooth.”

Feng Jiu exclaimed in praise, her eyes narrowed lustily, with one hand wrapped around the young girl’s slender waist, the other holding the dagger in a reverse grip pressed against the smooth white neck, looking like she was intentionally teasing the young girl, even bringing her face close to the trapped girl’s neck to sniff at it, and putting on a face intoxicated with euphoria.

“That smells just absolutely heavenly!”

This time, even the stoically stone faced middle aged man’s face changed, turning a few shades darker.

The young man beside him was filled with rage, his eyes aflame in anger, his hands within his sleeves clenched tightly into fists. If not for the young buxomy girl trapped in the enemy’s hands, he would not have been able to contain himself and would have charged straight in.

Ling Mo Han was still speechless and he averted his eyes, unable to make himself watch any longer.


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