MMS – Volume 2 Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 Hey brat, why are you so persistent

Jealousy was a scary power of the original sin. What was most scary about it was that it was hard to detect and that it directly controls and attacks one’s soul and mind. It was extremely dangerous and also hard to guard against.

However now, Liu Xinya did not know why but she could not control Ouyang Tao’s consciousness. She could only slowly try and force Ouyang Tao’s soul out of his body little by little before destroying his soul. The body that had lost its soul would then become her puppet for the next move.

However, this was a more difficult than what she had imagined.

“Eh? Still struggling?” Liu Xinya had never ever seen a person with such a strong soul. She had used up a large portion of her magic power but could not shift the soul from its body by a little and the progress was becoming lesser and lesser.

However, Liu Xinya quickly realised that the situation was worse than what she had expected. Not only had Ouyang Tao’s soul stop separating from his body, it was slowly attaching back to his body: “No, this is impossible…… This is absolutely impossible!”

Liu Xinya could not tolerate such unwarranted failure as she focused completely. The light from her eyes became stronger as though they were two tubes frantically sucking Ouyang Tao’s soul from his body.

However it was still insufficient, it was actually still insufficient! Ouyang Tao’s soul did not appear to waver at all as Liu Xinya started to become frantic: “Why is it like this. Just how can this guy…… Ugh! This is……”

Suddenly, Liu Xinya felt a sense of abnormality before something even more shocking happened! The flow of magic had reversed as Liu Xinya felt that her magic was being lost quickly, as though it was being consumed and it was from the flow of light between their eyes that was sucking Ouyang Tao’s soul.

That’s right, now it was not Liu Xinya trying to separate Ouyang Tao’s soul but instead Ouyang Tao absorbing her magic.

How could this happen?! In her moment of shock, Liu Xinya also realised that both of Ouyang Tao’s eyes had turned dark green, could it be……

There was no more time for Liu Xinya to hesitate anymore. She hurriedly severed the stream of light and following that, the backflow of the powers of the original sin struck her consciousness causing her to nearly faint: “Urghhhhh….. It…… It actually……”

Blood, Liu Xinya had vomited blood. This was because, in the short time that was not even a minute, a third of her magic had been forcefully sucked away. Liu Xinya was very weak as she half knelt on the ground.

However, Ouyang Tao suffered as well. Absorbing a massive amount of magic in that short amount of time was a huge burden on Ouyang Tao’s body. His whole body was covered by the purple magic power that flowed out and it seemed like his body was about to explode.

Ouyang Tao was painfully rolling on the floor: “Ahhhhh —— ! I…… I cannot…… Cannot hold on…… Going to explode —— !”

Not long later, Ouyang Tao seemed to get used to the magic that he had absorbed and slowly absorbed the magic that flowed out.

Even so, this struggle already made Ouyang Tao exhausted: “Huff…… Huff…… Nearly…… Nearly died……”

Although he did not understand what happened, Ouyang Tao knew that he was temporarily safe. Looking at Liu Xinya, she no longer had the composure and confidence she possessed previously. It had been replaced by a face of disbelief and a stunned expression.

Before this, no man was able to resist Liu Xinya’s powers and this was not because her magic was strong, it was because she was able to completely control this power of the original sin of jealousy —— Her body had been injected with the medicine that contains the blood of the demon king.

Only Demon Kings could possess and control the powers of the original sin. If any other demons or humans use it, they would be affected by the “punishment” of the original sin, just like Edward.

Someone thought of an idea —— That was using the blood of the demon king or a member of the demon king’s clan and make a medicine out of it. Hence, when someone used the powers, they could use the medicine to block the “punishment”.

Therefore, all along, Liu Xinya’s beauty and her power of the Original Sin had been her most effective weapon. The combination of her seduction and her eye techniques was unbeatable.

Now, however, an exception was right in front of her —— Not only was Ouyang Tao capable of blocking it, he could also retaliate against it. Just what was it that could block the demon king’s strength?

Liu Xinya could not help but ask a natural question: “Who…… Who exactly are you?”

“Hmph, if only I could remember.” Ouyang Tao memories were limited to the six years that he had spent with his sister. The life before that was a void to him.

Ouyang Tao realised that Liu Xinya’s condition at present was weak and felt that this was a good opportunity that should not be missed. He took a deep breathe and rushed towards his backpack.

However, Liu Xinya was already prepared for this and was waiting for this opportunity. She swept her leg and tripped Ouyang Tao before backflipping and elbowing his spine. Before Ouyang Tao could react, she grabbed his left leg and locked him in position.

Ouyang Tao wanted to turn around and retaliate but Liu Xinya’s moves were obviously more trained and effective as she immediately applied pressure on his spine and neck instantly restricting his movements: “Since I can’t use magic against you, I’ll just have to be a bit rough.”

“You…… Ughhh……” Having his strength and techniques restrained, Ouyang Tao had no idea what to do.

“Originally I had only wanted to use you two siblings as chess pieces to infiltrate Augustus Academy but it seems like I’ve looked down on you.”

“Don’t you dare touch Ah Xue! Come at me alone, ahhhhh —— !”

“Calm down, listen to me.” Liu Xinya exerted some strength and Ouyang Tao’s arm nearly dislocated as he screamed in pain. Liu Xinya who regained the advantage also regained her previous composure “Oh? Looks like you are very concerned with your pretty sister.”

Ouyang Tao did not stop struggling but it came to no avail: “What do you want to do!”

“Me? Hehe……” Liu Xinya laughed “I was thinking, since magic doesn’t work against you, does your sister have the same ability?”

“Oi, you dare…… Ugh……”

“Don’t get too excited.”

As they spoke, another fierce struggle was being suppressed by Liu Xinya —— From the current situation, Ouyang Tao could already tell that she was probably a professional agent or killer.

Ouyang Tao chided angrily: “Just what do you want!”

“I admire your abilities, therefore, I’ll give you another chance. Join the Inverted Cross Army and I’ll let your sister off.”


Liu Xinya used her sweet and gentle voice in a vicious threat: “If you refuse, the one that suffers will not only be your sister. I will transport you back to the laboratory and slowly dissect you up to see what just what is so special about you. Then, for your cute sister…… Heheh…… I feel that the slaves need some reward once in a while……”

“Bitch!” Ouyang Tao scolded.

To him, his sister’s safety was much more important than his own. If anyone dared to threaten Ouyang Xue, even if he had to risk his life, he would not let that person off!

With this fury in him, Ouyang Tao exerted his strength and struggled again. This time, he used all the magic that he had previously absorbed from Liu Xinya and drew strength from it.

“Eh? This brat……” This time, Liu Xinya found it very difficult to solely rely on techniques to suppress Ouyang Tao and she too drew strength from her magic to increase her strength. In that moment, they were suddenly stuck in a stalemate.

Could it be that she agitated him too much and he was going to fight in desperation? Liu Xinya started to become worried. Afraid that once he managed to break free and obtain the spatial scrolls, he would definitely retaliate and with the amount of magic she had left, she might not win in a fair fight.

Liu Xinya’s started to think, thinking of how she could make this stubborn brat comply.

However, Liu Xinya did not have much time left as she suddenly realised a similar scenario as previously was happening —— Her magic was being absorbed again.

However this time, Liu Xinya realised that the source of the absorption came from the metal glove that was in Ouyang Tao’s left hand.

“Stinking brat! You forced me!” Liu Xinya decided immediately as the purple flow of the Leviathan’s staff in her right hand suddenly turned sharp and the magic quickly collected together forming a light blade “Let’s chop off this troublesome hand first!”

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