MMS – Volume 2 Interval 4

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Interval 4

When a the book has not been made yet, the scroll is a replacement for it. In other words, the scroll is the predecessor of the book.

Therefore, Ouyang Tao believed that one who loved books must know them well too —— Therefore, he naturally went to look for Zhao Yuehan.

On the second day, Ouyang Tao brought both Annie’s and Liu Xinya’s Dimensional Scroll to Zhao Yuehan for comparison. Initially, he was only curious about the difference and did not have any other intentions. However, what he found out shocked him.

After learning Ouyang Tao’s request, Zhao Yuehan opened all six scrolls to compare carefully.

From what Ouyang Tao had seen, the six scrolls had no difference. The drawings on all six were identical. However, to an expert like Zhao Yuehan, there were differences.

Maybe it was just to be extra careful, Zhao Yuehan instructed a spirit in the library to bring another Dimensional Scroll for comparison. After an hour, she came to a conclusion.

“These three are destroyed and unusable. The other three are modified and have restrictions on opening them.”

“Eh?” Ouyang Tao was shocked. This was no simple matter!

Dimensional Scrolls were scrolls specifically made to store and transport large objects. Dimensional Scrolls could open an independent dimension to store items. In theory, space is limitless and anything can be stored. However, the next time one opens to retrieve an item, the more items in the scroll would result in more magic being used up,

To a Mechanical Engineering Magician who depend largely on their materials, the ability to store a lot of items was invaluable —— Luckily, Ouyang Tao was saved by his own curiosity. Otherwise, the consequences might be disastrous.

The three scrolls that Zhao Yuehan mentioned that were destroyed were from Annie. But she also said that the other three were modified, “Are you able to explain the reasons?”

“Alright,” Zhao Yuehan nodded, before pointing on the furry parts of Annie’s scrolls saying: “These threads at these key points have been deliberately destroyed.”

“Thread? You mean like a thread for clothes?” Ouyang Tao looked at where Zhao Yuehan had pointed and mulled over it for some time before realising that the threads there had been cut. Was this the serious damage?

“The weaving of scrolls and the sewing of the arrays have strict requirements. Small difference, big impacts.”

“This…… I don’t really understand.”

Ouyang Tao could not comprehend why a few broken threads would have such a big impact and what Zhao Yuehan had said did not clearly specify the problem.

“What big sis means is that the weaving method of the cloth used, how close the threads are together, where the threads are cut off, the method the array was sewn on, and the order it was sewn are all important. Any slight errors would result in severe problems. Therefore, the weaving machine, needle, thread and silk used by a scroll master are all specially made.”

Hearing those words, Ouyang Tao turned around suddenly, only to see a young boy wearing large spectacles standing behind him without warning. If not for Zhao Yuehan so frequently scaring him, he probably would have screamed already.

“You are?” Although he asked that question, judging from the youth’s aura, Ouyang Tao roughly guessed his identity already.

Zhao Yuehan replied on the youth’s behalf: “Twin brother, Zhao Yuecheng.”

“Oh, hello.” Ouyang Tao stretched his hand out as a friend gesture but he suddenly realised something was not right.

However, the youth did not look and just stretched his hand out to return the gesture: “Hello, Prospective Bro-in-law.”

“What?” Ouyang Tao suspected whether he had heard wrongly.

“Yuecheng.” This time, Zhao Yuehan turned to look at her brother. It seemed as though she was scolding him without speaking.

“Sorry sis, I only wanted to liven the atmosphere.” The blind youth smiled. “Alright, introductions over. Back to topic bro.”

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