MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 33

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Volume 1 Chapter 33 – The Explosion of Accumulated Rancor

Edward —— The one who wasn’t recognised, the one who the masses treated lightly. The suppressed sorrow that was in his heart was something only he knew.

It was not that he did not want to retaliate. It was not that he would not feel hatred and angry. It was the fact that he didn’t have the strength. That was why he could only choose to shrink back and endure it……

So what would happen once he obtained strength? Edward’s choice was already clearly seen —— he would no longer remain quiet and give in. Instead, he chose violent revenge and destruction.

Despite that, Ouyang Tao believed that this was not Edward’s inner nature: “Stop it, you can’t escape anymore. I know you can turn yourself into an element, and I also know how to stop it. I proved it just now.”

“Hoho…… You’re right, you are talented…… That’s why I’m envious of you…… So envious of you…… That I want to kill you!” Edward raised his hand and countless orbs appeared to shoot towards Ouyang Tao.

This time however, Ouyang Tao was well prepared. Ten “Electrical.Commotion” flew in mid-air, constructing a spiderweb-like interference field that absorbed all the orb up top and gradually disintegrated them.

“Magic Interference Net…… Hoho…… Just two days and you turned up with a finished product.” Edward grinned as he said that —— This was a product that he was incapable of finishing, something that was laughed at by others who treated it like mere imagination. And Ouyang Tao only took two days to come up with a product capable of being used in battles.

“What’s the use of so much senseless talk, get rid of him!” Tia who was standing behind Ouyang Tao became impatient, she wielded her sword and sprinted towards Ouyang Tao. However, Edward didn’t even look at her and just waved his hands, producing a red light that forced Tia backwards.

“You remain silent first, I will slowly take revenge for your insults and contempt.” It was clear that the current Edward spoke as if Ouyang Tao wasn’t his enemy, “Frankly speaking, I didn’t actually want to kill you….”

“No, not only me…… Edward, you’re not someone like that. It must be Lucifer’s crown affecting your personality, it must be……”

“No, this is me! The real me!” Edward took a big step forward. The step that was filled with hatred and anger shattered the ground. His tightly clenched fist let out an abnormal red light, which soon turned into an unblockable shock wave, forcing away the Interference Field in front of Ouyang Tao that moved towards him.

However, Ouyang Tao was already prepared, ten “Electrical.Thunderclap” shot out strong electrical currents from behind him, striking the scarlet red shockwave. Both were equally matched for a while.

Using this opportunity, Tia once again launched an attack, and teamed up with Ouyang Tao to attack Edward. Using her sharp sword that had a dark freezing cold aura, she aimed at Edward’s throat for a fatal blow.

Edward’s right hand continued to be in a stalemate with Ouyang Tao and the back of his left hand blocked Tia’s strike: “I remember that you said that I only daydream right?”

“Wasn’t that the truth?” Although she said that, Tia’s sword was being heavily suppressed by Edward’s magic. She was unable to harm his body at all. Hence she continued increasing her strength.

“Hmph.” Edward snorted, and his figure suddenly disappeared. Ouyang Tao’s lightning, which lost its target, struck Tia’s sword.

“Drats!” Ouyang Tao tried to stop his attack immediately but it was too late.

“EEEEEAAAA —— !” Being struck by the lightning made Tia scream out loud. The long sword left her hands and she was knocked unconscious by the lightning. If it weren’t for her strong magic and resistance, she would hjustave died instantly.

“Now it’s you and me.”

“What…… Uwaaa —— !”

Due to the mistake which injured Tia, Ouyang Tao lost concentration. He didn’t notice that Edward had already snuck behind him to ruthlessly throw a heavy punch at Ouyang Tao’s chest, causing him to get knocked away.

Despite the battleground being enclosed by the fire, the people outside could hear clearly the battle going on within but was unable to help due to the scorching magical flame wall. A couple of fearless guards tried to rush in but were all deflected back by the outer layer magic. They didn’t even get to go near the flame.

It turned out that this was not an ordinary flame wall. It was a flame spiral that turned at high speeds. If the impact against the wall was not large enough, the person would be deflected. Even if he managed to breakthrough, he would most like be disintegrated by the flames.

This was the power of the Demon King’s relic.

“Brat, don’t go over!” Monica hugged her waist, trying to protect Ouyang Xue from rushing into the flames.

“Brother’s inside! I can’t let him leave me anymore! There’s no way! Let me go, LET ME GO!! AHHH —— !!!” However, Ouyang Xue screams and ferocious struggling even caused Monica’s abnormal strength to struggle slightly.

The numerous guards and disciplinary team members could all be considered experts but when faced with the flame wall, they were all helpless —— This was because it was a flame wall that used the power of a Demon King. It couldn’t be so easily broken through.

However, there was one exception. Chen Feng took off his jacket, revealing a well toned body that was covered in scars. He planted his arms on his waist, blocking the storm caused by the flame wall. Step by step, he slowly approached the flame wall —— This was something only he, who continuously trained his body in magic and possessed high magic resistance and a strong body, could do.

Then, Chen Feng’s arm aimed at the flame wall and jabbed out strongly. Both his arms entered the flame spiral before he went in altogether. Then, he emitted a formless aura from his body towards his surroundings. He became like a giant boulder that was thrown into a stream, as he forcefully slowed the spinning of the spirals.

“Someone is interfering…… Ugh…… It’s the silent sword……” Edward realised the abnormality in the flame wall. However, he also knew that to break through the obstacle, Chen Feng still needed time.

Therefore, Edward turned and faced Ouyang Tao who had already stood up: “ I already said, I didn’t want to kill you originally.”

“Why…… Why is that…… Ugh……” The punch that Edward had thrown earlier was filled with scorching hot flame magic. Although he felt something absorbing some damage for him, Ouyang Tao’s injuries were still serious as he vomited blood a couple of times.

“Weren’t you a smart person? Guess!” As he spoke, Edward waved his hand casually and another red light shot towards Ouyang Tao.

There was the sounds of an explosion but Ouyang Tao remained fine. His defence units had blocked the strike.

However, Edward was not surprised. He didn’t plan to end Ouyang Tao’s life just like that. To him, showing off why he did this was more meaningful than just killing —— In other words, these were the actions of Edward’s negative feelings.

Everything would only stop when Edward was satisfied, or when someone finally stopped him……

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