MMS – Volume 1 Chapter 13

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Volume 1 Chapter 13 – The Deciding Last Blow

Three minutes had already passed. Even if Ouyang Tao surrendered now, the truth was that he had already won.

But, after already withstanding it for so long, Ouyang Tao also felt less stressful —— since I had already withstood for three minutes and there’s less than two minutes left, I could grit my teeth and force this into a tie.

Ouyang Tao estimated that he still had five to six thousand units of magic left within him. If he forcibly squeezed it dry, the remaining time should not be a problem.

But now, Tia was in a position where she had to win. She no longer had any other option. This match was requested by her, and under the eyes of everyone, if she was forced to a draw by a new commoner student, she would lost all of her face.
(TL: Face is like prestige/honor/dignity)

Continuing to rely on the artillery guns for victory could no longer work. Tia used her trump card. She reinforced her magic: “Separate, modify, reconstruct!”

The six machines respectively dismantled and swiftly reconstructed into new units. They became four even stronger and bigger four legged machines —— grade 2 standard machine, “Gunner”.

The main purpose of Gunner was to serve as a mobile platform for heavy firepower cannons. Now, on top each four-legged machine was two attached heavy firepower cannons; all of them continued to fire towards Ouyang Tao, and suppressed him even more.

At the same time, Tia’s trump card slowly crept towards Ouyang Tao under the cover of her fire.

Looking at the stage, Tia’s former teacher Lu Yun saw clues of Tia’s creation. On the left and right of Tia, she created an invisible aircraft.

But, these two machines could not be seen by Ouyang Tao: “Wow…… She already using those? Tsktsk……”

If one looked at Ouyang Tao once more, his magic units had nearly reached its limit. As long as Tia maintained her constant firepower for less than a minute, Ouyang Tao would be defeated due to the complete depletion of his magic —— of course, all this could not be seen by Tia.

To be able to fare so well against the Academy’s top warrior was already a job well done, but somehow, Lu Yun had the premonition that this commoner student still had potential…… Perhaps the best had yet to come.

It was already the final moments of the battle.

“Drats…… This is going nowhere! Heave… Ho…” Ouyang Tao’s was already panting rapidly and barely held on. When the cannons stop firing for ten odd seconds a moment ago, he thought that his opponent had run out of magic. However, it seemed that what came after the first round was an even stronger barrage of attacks.

“Eh, that’s weird?” Even though Ouyang Tao hid behind his protective wall, and his magic was being drained very quickly, this did not mean that he had no knowledge of what was happening outside, or that he had let his guard down. He continued to use his magic to perceive the situation outside.

Because his magic was too limited, he could only focus on defending from one side. Once the opponent attacked from other angles, he basically could no longer defend.

Now however, he realised that his opponents machines had reduced, but the firepower had instead increased. Looks like she’s pulling out the real shots.

Then what about the two aircrafts?

Ouyang Tao could understand Tia’s stand. If this battle was forced to a draw, Tia would be publicly embarrassed. Therefore, she sought for the win with all her might. In such a situation, she definitely would not let down on her attack.

Suddenly, the orb in Ouyang Tao’s appeared to show some abnormal movement. He was surprised for a second before reacting immediately. He planted a defence unit behind him. Soon after, an explosion came from that direction.

“Bastard, Ugh…… What the hell was that!?” Ouyang Tao could not see anything, but there was something attacked him from the air. From the way it attacked, it was most likely a rocket launcher.

Heavy cannons pounded at his front and rockets attacking him from the back. It was the situation Ouyang Tao was most afraid of. He was forced into a two way defence. Not only did he need to split his concentration, his magic would be used up even more quickly. If that were the case, his magic would certainly not last till the end.

This cannot go on. At the very least, he had to get rid of the bastards at the back. Ouyang Tao guessed that his opponent must have used some camouflage technique. But he could break it using the simplest and most effective method: “Equip magnetic parts.”

Ouyang Tao solely created a batch of defence units and added magnetism to them. Then he judged the opponent’s position from their firing point, and used magic to send his defence units in that direction.

“Attract! Detonate!” Ouyang Tao manipulated his defence units with his hands and made them explode. After a series of explosion, two balls of fire dropped from mid air about ten metres away. They landed behind Ouyang Tao —— these were the two robots Tia used to secretly attack him.

“Ugh…..” However, Ouyang Tao did not have time to celebrate as blood rushed into his mouth and was then forcibly swallowed back by him —— this was the signal that meant he had overused his magic. It was at its limit and was about to finish.

After this, Ouyang Tao was really at his limit. The orb in his hand started to glow and fade. Every second that passed seemed like torture to Ouyang Tao.

Maybe I really can’t do it anymore. Maybe this is really my limit. Anyways, I’ve already did quite well —— at that moment, Ouyang Tao felt that, maybe it was unnecessary to hold on any longer.

But no matter what, fighting up to this stage, Ouyang Tao’s stubborn bull-like temper surfaced, and demanded that he should not surrender.

Suddenly, the frontal assault stopped. This let Ouyang Tao regain some breathing space. By chance, he saw the fallen aircraft and thought of a daring idea.

Boom Boom Boom…… As she watched her trump card get destroyed in front of her eyes, Tia was so shocked that even her cannons stopped firing.

“‘Vengeful Spirit’…… was actually defeated?!” To be capable of seeing through her self-invented light manipulation camouflage already made Tia surprised. But she didn’t expect her two grade 4 standard machine, ‘Vengeful Spirit” to be destroyed.

This guy still has the energy to retaliate! —— At this point, Tia made a wrong judgement.

There was only a minute left, so Tia was left with no choice. She had to use the best weapon that she was permitted to use in order to give her opponent an overwhelming blow required to end the match.

“Assemble!” Tia’s materials were swiftly being used up; her original machines were all torn apart and six robots that were about six metres tall soon began to be built —— that was the grade 5 standard mecha “Gladiator”.

Gladiator did not have any long range weapons but that was compensated by having thick armour and arms that weighed about ten tonnes. It was used specifically against a fixed defence —— that’s right, Tia wanted to use a straight forward disintegrating attack to break through Ouyang Tao’s protective wall.

However, Gladiators were slow and required more than ten seconds to create. Therefore, Tia placed her creation point just in front of Ouyang Tao’s protective wall.

Just a little more and the irritating wall will be destroyed, Tia thought. However, at this time……

Boom, boom, boom…… There were a sudden series of explosions just around the gladiators creation point. Ouyang Tao used the same method he used to destroy the vengeful spirit to destroy the six half-built gladiators.

But that was really his final drop of magic.

Looking at the situation, Tia gritted her teeth. These final thirty seconds, must not drag on any longer!

“Instantaneous Creation!” Relying on her still ample magic units, Tia forcefully spent most of her magic. Immediately, a Gladiator was created in front of her. Then……

In the final moments of the battle, everyone had their eyes glued onto the scene. They had all become excited because of the battle.

“Wah, what do you want to do!”

“Oi oi, it can’t be? So cruel?”

“Big Miss is angry, she wants to bury him here!”

The students felt this way because Tia had equipped this Gladiator with a rocket launcher and large amounts of magic bombs —— in other words, she turned this machine into a suicide machine.

“It’s over!” Tia shouted out loud as the Gladiator that was filled with explosives and weighed more than ten tonnes flew towards Ouyang Tao’s protective wall, and knocked it into smithereens. This was followed by the sound of a loud explosion that echoed throughout the arena.

Beeeep —— At this point, the timer had just reached zero and the competition was over.

However the results were……

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