Lonesome Fragrance Volume 02 Chapters 28-54

Hi all! Recently joined here, but anyway, A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated (Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang) volume 02 is finally out! Contains chapters 28-54, 27 in total, but I won’t post them all here since it’s…far too much!!

Start reading here: Chapter 28

For the official comment thread, PDFs or something else, feel free to check our forum board. We have plenty of tissues and tables for you to flip over!

Happy New Year to everyone!! 😀


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8 Responses to Lonesome Fragrance Volume 02 Chapters 28-54

  1. dulcia says:

    Yay, love this novel. Thanks for the great translations!!

  2. Buffalo says:

    Xah! I’m sorry I’ve been poofing so much. I’ll head over to visit sometime after this weekend.
    Totally miss ya.
    Stay healthy and happy new year!

  3. Lolli says:

    Thank you sooo much!!!!!! I have waited for this! ^-^ This was one of the first Chinese novels that I started reading. Thank you for all your hard work!

  4. rubygal says:

    thank you so much I have been waiting for this. Can I ask how many volumes or chapters are there in total. Happy new year

  5. Busybee says:

    Thanks for tsking up this project. Looking forward to catching up with this novel again.

  6. heyyy says:

    Thank you thank you so much for updating!

  7. heyyy says:

    Thank you thank you for updating!

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