Legend Chapter 67

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It was early morning, the day after Rei met with Elena at the lord’s residence. Rei was walking down the main street in his usual getup of the Dragon Robe and the Shoes of Sleipnir.

The figure of Set was next to him as usual as well. However, Set’s shoulders had drooped somewhat regretfully.

As they had to get to the main gate before 6am, hardly any of the food stalls along the main street were open yet. Though the kind of stalls that sold soup to those who had to work early in the morning, it was difficult to eat that while walking. Of course, though there might be places that sold sandwiches if you looked for them, unfortunately, there weren’t any along Rei’s path.


Seeing a group of night shift guards eating soup with great relish at a nearby stall, Set gave an envious cry.

Rei stroked Set’s head with a wry smile at the situation.

「I’ve been given your share of food for lunch that was prepared at the inn, it will be time for breakfast after we meet with Elena and head for the dungeon.」
「Well, even if I say that, the box lunch for Set is only enough for one meal……because I placed the meat from the monster we hunted up to now into the Misty Ring, we’re not likely to run into food troubles. I would also like to keep hunting as we go to the dungeon for Set’s meals if possible.」

Speaking like that as he continued walking, he arrived at the main gate as usual.

Unusually however, it was an ordinary guard that was dealing with Rei today rather than Ranga, the captain of the guards.

「Good morning. Your guild card and Necklace of Subservient Monster.」
「Ah. Ranga always deals with me, did something happen today?」

Removing the Necklace of Subservient Monster from Set, he asked as he handed it over along with the guild card.

The guard had a wry smile as he received them.

「Though Captain Ranga is here most of the time, it doesn’t mean he’s here all the time every day. Because the captain is on holiday today, I’m in charge.」
「I see, I though Ranga had become in charge of me……well, I guess maybe not.」
「Yeah. Well……to be honest, when Rei-kun came for the first time, I was surprised and scared of the Griffon, you could say I’ve gotten used to it now after seeing it many times. I mean, I want to say……」

For an instant, the guard glanced at Set.


Maybe he felt it, Set tilted his head to one side and looked back at the guard.

「……Looking at his innocent appearance and staying away makes me feel like I’m bullying him……I also have a younger brother who will happily tell me about playing with Set downtown. So because that happened……」

Looking around, after making sure there was no one around other than Rei, he took out a piece of dried meat from his chest and held it out to Set.

「I’m sorry for being scared until now. Here, a sign of reconciliation.」

Set put the dried meat into his mouth while giving a small cry.

The guard looked on warmly like he was looking at a child and his smile changed to a wry one.

「But though I’ve gotten used to Set……this is still a bit scary. Is it possible to communicate right away with Griffons other than Set? If Gabriele approached one with his current way, he would probably be blasted away. 」
「……Certainly, it’s not good to get too accustomed to it. However, in the first place, would high ranking monsters like Griffons come out to a place where there are so many humans?」
「Though that certainly is so, this is the frontier so there’s a chance of it happening. .……Yes, here. Your guild card has been checked. Take care.」

After his guild card was returned, Set gave a happy cry as they left the guard and went out the main gate.

The horse drawn carriage that they had seen yesterday was already there.

「It’s still a bit earlier than the arranged time……you did well to come, Rei.」

Greeting Rei and Set was the cheerful figure of Elena.

Rei held his breathe for a moment as he saw her pretty face lit up by the morning sun, but pulled himself back together immediately.

「Good morning, Elena-sama. I got here earlier than I expected. So, will we immediately head for the dungeon?」
「No, please wait for a while. Vel is running an errand and seems to be a bit late.」

(Vel, if I’m not mistaken, they said he was the scout and thief of the unit. Is he investigating something regarding the dungeon? Well, if we’re going to the dungeon, a thief is indispensable, I can’t complain if he’s late.)

「I understand. Let’s wait then.」
「Umu~.……That’s right, I’ve wanted to do it since yesterday, but can I stroke the Griffon?」

At her sudden interest, Set looked at Elena while tilting his head.

「Elena-sama! No matter what you say, it’s too dangerous. Even if it’s tamed, a monster is still a monster. What will we do if something happens to Elena-sama?」

As Ara warned Elena, Kuust, who had ignored Rei’s existence, also spoke up.

「It’s as Ara says. A monster is a monster. It’s too dangerous to touch carelessly, even if it’s been tamed.」

To the two peoples’ advice against it, Elena stroked Set’s head without caring as she spoke up.

「However, won’t we will be entering the dungeon with this Griffon? Then I don’t think it’s a bad idea to get used to each other.」

Maybe the strokes were good, Set gave a cheerful cry.

「Hou~, if you look at it this way the Griffon, the shinigami of the sky, looks pretty cute.」

As Rei looked at the situation, he took out a sandwich from the Misty Ring that Lana had packed for Set this morning when they left the inn.

「Elena-sama, have this.」
「Hey, are you seriously trying to make Elena-sama eat such a coarse thing!?」

Looking at the sandwich in Rei’s hand, Kuust spat out a disgusted sigh rather than getting angry.

Ara, who was nearby, looked at Rei with a confused look.

「Don’t misunderstand. This is a sandwich for set.」

Cutting off the other 2 people he presented the sandwich to Elena again.

「If you’re fine with it, do you want to try feeding him?」
「Hou~. This is interesting, I’ve never fed a monster until now. Hey, Set. It’s your meal.」

Set took the sandwich that was offered by Elena into his mouth. Elena’s hand went out to Rei again. He had felt her hands the day before and they didn’t appear to be those of a warrior.

「Hm? Why are you staring at my hands?」
「No, I was thinking that your hands are pretty beautiful even though they have the strength to parry my attack.」
「……Hey, you. Stop it. You’ve been too familiar with Elena-sama since before.」

Kuust pointed the tip of his magic spear at Rei while saying so.

However, he was stopped by Elena.

「It’s fine. Though I said it many times yesterday, we will be acting with him in the dungeon for a while. If he can demonstrate his ability, then that is enough. ……However, I’ll say this now but if you want to make any advances on me, do it after your strength is at least stronger than me……」

Saying that to Rei, Elena immediately saw her own hand.

Yes, she was barely able to parry the attack from him yesterday. That meant……

「……No, nothing at all. There’s also your Griffon, Set was it? For a monster to be so friendly after being tamed is unusual.」
「Yeah. Thanks to his high popularity with the children and residents in the city, everyone will come to feed him just by walking through the streets.」
「Fufu~. Well, I understand with this loveliness.」

For several times after that, Elena received a sandwich from Rei and gave it to Set.


Set gave a cheerful cry and Elena smiled.

Although Rei was fascinated by Elena again, he pulled himself back together.

「Elena-sama, anyhow, I want to be able to store all the items into the item box before Vel gets back.」
「Hm? Ahh, that reminds me. You can certainly store everything in the spare time we have now. Ara.」
「I understand. Should I guide him into the carriage?」
「Umu~. All necessary luggage should have been placed inside the carriage.」
「Yes, there are no problems.」
「Then I’ll leave it to you. I’ll be playing with Set for a while here.」
「Yes. ……Rei-dono, please come.」
「Even if you say it’s a carriage……」

Though Rei had a wondering look while listening to the exchange between the two people, because Ara didn’t explain anything, he followed after her.

And reaching the front of the carriage, the door was casually opened as she went inside. Rei, who followed, was dumbfounded as entered the carriage and looked around.

「This is……」

Judging from the outside, it looked like a normal carriage that could seat 6 people, however what was inside was beyond his imagination.

Speaking from Rei’s perspective, it was more that 30 tatami in area. The furniture that was inside was expensive looking and it was equipped with a kitchen for simple cooking.

「Were you surprised? This is something Duke Kerebel prepared for the Miss. It’s a magic item that was created by dozens of the best alchemists from the Magic City Osus over several year for the prices of 50 light gold coins. Because it is a unique, one of a kind item, it is even rarer than Rei-dono’s item box.」

Magic City Osus. It was a city state located near the center of the continent. It was the city that had the leading and eminent magician training schools. Osus maintained it’s independence from neighbouring countries with the backing of the strength its magicians. Moreover, since alchemists gathered there, it was known for exporting good quality magic items.

「Yes, this is certainly amazing. The reason is that the space inside the body has been expanded and fixed with space magic. You would need a highly developed technology to fix a space of this size. Furthermore, the body itself has also been given the effect of concealment to prevent others from recognising it as a magic item. It’s even equipped with a magic item for use in the kitchen.」
「That’s right. Anyhow, Elena-sama is not just wandering the battlefield as the General Princess, because she also had to do monster exterminations, Duke Kerebel arranged this to allow her to rest her weary mind and body at any time. ……Anyway, the luggage is here.」

Seemingly satisfied with Rei’s surprised look, she guided him towards a corner in the interior of the carriage. Over there was a mountain of tents, food, water, cooking utensils, potions, abnormal state recovery medicine and other items.

「Certainly this is enough to share with everyone.」
「Yeah, because of that, we’ll leave it to Rei-dono.」

Should he say as expected of the items prepared by the daughter of a marquis, most of the supplies boasted of high quality goods.

「Indeed, I guess I should say.」

Whether she heard the admiration in his words, Ara nodded as if it was natural.

「Of course. Because Elena-sama will be using them and not just us. Also about the time. Can you store it quickly?」

Nodding at Ara’s words, he stopped his movements as he noticed something when he reached for the potion.

「By any chance, should I not store these and just store the body of the carriage to take them into the dungeon?」

At Rei’s natural question, Ara shook her head.

「Because this carriage is a magic item, including the reins tying the war horses, you can’t just remove the body. ……Though I heard that living things can’t be stored into item boxes, is yours different Rei-dono?」
「No, I can’t store living creatures. ……However, it might be dangerous to just leave this in a place near the dungeon even if you say that it’s been given the effect of concealment.」

Because people gathered near the vicinity of a dungeon, a simple town……no, something like a village was built. To repel the attacks of monsters at night, the number of adventurers who resided there were not few. Adventurers challenging the dungeon would take a rest there, fix their equipment or sell off materials they gathered from the dungeon to merchants who wanted to purchase them. At the same time, there were also places such as stables and parking areas to leave animals and carriages there as the people went to the dungeon on foot. Rei’s comment indicated that as it was an expensive magic item, some people or adventurers might get involved in a crime to earn some easy money. However Ara gave a smile.

……Of course, if anything, the smile was closer to a grin.

「As I said earlier, this carriage is an item made by the concentrated efforts of the magicians from the Magic City Osus. Do you think this magic item has no preventative measures against thieves?」
「……I can guess from your words.」

Aside from the detailed effects, Rei was easily able to imaging that any person who tried to meddle with this carriage was unlikely to have a good experience.

「Well then, we’ll end the talk here. Please hurry with storing the luggage soon, before Vel gets back.」

Maybe she lowered her guard somewhat when boasting about the carriage, Ara’s manners softened. Though there was quite a bit of luggage, it was stored into the Misty Ring. When they finished, they left for the dungeon as soon as Vel returned.

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