Legend Chapter 152

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Sakant and Fader were the gatekeepers guarding Bolton’s mansion? Even those the two of them were usually at a bar, brothel or sleeping at this time, they had been ordered to stay on duty overnight and were complaining about it.

However, most of the complaints came from Fader, Sakant nodded occasionally while listening to his complaints.

Still, the money they were paid for the job was good. At the same time, when they thought about the large number of adventurers gathered at the mansion, they weren’t so concerned about their job.

「Even so, I wonder what Galahat-san is thinking. Going against Bolton-san.」
「I don’t know. We should just do the work we’ve been ordered to do. Right now, almost all of Azoth Firm’s adventurers are gathered here. It would be stupid for Galahat-san to try to attack here……」

As Sakant said that, Galahat, who had come to make that stupid attack, showed up at the gate to Bolton’s mansion. In addition, it wasn’t just Galahat. It was within their expectation for Murt to show up, who was almost like Galahat’s younger brother, but there were still several more. Moreover, one of them was someone they didn’t like to remember.

「R-Rei!? As well as……hiih-!」

Fader stiffened unconsciously when he saw the figure of Set come out from behind Rei. Next to him, Sakant still managed to speak up.

「G-Galahat-san. Galahat-san is suspected of rebelling against Azoth Firm. Will you behave yourself?」
「Rebelling……well, since I’m trying to drag my older brother down from his position of president, I guess you can say I’m rebelling.」

At Galahat’s reply, Fader and Sakant’s cheeks cramped. But Sakant quickly looked back towards the mansion. Seeing that no one had noticed them yet, he was relieved.

Fortunately for Rei’s group right now, the adventurers in the mansion were careless about their surroundings right now because of their numbers. Rather than being alert of enemy attacks, they were just sitting around in the garden making idle talk. Although they hadn’t gone as far as drinking alcohol, they were still complacent due to their numbers. This was the merit of higher ranking adventurers. Even in such a situation, they would have still stayed alert. Unfortunately, most of the adventurers gathered in the garden were either E or F rank. Others weren’t even adventurers and had just been gathered here to add to their number.

Of course, there were higher rank adventurers employed by Azoth Firm. Although not equal to Galahat, who was the only rank B adventurer hired by Azoth Firm, there were still D rank adventurers to some extent and a few C rank adventurers as well.

But most of them were inside the mansion as Bolton’s direct escort or felt sympathetic or obliged towards Galahat, which would much fewer in number.

「Galahat-san, we have also been helped out by you before. Please don’t say things like that. Can you apologise to Bolton-san and stop your rebellion?」

At Sakant’s words, Fader nodded repeatedly next to him.

In any case, it had been their mistake to refuse Rei entry on their own judgement and it was impossible for them to not feel thankful to Galahat for helping them out there.


Thinking to himself, Sakant looked towards Rei and Set.

(The person that caused Galahat-san to have to help us is here, I can’t say I don’t have thoughts about that.)

They tried to appeal to Galahat, but even if it was Galahat, he couldn’t stop the current situation moving forward. Commercial groups were being suppressed by the current Azoth Firm. Margrave Rowlocks had also already heard everything from Rei and had tacitly consented to Bolton’s removal. Furthermore……

Galahat glanced towards Rei for a moment.

Even though they were only half connected by blood, even if he had not cared for him, even if he was evil. To pay back the medicine Bolton provided when Galahat’s mother was sick, he didn’t want Rei to kill Bolton here. If he stopped here, he was sure that the first thing to happen would be Rei killing Bolton.

「Sorry, I can’t turn back here. I’m sorry about my brother, but it has already been decided that my brother will have to resign from being the president of Azoth Firm at any cost.」
「……At any cost, is it?」

Galahat nodded towards Sakant, who had a bitter expression.

They stared at each other……eventually Sakant took a deep breath and pointed his spear towards Galahat.

「I’m sorry.」

Sakant muttered softly.and glanced towards Fader who also pointed his spear towards Rei.

As expected of people who had worked as gatekeepers for so long. Fader understood his partner’s intentions, took a deep breath and announced the enemy’s arrival.

「Enemy attack! Galahat who rebelled against Bolton-san is coming! Everyone prepare for battle!」

The loud voice echoed into the garden in Bolton’s mansion.

At first they weren’t sure if they could trust those words or not, but eventually, several people came over to the gate to check.

The delay in their initial movements proved that most of the people in the garden were either just thugs or low ranking adventurers with little skill.

「Wow, they really came! And only 5 people!」

A young thug who was one of the first to head over to the gate gave a shout so that the people gathered at the garden would come over to the gate.

Almost all of them ridiculed Galahat who was standing at the front of the group as well as Murt, who was guarding Galahat. Next, they looked towards Rei, who was wearing his Dragon Robe with the hood up, cutting a small figure which they thought couldn’t make him and adventurer. At the back, they were more vigilant towards Freon with her long sword and Brazos with his Earthshaker Hammer, who both looked like veterans. And……

「W-What, a Griffon!?」

Their eyes stopped when they saw the Griffon who was right behind Rei.

「Hey, wait a moment. A Griffon? There definitely was a guy with that rumor in the guild right? I heard he fought the D rank party Claws of the Hawk by himself and managed to beat them all.」
「Really? I don’t remember hearing about that. As for the Griffon, I know that he’s loved as a mascot in the city……」

Like that, they started to bring up the stories that they had heard until Brazos knocked his Earthshaker Hammer against the ground.

Thump! Although he had just hit the ground, the sound it made echoed into the surroundings. At the same time, there was a small crater where the Earthshaker Hammer had landed.

While they were all stunned by its incredible power, Brazos carried his Earthshaker Hammer to his shoulder.

「Any of you who don’t intend to fight me seriously leave! I’ll only fight those who remain. ……However, if you stay, I will consider you my enemy. Only those prepared to take my my attacks should stay.」

That move just now. They could tell how much power was behind it just from the hollow crater in the ground. The thugs and low rank adventurers went quiet. It was the same for the two gatekeepers.

However, being told to leave, given the situation, no one wanted to be the first to leave. After all, if they were the first to leave, there would be no doubt that they would be called cowardly right away. It would also be in front of so many people. Besides, this was the residence of Bolton, one of the most powerful people in the city. If they were considered to be traitors, it would be very difficult for them to continue living in this city after tomorrow.

However, if they were told to attack Brazos, they would consider it even riskier after seeing what he had done.

One of them finally decided to attack verbally instead of physically.

「You, you think you can go against Azoth Firm in this city as an adventurer? Roll up your tail and quickly go home. I’ll overlook this then.」
「Yeah, yeah, how many people do you think you have? If you see the difference in numbers you should run away. Are you stupid?」
「Hey, leave quickly if you understand.」

Several of them spoke consecutively. It seemed that they wanted to intimidate them with their advantage in numbers. However, to Rei, they were just like a weak dog with a not so loud bark.

It was the same even for Murt, the weakest in the group. Although they where somewhat surrounded, he was amazed that the other side hadn’t taken even a signel step forward. But there was no wonder. Excluding Rei, the weakest person in their group was Murt, a rank D adventurer. They were still stronger than the people in front of them. Murt had seen Rei’s anger when he had confronted Bolton several days ago. He had been exposed to such blood lust himself. Comparing that to the people before him right now, they were like a weak dog or a puppy barking at him.

After they had rambled on for about a minute, Rei decided that they couldn’t settle things like this and took a step forward.

As soon as he did that, several people stepped back on reflex as Rei advanced. Persuading themselves that they were in the advantageous position, they started speaking again.

「W-What. You think you can be arrogant just because you have a Griffon? You’re a weak brat. Don’t piss off you seniors so much.」

Incidents involving Rei had happened several times up until now. As a result, it was widespread in the adventurers guild in Gilm that you shouldn’t mess around with Rei. However, those stories had only spread among adventurers. Most of the thugs in the area didn’t know about Rei. In fact, some of the adventurers had only heard rumors about him and believed that those rumors had come about because of Rei’s reliance on Set, a Griffon.

However, in a sense, they couldn’t be blamed. After all, Rei hadn’t quite reached 170cm in height and his body looked like it lacked muscle.


However, Rei wasn’t bothered enough to pay attention to those people.Today had been a busy day and tomorrow he had to sit in on interviews for his request as well as strip materials from the Harpies. He decided to just quickly get rid of all the people in front of him.

Naturally, there was also Galahat’s request to not kill any of them and to avoid bone fractures as much as possible.

Rei brought up the Misty Ring’s list in his mind and took out the Death Scythe as usual.

The people in the surroundings watched with wide eyes as the large scythe appeared from nowhere.

「It’s troublesome to waste time here. Come.」

While saying that, he readied his Death Scythe. Naturally, no one stepped towards Rei. No, rather, when the Death Scythe came out, they took some distance to surround him.

「……What’s wrong? As expected, are you all just good at talking? Well, it can’t be helped since you’re all just small fry who are weaker than Goblins. However, then don’t pretend to be humans, just go back to your dirty hideouts and tremble.」

It was an outright mockery. It was obvious that he was trying to provoke them, but unfortunately, only a few of the adventurers surrounding Rei noticed. The rest of them didn’t understand what he was saying at first, but as soon as the realised, their faces went red as they glared at Rei. Still, no one was sure they could gain victory over Rei.

(Just a bit more.)

While watching the situation, Rei started to speak again as Freon and Brazos gave wry smiles behind him.

「What’s wrong? Even with so many people, if you’re still scared of me, why don’t you just show your true feelings and submit to me? Then I might have some mercy. I might overlook this.」

While looking at the people around him, Rei said that with ridicule.

「Don’t be stupid you stupid brat! I’ll show you what happens when you despise adults, I’ll beat that into your body!」

One of the thugs met Rei’s look and said that as he charged towards Rei with a knife.

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