Legend Chapter 144

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After hearing Murt speak about Galahat’s life from birth, Murt was about to speak about the current situation.

But at that time, Rei told everyone to keep quiet before telling the others they had guests.


Freon asked Rei, but from his tone, it was clear they were not welcome guests but rather troublesome ones.

「Even though they were one-sidedly stomped by you at Pamidor’s smithy, have they still not learned?」
「No, it’s quite different from the people that time. If anything, this time they’re mere thugs. ……But.」
「Apparently they’re looking for Murt. They’ve been yelling about that.」

The other three had surprised expressions at Rei’s words. Being able to hear the voices of people causing a disturbance on the first floor from the second floor, how good did his hearing have to be.

In this case, Freon and Brazos, who had known Rei for longer, were more surprised. Although Murt didn’t know Rei that well, he could still accept it because he had seen the violence that had unfolded at Bolton’s mansion.

「You, how good is your hearing.」

Rei shrugged his shoulders at Freon’s words.

「Set’s senses are even sharper.」
「No, it’s wrong to compare yourself with a Griffon, an A rank monster.」

Rei got up from his chair and glanced at the amazed Freon.

「As it is, they’re bothering the inn. I’ll go and fix them up a bit.」
「Well, I guess I’ll go too.」

At Rei’s words, Brazos stood up and put his bottle of wine onto the floor as he wanted to rampage around as well. However, Rei shook his head and Brazos stopped getting up.

「Sorry, but please wait in this room, Brazos and Freon.」
「Mm? Are you going to rampage alone Rei?」

Brazos asked as Rei looked towards Murt, who had sat up on the bed

「There’s a high possibility that the disturbance below is only a distraction. If that is the case, someone to guard Murt will be necessary.」
「……If that’s the case, I think it would be fine for just Freon and me to go down.」
「This is the inn where I’m staying in for now. It would be better for me to settle the disturbance since I’m the reason they’re troubling the inn.」
「Well, if you say that, I can’t say anything else. I understand. Freon and I will remain here. Freon, are you okay with that?」
「Yes, I originally didn’t want to stick my head into the uproar down there.」

With the consent of the two of them, Rei turned to Murt.

「Speaking of that. I’ll be going downstairs to settle the disturbance, so you should rest your body. Ah, you can eat the food if you’re hungry.」

Rei looked at the dishes lined up on the floor and left the room as Murt’s belly let out a growl at the smell of the food.

「……For now, can I have the grilled meat?」

Rei heard Murt asked as he walked out.



As Rei left the room and headed for the first floor, a voice shouting could be heard.

「Hey, just hand over Murt! It would be in your best interesting to listen and do as we say.」
「I told you already, we don’t have any customers here called Murt. And even if I did, I wouldn’t tell such people like you! Please leave.」

Lana, the proprietress of the Dusk Wheat Inn, was facing off against about 10 youths.

She did business with adventurers and mercenaries every day. Naturally, some of them would start fights in the dining area. If you considered that Lana had seen this happen countless times as she managed the inn, even though the shouts of the hooligan youths in their late teens to early twenties were loud, they were just like the tweets of baby birds to her.

「Haa? Hey, you! Did you think you could speak so insolently to us and get away with it!?」

He was probably the leader. He had long hair and sharp eyes……the man with the slovenly hair threatened Lana.

「I am the proprietress of this inn. Naturally, I have the obligation to protect my customer’s safety. This is my duty.」

She refused once again. This seemed to cut off the last reason the thugs still had. Or rather, the limit of their patience was reached. A man next to the leader took a knife out from his chest and threatened to thrust it at Lana’s face……


Such a sound echoed into the surroundings.


The thugs didn’t know what had happened, it was the same for Rei, who had been about to throw and iron knife he had taken out from the Misty Ring. No, Rei had clearly seen what had happened, but rather, he was surprised that a total stranger had taken action in a problem that he had caused himself.

Everyone looked towards the direction of the sound and saw the figure of the man who had tried to attack Lana with a knife a few seconds ago. However, pieces of wood were scattered around the man, who had been knocked out cold.

(That was, a chair.)

Rei thought to himself.

Yes. At the moment the man pulled a knife on Lana, A chair had been thrown from the dining area, flying past Lana before hitting the man. The chair then broke apart as it hit the man.

「……Please leave.」

Even though the chair had flown right past her, Lana told the thugs with an unsurprised expression. Together with her imposing appearance, she gave off the same atmosphere as a mother-in-law

「-! D-Don’t joke around! Do you think we’re idiots that would leave just like that!? Hey, who’s the bastard that threw that chair just now! Show yourself!」

The voice of the leader of the thugs echoed through the first floor of the inn and the area nearby.

Unluckily for the thugs, a merchant group led by a well known merchant called Vettman was staying in the inn tonight. Vettman led a merchant group of armed merchants, they traveled across the frontier without any mercenary escorts. Although they look just like merchants, their skill to fight back against monsters and thieves was even higher than some of the mercenary escorts around. And in Gilm, Vettman favoured the Dusk Wheat inn.

They had finally arrived at the city of Gilm after traveling through remote frontier for over a month. As they were partying to celebrate their safe arrival at their destination in a familiar inn, a bunch of thugs suddenly appeared. They made absurd demands to Lana, the proprietress of the inn and brought out a knife against her. With that, the people of the armed merchant group could never have kept quiet.

「Ah. Sorry, but I threw the chair. It’s been noisy for quite a while. I’m finally enjoying a party after being away from this city for so long. If you make any more noise, I’ll strip your hides from you to sell.」

Even though he wasn’t quite as tough looking as Pamidor, a strong man who looked like a bandit or pirate took a step forward from the dining area.

「I can’t let just you look good Yusla. I have complaints as well. I’ll join you if you go for it.」

The next person to walk out was a smart looking, smiling man in his thirties. However, even though there was a smile on his face, his eyes were not laughing.

Maybe they were good friends or just wanted to see a good show, people from the merchant groups came out one after another.

Furthermore, mercenaries and adventurers who stayed in the inn but didn’t belong to Vettman’s group came out, even those who had just come for a meal appeared from the dining area.

「So, that’s your position……we, don’t you know who is behind us!? You look like you’re just merchants! Causing a dispute with us and Azoth Firm, do you think you will still be able to do business in Gilm!?」

More people that he had imagined had come out. Despite feeling more nervous, the man still shouted out with energy. Seeing the man like that, Rei, who had seen the series of events from halfway down the stairs inadvertently let out a laugh.

「Kukukukuku~, I can’t stop it. Haha……ahh, sorry. Even though you had been energetically shouting at everyone, when more people stood up against you than you expected, you got cold feet. Still, bringing out your backers after that……are you sure you’re a thug and not a street performer or something?」

Rei’s words hit the key points. The thugs and merchants were staring each other down a few seconds ago as if they wanted to see blood, but then those on the merchants side unintentionally burst out into laughter.

「Hahaha~, yes, that’s for sure. It’s as the kid says. Right now, you guys are just Goblins borrowing the power of a Dragon.」

A the words of Yusla, the thugs all glared at Rei with blue veins on their foreheads.

「Who is this brat. You, if you keep playing around I’ll slice up your face!」
「……If you can do that.」

With a wry smile at the word of the leader of the thugs, Rei gently jumped over the handrail of the stairs. Although he jumped from a height of over 5m, he landed on the first floor with almost no sound.

The merchants watched Rei, who looked like a kid, with sharp eyes. With Rei’s series of actions just now, as an armed merchant, he instinctively understood Rei’s strength from his experience.

「……Ah. It’s nothing.」

The smile that Yusla and merchants had a few seconds ago disappeared as they exchanged a sharp look.

However, the thugs took an action opposite to the armed merchants.

Even if they saw Rei kill his momentum as he jumped off and landed, they didn’t feel anything about that and scowled at him.

「……Hey, you. Are you trying to tell us what to do brat? Are you crazy and think you’re some kind of hero? If you apologise right now we’ll forgive you, go home and suck on your mother’s breasts as you cry yourself to sleep.」
「To be honest, I didn’t want to this if possible……but my guests have taken the time to visit me. I should welcome you all.」
「You must be Murt!」

One of the thugs said that. The colour of greed appeared in the eyes of the other thugs when they heard those words.

When they had been hired, they had just been told to drag over a person named Murt. They never would have guessed Murt would just be a kid. They all had dark smiles at their unexpected good fortune to earn some easy money.

Looking at the thugs……Rei took out the Death Scythe from the Misty Ring as usual.

(Come to think of it, I could use a spear, but I don’t know when I can get more back due to Bolton’s order. I should save them for now.)

Thinking to himself, he swung the Death Scythe lightly.


Even though it was a light swing for Rei, a big scythe weighing over 100kg was swung. The thugs staggered several step back from the wind pressure alone, some even fell back onto the floor.

The thugs may have been hot blooded, but they weren’t adventurers……no, rather, they were a group of those people who didn’t want to work as adventurers because of the high danger. Because of that, they hadn’t heard the rumors about Rei, which had spread among the adventurers in Gilm. Rei was famous in the city of Gilm because of the Griffon that followed him around. When he wore the Dragon Robe, which had the effect of making him seem ordinary, he just looked like a novice adventurer you could find anywhere. In addition, with his robe and build, he looked like an apprentice mage.

How strong was that attack, as expected, the faces of the thugs that were red from humiliation turned blue with fear.

Seeing that, the armed merchants talked silently with their eyes. They calmly observed Rei as he threatened the thugs with his Death Scythe. For example, where did Rei get his Death Scythe from? Where did he take it out from? It had to be a type of item box. He could lightly handle the Death Scythe with one hand. They could guess its weight from the noise the wind made as it was swung.

Like that, as they carefully observed Rei, they enjoyed the liquor from their half finished party as they wondered what kind of settlement this disturbance would reach.

「Well, you have two options. The first is to fight against me here with my Death Scythe. ……Ahh, don’t worry. I don’t plan to attack you with the blade. The handle is enough.」


Saying that, Rei swung the Death Scythe again. The pressure from the wind blew across the faces of the thugs.

Even if they were hit by the handle and not the blade, they could imagine how much power would be behind the attack.

「The second option. ……To be honest, I recommend this option. You can apologise for the disturbance you’ve made, hand over all your weapons and money, then leave. ……Come on, which one do you chose? Ah, that’s right. Even if you take the first option, after I knock you all out, I’ll still take your weapons and money.」

Rei urged them to choose with a smile. Although the thugs had had their pride hurt with what had been said, they didn’t think they could beat Rei. With their abilities and the abilities of Rei before them, their choice was obvious.

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