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「Well, this is easy isn’t it. When we usually enter a mountain, we would be definitely be attacked by small fry monsters.」

Freon’s satisfied voice echoed through the mountains.

Several hours had passed since they had entered the mountain where the Harpies lived. During that time, they had been attacked by monsters twice, but compared to when they usually entered a mountain, the frequency of attacks was quite low.

Of course, there was a reason for that. Many monsters had approached, wanting to feed on the Humans and Dwarf. But when they came near, most of them noticed Set, the A rank monster, Griffon. Instinctively, they understood the difference in status and ran away.

While there were some wild animals which weren’t monsters that attacked them, like Fang Boars, who bared their tusks before rushing at them……naturally, Set wouldn’t let them pass and would literally slash their necks with his claws. The meat was kept by Rei for lunch.

「That’s right. It’s so easy that it makes me feel we’re on a sightseeing trip.」

As he said that, Brazos looked at the surrounding landscape. Although he carried a huge hammer on his back, after entering the mountain……no, since leaving the city of Gilm, he had yet to swing it once.

「Wow. It’s definitely autumn. Look at those wonderful autumn leaves.」

Before his eyes, many trees had autumn leaves, coloured yellow and red. It was a clear autumn sky with few clouds and there was a clean air, particular to mountains. The broad leaf trees that grew everywhere on the mountain covered it in a wonderful shade of yellow and red.

「Hey, Brazos. The scenery is splendid, but don’t forget to keep your guard up.」

Although Freon warned Brazos, who was admiring the autumn mountainside, it was true that even she was fascinated by the beautiful autumn mountains.


Seeing Set raise a cry, Rei turned to look towards the mountain. He saw several shadows flying in the sky.

At such a distance, it would normally be difficult to identify them. However, it wasn’t that hard for Rei’s enhanced senses.

「Both of you, the sightseeing trip is over. It seems the monsters we came here for have appeared.」

Yes. The shadows that were flying near the summit of the mountain far away had the face and body of a woman but the arms and legs of a bird of prey. In other words, they were the Harpies that were the target of their subjugation request.

「Are they coming to us?」

Rei shook his head slightly at Freon’s words.

「No. They seem to be flying in a different direction, they haven’t noticed us. I guess they’re looking for food or something.」
「Food……tch, I have a bad feeling.」

Just a few minutes ago, Freon had been fascinated by the autumn mountain, but when she heard that the Harpies were looking for food, she spat on the ground.

In the first place, they had taken on the Harpy subjugation request partially because of the mine but also because travelers, merchants and adventurers had been attacked by Harpies numerous times as they traveled towards the city of Gilm. They had flown out for food. In other words, they understood that the flock of Harpies that had just flown out of the mountain summit were probably going to attack people for food.

「……We certainly aren’t on a sightseeing trip.」

Changing his mood, Brazos held his huge hammer in his hands. The gentle expression on his face several minutes ago had disappeared, leaving behind the look of an adventurer confronting danger.

「That’s right. Seriously, I’ll teach those damn birds the meaning of despair.」

Likewise, Freon murmured with a grim expression.

「Well then, first things first……what do we do? We had planned to make a night attack on the Harpies nest at the summit, should we rest to keep up our physical condition?」
「We also have another objective. The blacksmith who asked us to help out this time told me that there is a miners’ resting hut near the mine. Even though it’s just a place for miners to gather and take a break, it’s quite spacious inside. Set should be able to rest inside there as well.」
「Ahh, I think I’ve heard of places like that before.」

At Brazos’ words, it reminded him……and Freon. In that state, Brazos started walking forward while sighing.

Freon went next, followed by Rei and Set. Rei also took the Death Scythe out of the Misty Ring.

「……Woah, is that the rumored large scythe? It really is huge.」

When Freon saw Rei casually take out the Death Scythe, her eyes went wide and she was overwhelmed when she saw the long handle and blade that was taller than Rei.

「It’s definitely an amazing blade. It must have be a magic item co-produced by a renowned alchemist and blacksmith.」

Brazos had wanted to be a blacksmith in the past, so even through Brazos was at the front, he kept his guard up as he turned around to look with sparkling eyes.

While traveling down the road that had been used by the miners in the past, Rei looked at the two people in front with a wry smile.

「There’s no doubt, it’s definitely a powerful magic item. But there are disadvantages, like being difficult to move around a narrow place.」
「Ahh, I see. Certainly, in this mountain, it’s hard to walk with it with all the trees in the way.」

Brazos nodded at Rei’s words and turned to look at his huge hammer.

「That said, your Earthshaker Hammer is also similar.」
「……That’s right, I’ve told you to switch to an axe or something that is easier to move around. Why do you care about that huge thing so much?」
「You’re noisy. Originally, this Earthshaker Hammer was a gift from my parents before I left. Even if it broke, I can still sell it. Adding onto that, Freon, the Earthshaker Hammer is also a magic item that increases its durability.」
「……The Earthshaker Hammer?」

At that dangerous name, Rei turned to look at Brazos’ hammer.

「Mm. This hammer has an inscription. It’s a kind of magic item. It can deal an attack with three times its normal force using magic. ……However, it has the disadvantage that it takes three days to recharge once that has been used.」

It was something he was proud of. Brazos explained while happily stroking the handle of his Earthshaker Hammer.

Seeing that, Freon spoke up while looking at Brazos in amazement.

「Although you boast about your Earthshaker Hammer, Brazos, isn’t it still difficult to walk around with it in the mountains? Why don’t you have any other weapons you can use?」
「……A while before, I still had an axe you could have used.」

In Rei’s mind, he thought of a knight who respected her leader greatly. However, when he thought of her using the Power Axe, she looked more like a warrior than a knight.

「Tch, that’s a shame. ……So, we can see it now. There it is.」

Ahead of Freon was a kind of log cabin made from trees in the mountain. As they could see, it was quite big.

「Even though people rarely came after the Harpies built a nest here, it’s not that run down.」

Seeing the cabin, Rei muttered.

It’s walls hadn’t been destroyed or damaged by monsters. It was a rest area that they could stay in at any time.

「No one really came to the mine right after the Harpies built their nest on this mountain. But I guess it hasn’t been that long since the miners stopped coming. However, the price of ores have still been going up in recent days.」

Hearing Freon’s words, Rei looked at the door to the cabin. It didn’t look like the door had been damaged in any way.

「Still, why hasn’t this resting area been destroyed? Usually, aren’t buildings built outside the city destroyed by monsters at night?」
「Ahh, the miners didn’t really understand either, apparently it had something to do with the ore in the mine……or so I was told.」
「The ore in the mine?」

Rei turned to look towards the entrance of the mine further away, but he didn’t feel anything strange. In the first place though, Rei’s ability to sense magic power was very low. It was highly possible that he wouldn’t feel anything from it even if there was something strange.


However, there was someone else who felt it. Usually, Set wouldn’t leave Rei’s side, but for some reason, he now stood a few steps away, slowly backing away.

「……I see. Because Set is also a monster, it seems he can’t get too close to here either.」

Brazos muttered as if he had forgotten.

「Ah……then, what will you do? Should we rest inside and have Set wait here?」
「……No, both of you can feel free to go to the cabin. Set and I will take a break further out where he is not affected. We’ll come back at night.」

For Rei, he had no choice, he couldn’t leave Set by himself. So he naturally told the two of them that he would be staying a bit further away with Set. But……

「Hey, wait.」

He heard a voice from behind and when he turned around, he saw Freon and Brazos walking towards him from the cabin.

「Is there anything else?」
「Ahh, have you forgotten?.」

Thinking for a moment, he remembered the things he had kept……

「Ahh, my bad. Come to think of it, I still have your rucksacks.」

But as he was about to take the rucksacks that had stored in the Misty Ring at Gilm, Freon gave a frustrated sigh. At the same time, Brazos gave a wry smile.

「It’s something else. I’m telling you to not forget about us.」
「Not at all. As Freon said, I won’t forget about my party members.」

As he said that, the two of the stood next to Rei and Set, who had been resting some distance away.

Seeing the two of them like that, Rei spoke up in a hurry.

「Hey, it’s only because of Set that I’m not resting in the cabin, it’s not for my own sake. You don’t need to keep us company……」
「What stupid things are you saying. If you leave here, then why did we bother to form a party? ……In addition, you and Set seem to be quite skilled. Rather than splitting up and resting comfortably in the cabin, even if it’s inconvenient, taking a break with you two in the mountains will provide more safety. Don’t worry so much.」
「That’s right. Even if we take a break in the mountain, it’s already been shown that monsters won’t come near us if Set is around. That said, I’m a Dwarf, so there’s not much of a difference to me resting in the cabin or in the mountains.」
「Tch, this is why they say Dwarves are stubborn in build and in nature. It’s painful for a maiden like me to take a break in the mountains with my soft skin.」

Although she was wearing leather armour made from the skin of a high rank monster, Freon lamented as she stretched her arms out.

「Keh, what maiden. This idiot already passed her thirties and missed her chance of getting married ages ago.」
「Ahh? And what about you? Do you want me to beat your brains out?」

It seemed that Brazos’ words had struck a sore point. Freon stared at the Dwarf, smiling with murderous eyes.

「Oh I’m scared. If you want to kill something that much, you can go kill some monsters. Hey, Rei. If Set stays here there might be a negative effect on him. Let’s leave now. Also, we might be killed by that woman who has yet to marry if we stay.」
「Ah, Ahh.」

Hahaha~, Brazos laughed and left the area while pulling Rei along. Freon chased after Brazos with the eyes of an Ogre.

(Indeed, they gave up their rest time in the cabin to come with me and Set. ……They are quite whimsical.)

Despite thinking that, Rei didn’t feel that was a bad thing.

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