Legend Chapter 114

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After killing some time by helping out Kumito, the son of a blacksmith, Rei and Set made their way to the guild. By the time they arrived, the congested time had already passed and there were only a few adventurers still in the guild.

Of course, there were also adventurers that only came in now because they disliked the crowds. Regardless, Rei dropped Set off at the carriage waiting area before entering the guild and heading straight to the reception desks.

One person quickly noticed Rei.

「Ah, it’s Rei-kun isn’t it. I haven’t seen you for a while, did you go out on a request? Did you suffer? You can just tell me. I will comfort you at any time and spread bad rumors about the adventurers who bullied you.」

As soon as Kenny, the Catkin on the other side of the counter, saw Rei, she called out to him.

Then, as a result, the all the adventurers in the guild turned to look at Rei……in particular, the looks of the male adventurers hardened.

The Kenny, the receptionist, was beautiful and had a voluptuous body which attracted men. Naturally, she was very popular and had many fans. It was no wonder that they would look to see who she was happily waving at.

The reactions of the people who turned to look were divided into two groups. That is to say, those that knew Rei and those that didn’t. Because it had been quite a few days since Rei left for the dungeon with Elena, the number of adventurer who hadn’t heard about Rei had increased. As for those who had invited her out for a dinner or date and had been flatly refused, they glared at him intensely. Originally, Kenny had a thing for younger guys, but after meeting with Rei, she had started to actively pursue him, both as a hobby and also for her own benefit. While such people turned to look at Rei, fortunately, the adventurers who knew Rei explained to their fellow party members and no reckless actions were made. ……No, rather, they realised they couldn’t.

However, those that didn’t know Rei and had nothing to do with those that did looked at Rei insidiously. Feeling the atmosphere, Lenora, the receptionist with the ponytail next to Kenny, spoke up.

「Hey, Kenny!」
「Mm? What?」
「You, haven’t you considered Rei’s status……」

While smiling at their usual interaction, Rei headed straight for the counters.

「It’s been a while, I’m fine as usual.」
「Ahahahaha. Rei-san must have been tired from the long request. What business do you have today?」

Continuing down to Lenora instead of Keny, he handed over a sheet of paper from his robe.

It was the document certifying the completion of the request he had received from Margrave Daska Rowlocks.

At that point, fans of Lenora also turned to look at him, but Rei continued speaking without concerning himself about it at all.

「I would like to report the completion of my request and receive the reward. As for the monster materials, they are all in my item box at the moment and haven’t been stripped, I will come in again for them next time.」
「I understand. Please wait a moment.」

Lenora nodded and took the document before going behind the counters. It seems that there were various aspects that were different from ordinary requests because it was a nominated request.

「Hey, Rei-kun. Did you go to the dungeon for this request? How was it?」

As soon as Lenora left, Kenny’s eyes shined as she asked curiously, but as expected, Rei couldn’t talk about Vel’s betrayal or the Inheritance Ceremony. As a result, he only talked about the bland things that happened.

「Well, the most surprising thing was that there were forests and rivers in the dungeon, there was even something like a sun.」
「Eh? Is that true? The dungeon that Rei went to is underground right?」
「Ah, actually, the first and second floors were actually quite normal……I don’t know how to say it, but they were like an ordinary dungeon. The third floor had a forest of mushrooms and the fourth floor had an actual forest. The fifth floor was full of undead and the sixth floor was filled with traps. There weren’t any ordinary monsters on the lowest floor.」

At Rei’s explanation, Kenny nodded while tilting her head as her imagination couldn’t catch up with his description.

While they were talking, a detestable person……or rather, two adventurers in their mid twenties cut in, looking for a chance to mess with Rei.

「Hey, hey, Kenny-chan may look good, but that doesn’t mean you can hide your face. Mm? Why don’t you show us your face.」

A man with a sword at his waist, who seemed to be a warrior, removed the hood covering Rei’s head. What appeared was the face of someone around 15 year old. If anything, Rei’s face and figure made him look younger. The companion of the warrior, who was holding a spear, saw Rei’s face, unexpectedly spat out.

「Pu, he’s still a brat. Hey, hey, stop bluffing and pretending to be tough by saying a brat of your age went to a dungeon.」

At those words, one part of the guild……the people who knew Rei, turned to look at the two in amazement. At the same time, those that didn’t about him started to jeer.

「……Hey, can I consider that they’re picking a fight with me?」
「Ah, that is, yes. Probably.」

Kenny mutter in shock but the two adventurers grinned as they misunderstood.

「You, taking advantage of being a kid to get close to Kenny-chan……guh-!」

Rei looked at the male warrior who tried to butt in again and, giving a small sigh, dashed forward in an instant. Grabbing the man’s neck in his right hand at the same time, he forcibly shut him up and lifted him off the ground……before hurling him at the man with the spear, who was stunned at the sudden change in situation.


As expected, he couldn’t believe that a man over 180cm tall and wearing leather armour could be thrown around so easily. The man with the spear fell to the ground without being able to catch the man with the sword. With their momentum, the two of them polished the floor with their bodies for several meters.


At that action, the guild went silent. However, the silence was still divided into two groups.

There the people who knew Rei and thoughy 『Ah, as expected……』 and those that didn’t that though 『Who is this person?』.

「You guys must have just registered at the guild recently.」

Rei asked the man with the spear. The man with the sword had already fainted.

The man with the spear was shocked, not understanding what had happened, but those words cause his cheeks to cramp.

He now understood what kind of person he had tried to mess around with. Ordinary humans……or even skilled warriors would find it impossible to swing around a large man in armour with only one hand. However, the other party could do it with no difficulty. In addition, it didn’t look like it had strained Rei at all.

「Ah, Ahh. I just came to Gilm about two days ago.」

Knowing the strength of the person he had picked a fight with, the face of the man with the spear paled as he answered the question. He didn’t lack guts, but rather was scared of angering the person before him any further.

「I thought you would say that. I……」

As Rei was about to say something, should he say that the timing was good or bad, Lenora returned from behind the counter.

No, in this case, it should be said that the timing was good for the men.

「Rei-san, here’s your reward……ah? What’s wrong?」
「……No, nothing at all.」

After glancing at the man with the spear one more time and spitting out a sigh, he turned toward Lenora.

「No, Rei-kun was really cool. He was fighting for me! I’m the only one for Rei-kun!」

She left Kenny along for the time being.

「Um……that is, why is there someone lying on the floor?」
「What? Maybe he’s lacking sleep?」
「He’s obviously frightened by Rei. ……Haa, did they try to mess with you like the Claws of the Hawk」

Lenora turned and gave a look of amazement at the man with the spear and the unconscious man with the sword with.

「Scheer-san, Rei is a D rank adventurer. He also holds the record for the shortest time needed to get to D rank, taking a month since registering with the guild. You should pay attention to who you pick your fights with.」

The man with the spear, Scheer, raised a high pitched cry before running out the guild carrying his companion. Rei’s evaluation of him rose slightly when he saw that Scheer did not run away without his companion.

「So, here’s your reward. Please check.」

Lenora handed him a small cloth bag that she held as if nothing had happened at all. After he received it, he checked its contents. There were two Light Gold coins and one Platinum coin. The reward that Gran had told him before he had received the request was two Light Gold coins so it seemed that the extra Platinum coin was the additional reward Daska had mentioned. Two Light Gold coins. This was an amount of money that would let an ordinary family live without working for ten years. That was why it was kept in a cloth bag, to not show it in front of other adventurers. Rei understood that and thanked Lenora with a smile.

「Sorry and thanks.」
「No. This is part of a receptionist’s job. ……Well, in a different sense, Rei-san seems to attract everyone’s attention.」

As the adventurers in the guild looked at him, Rei shrugged his shoulders.

「Hey, hey. Rather than that, Rei-kun. Have you celebrated since you came back safely from the request? I would like to celebrate Rei-kun’s safe return together. I will also provide service.」

As if to emphasize it, Kenny puffed up her plump breasts with her arms, showing off the deep valley in her chest.

And when Kenny took a pose to emphasize her breasts, Lenora reacted almost on reflex.

「Hey, Kenny! You’re still at work! You can do that after work is over.」
「But then Rei-kun may be celebrating with a woman that none of us know.」
「I also understand your feelings, but you still have to do your job first!」
「Indeed, women with small breasts are also of small caliber.」

At those words, Lenora had veins popping out of her forehead. Even in that state, she still smiled because of her duty as a receptionist.

「Hey, Kenny. What if I reported those words to the guild master……what would you do?」
「Nya~! Wai-, that’s unfair!」
「My colleague is trying to skip out on work. As a serious guild employee, isn’t it natural to report that to my boss?」
「……Sorry Rei-kun. Please invite me for a celebration some other time……」

Surrendering, Kenny fell onto the counter. Her plump bulges were squeezed against the counter, causing the gazes of adventurers to gather there.

「Seriously. If a guy comes over……」

Lenora almost instinctively sensed where those gazes gathered and complained unhappily.

The male adventurers who heard her soft voice averted their gazes while Lenora and the other female adventurers coldly watched.

「Well then, I suppose it’s time for me to leave. For now, I’ll take it slow with Set……is what I want to say. I have to strip off the materials of monsters and extract their magic stones. As a reward, the other party gave me almost all the monsters we took down during the request.」

As he said that, Rei unintentionally remembered Elena and his cheeks went red when he thought of the moment they kissed.

And naturally, Kenny saw that……

「Hey, Rei-kun. I don’t know who it is but you mustn’t get caught in the schemes of a woman!」

And, as if she weren’t scheming herself, she approached him.

「Kenny, hey. Please calm down. Rei-san, I’ll keep Kenny down so go before it’s too late!」
「Hm? Ah, Ahh. I understand.」

Giving a small nod at Lenora’s words, Rei left the guild feeling that something bad would probably happen here soon.

(Leave this to me and keep going! Or……no, it was me. What a death flag that is.)
TLN: quick note, the first ‘me’ is written as ‘ore’ while the second ‘me’ is written as ‘watashi’

He thought about that in his mind.

「Wait a minute, release me Lenora. My Rei-kun is being tricked by an evil woman!」
「You’d better calm down now!」

Rei left while hearing those voices from behind.

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