Legend Chapter 102

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With his body manipulated by Vel, Kuust shouted at Rei. To kill him and defeat Vel.

Vel heard his should and burst into laughter unintentionally.

「Kukukuku~. Ahahahaha~! Kuust! Your pride as a noble is so great, Kuust! To ask Rei, who you hate so much, to kill you! Ahahahahaha. Hehehehehe. No, it’s useless. I’ll die from laughing. Wow, my sides……I-I see. Are you trying to kill me with laughter? If so, that will definitely work!」

Vel laughed loudly while holding his sides.

However, Kuust did not look at that as turned to Rei, who was dodging and blocking his continuous attacks.

「……Please, kill me. Then slay him. If you were hired as Elena’s escort, then do your duty!」

Rei checked his surroundings as he moved his head by a few cm, avoiding a stab at his face by a hair’s breadth.

Further away, the fight between Set and the Golem was still going fiercely. It could be said that the battle was hanging on a fine balance. The shield of the Golem had already become tattered and some scars could be seen on the Golem itself. On the other hand, Set had been lightly injured by the Golem’s sword when they had mutually struck each other. The injuries he had suffered were already healing due to the effect of the magic item he wore on his neck, Love of Shizukuishi. Because of that, it was clear at a glance who held the advantage. However, the Golem had no consciousness and continued to carry out its orders. There was no such thing as being frightened by its injuries, there was also no thoughts of retreat to adjust its own posture.

(Although Set will definitely win, it is still going to take some time……it seems.)

Next, he turned his eyes to Elena and Ara, who had fainted near the Altar of Inheritance and had fallen onto the magic formations.

It seemed to be the side effect of the ceremony being forcibly interrupted halfway. Although the battle had been happening so close by, they showed no signs of waking up.

(It seems that hope was too faint. In that case……)

He finally turned to Kuust as he leapt back. The next moment, a water spell that Kuust had released hit the place Rei had been a moment ago.

「……Is that fine with you?」

It was difficult but not impossible to get to Vel by avoiding Kuust. However, considering the power of the automatic defense provided by the tentacles coming out of Vel’s pocket, Kuust would be manipulated to support Vel before Rei could take him out. He was fighting against two people after all. In order to prevent that from happening, he had to stop Kuust’s movements first. Because he was being manipulated, it wasn’t possible to stop him in this condition with only light injuries. In other words, he either had to die or take an attack that would almost kill him.

「Of course. ……Finally, I would like to say that I dislike you. You can even say I hate you. You lack respect to nobles, your language is crude and you hardly know any manners. Now that I think about it, you also have a casual attitude towards Elena-sama.」

As Kuust spoke, he thrust his spear at Rei’s face before moving his feet and swinging it at Rei’s body on the return.

Rei avoided or blocked the attacks with the Death Scythe in the same way as before as he listened to Kuust’s words.

Though it was true that he didn’t like the spearman standing before him, when he considered the fact that these might be Kuust’s last words, he felt that it was courteous to listen to them to the end. Rei kept listening as he avoided Kuust’s attacks.

「You lack all those things, but I still have to recognise your abilities. I mean, even if I said that I wasn’t using my spear, you still defeated me. In addition, even though Vel manipulated me like this, you can still avoid my attacks with my increased physical ability.」
「Ahh, are you still going to continue this dull story? If this takes too long, how am I supposed to help Elena or Ara?」
「-!? ……Therefore, I beg you! That guy, betraying Elena-sama’s trust and shamelessly betraying the Mireana Kingdom, my home country……」
「……I understand. You can sleep for now.」

With those words, he struck the tip of the spear with the handle of the Death Scythe from below.

With Rei’s inhuman strength and the Death Scythe that weighed over 100kg, even Kuust, who was one of the leading spearmen serving under Duke Kerebel, couldn’t keep hold of the magic spear with his grip strength. The magic spear was knocked up and pierced into the ceiling. And from that posture, Rei made one turn and and stabbed the handle of the Death Scythe into Kuust’s belly, which was still covered by armour.……

Bang~! With a sound that humans shouldn’t have been able to make, Kuust was blown away. The body of the full plate mail had completely shattered from the point blank impact of the handle of the Death Scythe. Fragments of the armour scattered all over the floor.


As expected, the attack was intense. Though he gave a groan, Kuust had lost consciousness as he was blown away. For a moment, Rei thought about whether he had actually fainted or not like the first time he attacked Vel. However, Kuust had given his life away for this, Rei couldn’t miss the opportunity provided by someone who begged him even though Kuust hated him. He dashed towards Vel who was looking at him with his usual smile.


He struck with a shout. It came down on Vel with a speed, sharpness and power as if would split space……

「Bad luck!」

At Vel’s mocking words, what Rei felt in his hands was not the feeling of cutting through flesh or crushing bones. It was as if he was crushing metal or stone.

「A Golem, what?」

Rei unconsciously muttered out what he thought it was as he cut it down. Yes, the thing that had caught the Death Scythe’s attack on Vel was a Golem that had appeared from nowhere. No, it hadn’t been from nowhere. The place the Golem had actually appeared from had been reflected in Rei’s eyes clearly. It had appeared from a pouch at Vel’s waist.

「Ah, were you surprised? Did it surprise you? You never thought that I had a spatial pouch did you? I see, well normally speaking, it’s not something that you could buy with the assets of a viscount family.」
TLN: I was going to use bag of holding but decided against it, the spatial pouch works the same way though.

For a moment, Rei glanced at Elena, who had fainted in front of the Altar of Inheritance. On her waist, the spatial pouch that he had seen last night was still there.

「Hm? Oh, I’m sorry. This is my pouch, it’s not like I took away Elena’s」
「……The Bestir Empire, is it.」
「Oh, so you understood.」
「Well, you betrayed the Mireana Kingdom, your home country and turned to the Bestir Empire. Considering past events, the Bestir Empire also has a high level of technology in alchemy. That giant mantis like chimera is a good example.」
「Great answer! The Bestir Empire is comparable to the Magic City Osus if you were to consider alchemy alone. ……Well, it still costs a lot of money to make a spatial pouch though. Even then, the storage capacity of my pouch is also quite small compared to Elena’s.」
「It’s looks to be so.」

Rei muttered as he looked at the Golem he had just cut through.

Before him was a small Golem, the size of a Goblin. The Golem had been split into right and left halves by the Death Scythe and had fallen on the spot.

(From what Elena told me, although it’s a spatial pouch, the space inside can only be expanded by 1 to 2 tatami at most. In that case, a big Golem can’t be placed inside. In fact, the one that blocked the Death Scythe was only the size of a Goblin. That means he shouldn’t have any more! Most of the tricks he’s kept have surprised me. Because of that, I should keep the initiative in combat.)

As he thought, he reflexively swung the Death Scythe when he saw something move in his peripheral vision. He cut off a tentacle that stretched out from Vel’s pocket.

「Don’t think that such a level of attacks can hurt me!」

With a big swing of the Death Scythe, he tore apart several tentacles that were growing out.

Although they were made with alchemy, they couldn’t do much to block the magic empowered Death Scythe. However……

「Whoops, as expected of Rei. You’re definitely A rank if you consider combat power alone.」

Despite the tentacles being cut away as soon as they grew out, Vel still smiled as usual. However, the next moment, his smile changed from an amused smile to a grin, like that of a child who had succeeded in a prank.

「However……can you only pay attention to me?」

Vel’s gaze. Realising who Vel was looking at, Rei used the Death Scythe’s handle to parry all the tentacles that were about to strike him as he leapt backwards. The tentacles grew again but Rei’s physical abilities were greater and they grasped the air.

At the end of his look was the figure of Elena, who had fainted and collapsed on the ground. ……And a familiar Golem was heading towards her. It was the little Golem that had protected Vel from Rei’s Death Scythe a little earlier. Though its head should have been destroyed by the Death Scythe, the Golem slowly but surely went closer to Elena.

The reason the Golem still staggered forward, in addition to its head being destroyed, may have been the huge sword in its hands.

No, it was just because the Golem was small that the sword looked big. Yes. It was an ordinary long sword that could kill people by stabbing or slashing them.
TLN: Yes, this Golem is the one that was cut in half. No, I don’t know why it’s in one piece and only its head was destroyed.

「When did that happen!」

Rei dashed forward. However, the Golem had already raised its long sword and was swinging it down at the neck of the fainted Elena……

(Damn, I won’t make it!?)

He took out a dagger from the Misty Ring and tried to throw it at the Golem, but its sword had already swung down.……


A voice of agony rang out at the same time as the sound of the sword piercing into flesh. But the voice wasn’t Elena’s as Rei had expected it to be. It was a deeper voice. Consciously ignoring the pained voice, Rei threw the dagger, which flew forward through the air and pierced into the body of the Golem. At the same time, the Golem was smashed into the wall as it was pierced through by the dagger and fell onto the stone floor like a broken toy.

What Rei saw after destroying the Golem was the figure of Kuust, who had already been seriously injured by Rei’s previous attack. The sword had gone through him, up to mid blade. However, thanks to Kuust’s interception, the sword now stood in the stone floor and not in Elena.


Rei shouted out unintentionally.

Previously, his attack had blown Kuust away. Struck by the Death Scythe, an extremely powerful magic item, wielded with Rei’s strength, it was an attack that even shattered plate mail. He shouldn’t have been able to protect himself against it.

「Guh, w-what……are you doing. Vel……kill him!」

At those words, which Kuust spoke out as blood literally flowed out his mouth, Rei bit his lips before turning to Vel.

「Damn it, doing such a worthless thing like protecting your friends with your body.」
「Magic Shield!」

Rei used the Death Scythe’s skill Magic Shield. The next moment, a shield of light formed and rose next to Rei.

「It seems you have no more tricks left!」
「That may be true, yes, yes, but it won’t be so easy.」

Rei dashed forward and narrowed the distance as he poured magic power into the Death Scythe. Several daggers were thrown at Rei but he evaded most of them with minimal movements.

「Things like a tearjerker story are not so popular right now!」

As the distance shrank, tentacles stretched out towards Rei from Vel’s pocket. If any of those sharp tips pierced into Rei, they would immediately grow out barbs. However……

「A nuisance!」


With a shout, the Death Scythe tore through all the tentacles.


Indeed, Vel judged that situation was dangerous. He threw some sort of glass bottle that he took out from his waist pouch as he jumped back. The bottle drew an arc as it flew towards Rei……

「That’s naive!」

Swapping the Death Scythe to his left hand, he caught the bottle with his right hand and quickly threw it back at Vel.


Vel hadn’t realised what had happened. Letting out a confused voice, he tried to avoid the bottle as soon as he realised that it had been thrown back……


A tentacle stretched out from Vel’s pocket and intercepted the glass bottle.

Yes, the tentacles extending from Vel’s pocket were made with alchemy and had the property of automatically intercepting any attacks made against him. Even if the attack was from a sword, spear or a big scythe like the Death Scythe. ……Even if it was a glass bottle, what it would do wouldn’t change. In other words, using its sharp edge, it shattered the glass bottle heading towards Vel.

If it had been an ordinary glass bottle, it might have just fallen to the floor without breaking. But the one Vel had thrown was deliberately made fragile. What Vel was most astonished about was the fact that Rei had caught the glass bottle without breaking it.
TLN: What kind of glass bottle wouldn’t break after being hit by a razor tentacle and falling to a stone floor? I have no idea.

The glass bottle shattered, meaning that the liquid that was inside fell onto Vel.


Covered in the liquid that was inside the glass bottle, Vel screamed as he held his face. Rei swung the Death Scythe down at that moment, but when he saw Vel’s horribly melted face, his shock made him shift the Death Scythe slightly……and instead of slashing the body, Rei cut off Vel’s left arm from the shoulder.

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