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Legend Chapter 71

Here’s Chapter 71.

I’ve had 3 large internet outages in the past week and I’m having to post this chapter from mobile net.
*grumbles about useless ISP, how can you have 3 major failures on the same hardware in one week*

Anyhow, still have one more exam to go on Wednesday so things should slow down for me after that.

P.S. Fun fact, the day after my exams will be one year since I released the first translated chapter of Legend XD

EDIT: It looks like the MBC page didn’t post, my site and MBC run on two different time zones for scheduling so I suspect there may have been a DST change that desynced the releases. My site runs on GMT which is why there no change for that, MBC runs on either -4 or -5 which may have caused an issue, sorry for the confusion.

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