Legend Chapter 179

Here’s Chapter 179,

Sorry for the long wait, the good news is that I’m done with my exams and university work is finished for the year.
There’s been a couple of things which have made me push back this chapter release by a few days, so I’ll quickly go through them.

This is a double chapter release, so a second chapter will come out 30 minutes from this one.
I thought that I might as well wrap up the arc at once, which is why this chapter wasn’t released earlier.

A bunch of terms have changed, so I’ve been going through and changing all old chapters for consistency.
-All instances where Hasta’s family eatery is referred to as a restaurant has been changed to eatery.
-Excel from Scorching Wind has been renamed to Ecryll. Ecryll is actually the better translation of her name and I’m not sure why I didn’t pick it up when I first translated her name. I’ve decided to update it now before she reappears in future, which she will.
-All instances of Orc village have been changed to Orc settlement. I initially thought that the arc name ‘Orc Village Raid’ meant that the Orcs were doing the raiding. Of course that wasn’t the case, so Orc settlement is probably a more appropriate name than Orc village.
-All instances where Gilm is called a town have been updated to city. Just for consistency.
-All instances of recovery effects or magic have been changed to healing. Recovery magic is actually healing magic, so that has been changed for consistency.
-All LN images have now been placed into the appropriate chapters and the gallery has been updated with matching chapter numbers. Images are also larger in chapter and are of higher image quality. Any new images will now be added into the chapters as I go. For people reading on MBC, the gallery is only on my own site at silenttl.

Thank you all for your patience.


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