Legend Chapter 148

Here’s Chapter 148,

Even later than I expected, apologies.
I was going to translate it yesterday but got invited by some friends for a game of co-op Divinity 2.
I ended up not finishing the translation yesterday as a result.
I had been planning to finish it up this morning but got called out to mow the lawn with one paragraph to go ahaha.
I then had the same issues trying to post the chapter as last week.
Well, anyhow, here it is.

Something I forgot to mention last week but volume 11 of the Legend light novel will be released next month and I’ve added the cover to the gallery.

On a side note, thanks for all your WN suggestions last week, I actually have one in mind.
Still have to work out a few things but I will say, it’s not an isekai, harem or cheat novel, would you believe that, such novels actually exist.

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