Legend Chapter 147

Here’s Chapter 147,

Sorry for the late chapter, finally got the page editor to work once and quickly filled everything in while it was still working.

Things are ramping up for me, gave my thesis proposal presentation last week and have an exam for another topic tomorrow.

It’s been an interesting week with web novels as well, RWX finished translating Desolate Era, which I have also finished reading.

I have been thinking about this for a while, but just wondered if you readers have any thoughts about it.
I want to pick up a second series. I know this sounds stupid considering how big Legend is already, but I’ll explain.
Basically, I don’t want to be a translator that never finishes a series, I would feel bad about that.
So I’m thinking of picking up a short completed series, 10-30 chapters maybe, and not long chapters either.
But then again, with all RL work atm, chances are that’s something that won’t be happening ahahah.

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