Legend Chapter 113

Here’s Chapter 113

I apologise if some parts of the chapter feel dodgy. It’s been a tiring week for me and this chapter wasn’t the easiest to translate.
There are four unnamed boys in this chapter who are all referred to as ‘boy’. I’ve tried to make it easier to understand who is who but I have no idea if I succeeded in doing so.

I’ve spent the past week at work placement trying to fix a software bug. It’s one of the bad ones which causes critical failure and can’t be reliably triggered. So that has been tiring.

The final report for the half semester topic I’m doing this semester is also due next Monday and some team members haven’t been pulling their weight.

Long rant short, I wasn’t the most awake when I translated this chapter so if the chapter reads funny, drop a comment and I’ll try to fix it as soon as I can ahaha.

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  1. Kei says:

    Thanks for translating despite all that!

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