Lazy Dungeon Master — Omake 6 & 7

Hey all! I decided that I’ll start posting my [Schedule of the Week] posts here on Moon Bunny Cafe as well! After getting a few questions about my release schedule, I figured it might help a few people. I do not post exact days for the releases—I myself don’t know exactly when I’ll have time during a week to translate—but it should serve as a guideline of what to expect.

Like today, though, I sometimes post a bit extra. Wasn’t planning on translating these two omake chapters this week, but I wound up missing class today (slightly sick atm) and used some of the extra time to translate.

They are short, but enjoy.

(~’.’)~ Schedule of the Week ~(‘.’~)
(~’.’)~ Omake 6 ~(‘.’~)
(~’.’)~ Omake 7 ~(‘.’~)

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  1. oI_Io says:

    Err, Ziru-san if you are sick please rest well. Thanks for the chapter though.

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