Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapters 152-154

Heya everyone.

So I kind of just… didn’t stop translating today.

I was supposed to do homework though. Eh.


(~’.’)~ Read Chapter 152 Here ~(‘.’~)
(~’.’)~ Read Chapter 153 Here ~(‘.’~)
(~’.’)~ Read Chapter 154 Here ~(‘.’~)

And don’t forget to read the newest Receptionist-san Side Story if you haven’t! ^^

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8 Responses to Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapters 152-154

  1. Windranger5 says:

    Wow i feel like today is Christmas. ..ty for the many new chapters

  2. Zeth says:

    Thank you very much!
    Hope for many days like this! (except for your homework :b)

  3. rerorerorero says:

    aww baby its triple

  4. Almonds says:

    Holy shit, thanks.

  5. Maaka says:


  6. Akanome says:

    Wow…. You really know how to make my day. Thank you

  7. KuRuuRuu says:

    Eh? Am I still dreaming??? O_O
    If so don’t wake me up!
    Thank you for the chapters~~~
    (I won’t say anything about the, you don’t have any homework..)

  8. Brice Campbell says:

    happiness they name is procrastination…….well when your not bothering me anyway………so thank you for your sacrifice

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