Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 252


… temporarily ignoring the lack of LDM chapters…

All of the Sia family’s names are puns on dancing. The puns are lost in translation.
Should I switch their names with English-based puns?
Or perhaps switch all names back to being entirely Japanese (they are partially localized currently)?

Let me know your thoughts.




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6 Responses to Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 252

  1. Hunny says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Keep it and put footer quotes!

    • Hunny says:

      It always ruins the atmosphere when you change names to English. It’s one of the reasons I dont do “official” translations. The other reasons being poor quality, loss of original content, extreme changes in plot, etc. Fan-translations are much better because they use footnotes to explain stuff instead of outrightly changing stuff to make it easier to understand. So pleeeeeeeeeeeese.

  2. N1gh7R4v3n says:

    *click refresh on NU*
    *Eyes expand 500%*

  3. Amplify says:

    Translating names to English is one of the biggest blunders a translator can do and a big sign that they’re completely unprofessional / not very good. Just do footnotes.

  4. Conkerer says:

    Please change them to English puns, the author made them puns to make it funny, and if you translate it to be unfunny that defeats the whole purpose 😦
    We read ldm cause it’s funny not because there is some artistic vision we want to feel the rawness of

  5. feels strongly about this says:

    Straight Japanese to conserve immersion. Untranslatable puns are the reason we have footnotes.

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