Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 180



I’m thinking about opening up a Patreon.

Not for any specific series, but more as a Patreon for me as a translator. No pseudo paywalls that a few certain novels appear to be doing, just a way for readers to fund my translations in general. What I have in mind is [Money through Patreon] would yield more chapters per amount given than [Money through donations], as they would be funding a nebulous “chapter amount per week” rather than rushing (lol) a specific series’ chapter. That said, I haven’t exactly been punctual when it comes to plowing through my donation queue (thus the lol), so I’m a little torn on that side of things. I still have quite a few things to hammer out first before I could attempt to go with it, though.

Clearing out the current… *checks*… 10 chapters in my queue, for example. I don’t know, what do you guys think? Wait? Go for it now? Never go the Patreon route? I’m really open to suggestions here.

Another issue is that JP series are shorter than CN ones by a huge margin as their market isn’t focused on mass releasing “the same stuff” over and over for a thousand chapters, so funding a single series through Patreon would quickly ‘run out of content’ and fade—by this I mean the same stuff in the same series, at least. There’s definitely an argument to be made that each series is a rehash of others, but that probably applies to stories the world over…

Ah, went a bit off topic there. Yeah. I haven’t decided yet. Feel free to comment!


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7 Responses to Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 180

  1. Anonymous says:

    i’d give you a dollar a month

    • Ziru says:

      Random thought: if I received a dollar from even a third of my readers, I could become a full time translator.

      That would be amazing…

      • Iceman77 says:

        thats pretty much the idea i already do it for dungeon defense, release that witch and i think 2 others. 1 dollar a month should never be too much to ask as long as you come out with 1 trans per month

      • Kain says:

        Go patreon, and release the donation chapters as you can as extra chapters per week. Try and get them done reasonably, though.

  2. random says:

    Do it, in fact you dont have to think about weekly chapters right? Why not count chapters monthly? You can just TL when you have time.

  3. Anon says:

    Personally I’ve always felt that fan translations were only ethical so long as the translator wasn’t making money doing it. That file sharing or piracy was no different then the public library system so long as the sharers weren’t trying to make money, which rightfully belongs to the rights holders.

    Just something to think about. I know everyone is doing it now, but I’ve never liked it.

    That said, I love Lazy Dungeon Master and I thank you for allowing me to read it without breaking out my Japanese Dictionaries.

    • Kain says:

      The translators making money from *charging* for their content (the case involving of rights holders), I can agree with, but from people wanting to support them, I can’t. Further, I can’t agree with it being unethical, either, because they are receiving it for the work they do translating it over, not just repackaging it to bypass DRM and letting anyone bypass paying for it.

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