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7 Responses to Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 116

  1. The Dung Beetle says:

    If only we all had DP to get rid of lice!

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂

  2. wes174 says:

    isnt this chapter a bit tiny? this one seems like a 2 chapter week 🙁

    • Ziru says:

      This chapter was crazy short, yeah. Still need to set up my Schedule posts here. Not sure how I’ll go about it, though!

      I should have it sorted out some time next week.

  3. RKain says:

    One thing I do not miss about living in the tropics are the ever present mosquitos, lice, and assorted man-eating vermin. Hope they’re dealt with soon, Ziru.

    My thanks to you for the translation.

  4. jarrow says:

    Aren’t lice something you >buy< with DP?
    Pity you can't give the little buggers orders. : )

    Good luck

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