Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 1

I retranslated the chapter because I was much worse at Japanese back then compared to now.

There was a mistranslation on almost every other line. Sorry for letting it be that bad for so long.

I am going to spend today updating some of these first few chapters. I highly recommend re-reading these.

Seriously, to both old readers of LDM and new, thanks for putting up with my old translation quality for so long.

(~’.’)~ Read Chapter Here ~(‘.’~)

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  1. MrTrixer says:

    Ho~h? I had a great time reading the old ones so i will take a look, you did a good job and kept it readable so i could properly enjoy myself back then.
    Im glad that you feel like youve learned something along this trip, well done so far and good luck with the future chapters. 🙂

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