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99 Visitor

「Are you sure about this place, Stone Lantern?」
「I told you already. Stop calling me with that name, Urushibara」

The skinhead man wearing a tank top, glared at the smoking man in dark suit. The man who is glared, sighs as he thinks such talk is troublesome.

「A name like Rindou is like flower……so Stone Lantern suits you better. So where’s the target, boss? ……You sure it’s here?」
「It should be in the forest beyond here. Randou confirmed with the 「eye」. That boy is also there. The other Talent User kids should be training with him」

Urushibara throws the cigarette to the ground, and ignites the next cigarette. Just like that, after having a smoke, he returns to the conversation.

「The so-called training, huh……There’s no point for a 『Principle』 to train like that」
「Ah, it is very inefficient. It should be faster for him to learn if he blast a mountain by himself」

That is special. Formerly, there were only Kurono Kagenobu and Kurono Yuki. Nobody was equal to those two invincible monsters during that Talent War. You can say that they are completely different than other Talent Users.
It is a nonsense to treat them at the same rank.

「……However, isn’t he well trained?」
「Ah. Not even half years have passed since that boy awoken to his Talent……I would say that he awaken to his Talent’s trait a few weeks ago. But judging from his state during the 「Kiryuu’s」 laboratory raid, you can say that he has reached Level 4」

A really abnormal growth speed. The pieces are coming together, but we don’t have the piece capable of fighting a 『Principal』with full ability directly at present.

「This is our final chance now that he’s in developmental stage……That Level 5 is not there, right?」
「According to Randou, he went to the south. Most likely, Antarctica」
「To the Level 6, huh. But isn’t it a bit too fast for the periodic 「meeting」?」

「Ah, as long as there is nothing great, he will usually be with that woman. It is proper to think that something serious is happening」
「You mean…that woman and Kurono Kagenobu are separated for now. ……What are the rest doing?」
「……You didn’t hear about it? The other members said that they separate and head to support. We are the only ones on the site」

Right, I heard about that. If they meet with Kurono, everything will end.
This time, we need to put weight in separating. It is important to 「not let him grasp」 the situation. The others are moving for that sake right now.

「I know. I’m just confirming it. That’s why, with this large army, right?」

I look into the box filled with miniature 「puppets」 on Urushibara hand.
The 『support goods』 sent by Original.
The 2cm delicate puppets 「frozen」 by the power of Talent, are releasing cold air right now. There is no indication that the puppets will melt, but they are entrusted with the way to 「defrost」 it.

10000 『Variants』, huh……It will be a large scale war ever since the war」
「Rather that that, it’s practically a war」
「Ah, without this scale, they can’t be destroyed」

Rindou is always too cautious, but for this time only, I have the same opinion.
The enemy is that world’s strongest Level 5 encampment.
The job is to tear that person’s wings. The more the forces , the better.

「Then, let’s start」

Urushibara scattered the miniature puppets. Then, the puppets landed as if surrounding their campsite in a circle.

When the box becomes empty, Urushibara takes out two small cards from his pocket. This is also entrusted by 「Original」. It is the key to move the puppets.

「『Scale Up』」

When Urushibara mutters softly, one of the cards breaks.
Then, the puppets scattered around, grow big gradually, and become life-size ice sculptures.


Just like that, the other card broke. The ice sculptures became a swarm of Variant and started moving.

「……Say, our 「failures」 are included among these, right?」
「That is not something we need to know. At any rate, they are people who sacrifice themselves for the leader’s objective」
「…………I see」

Probably, 「Original」 is currently 『loading』 Talent into people who were gathered from various environment, to the limit in order to produce Talent Users. People who were overloaded, naturally turn into 「Variants」, and they are kept in frozen state with a special method.
Just like that, if they are defrosted at any kind of place, they can be used as convenient soldiers.
……The only fault is that they won’t listen to orders.

「Time to get away. Take a distance」

Urushibara and Rindou flew to the sky lightly.
Small explosion sound and falling trees started to be heard from the surroundings.

「……Go wild in the flashiest way. That’s your final job」

The monsters groan, and advance while destroying the forest.
While being showered by the groans that gradually causing an earth tremor, Urushibara ignites the next cigarette.
……That would be my job if things went wrong.
While thinking that, I exhale the smoke.

「Well then, let’s advance in this chaos. There is no better chance than now」
「Ah, we can’t let our coworkers to die in vain……Let’s mourn for them in the flashiest way」

With this, the preparation is completed.

「Well then……let’s go. To kill Kurono Meria」

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