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63 Talent Dealer

It was just last week when a man who called himself as the 【Talent Dealer】 appeared in our office.

The man appeared suddenly without making any sound and said this at the beginning.

「Do you want power? If now, I will provide it to you for free」

He said that.

Naturally, we didn’t tolerate with the intruder.
Shooting bullets on the spot, and filled the man’s body with holes.
It should be.
But the man kept standing there as if nothing happened.

「Do you want power? I am telling you that I will provide it for free now」

The man said almost the same words as before.
At that time, I felt like I’m seeing a nightmare or an illusion.

「Ah. You mean you don’t know how to answer because you don’t know what kind of power it is?」

Saying that, the man clapped his hand.

「Well then, I will show you. For example…」

When the man said that…suddenly, a scream came from my back.

When I look behind, my subordinate was engulfed in flames. He screamed while writhing for a while, but then, he fell to the floor and became a mass of something burnt.

「This is 【Fire Starter】. And…」

The direction of the finger he points…

3 of my subordinates were cut into half, and then, they were cut into six.

「This is 【Divider】. Well, it is something like this. Do you still need more samples? I still have more, you know?」

The man turned my subordinates into corpses carefreely as if providing the samples of cosmetics.
Without understanding what’s happening, I replied to the man right away.

「I understand!! We’ll have those. But what do you mean by free? Why are you giving something that much for…」

「What, I just have a little request for you. If you finish it, then the power of the Talents are literally yours. Do you think that it is a very good business?」




Just like that, we received the power of Talents from that unknown man.

At first, I only feel fear when the man did something to my body, but now that I obtained power, I actually feel that I acquired an outrageous thing.

I don’t know the theory, but……I was only a Level 2 originally, but the power I have now is equal to Level 4. When I first knew that, my heart trembled as I tried it. I gained an unbelievable power in just a night.

Other than myself, 9 of my subordinates became Level 3 and even the Talentless ones manifested Talents equal to Level 2.
There were several people who were 「not compatible」 and their whereabouts were not known, but…well, that’s inevitable. They aren’t lucky.
Anyway, with this, we obtained the power way stronger than a single battalion…no, 10000 people or more.

It’s really a nonsensical story.
Just a few days ago, the lower branch of the Dark Side which was in dire distress of making profit by smuggling drugs, has become a group of monsters including a 「nuclear weapon-class power」.

Who the hell is that man…【Talent Dealer】?

Well, never mind. No matter what the reason is, we obtained a mighty power.
I don’t know what the man’s aim, but……if this job finishes, we will be free.
If we fulfill a certain 「condition」, we will be freed from that eerie man’s monitoring.

The 「condition」 the man gave was kidnapping two girls.

「Shinozaki Yuria」. Teihen High School first year student, possessor of 「【Communicator】S-LEVEL 1 S」.
「Kagura Mai」. Also Teihen High School first year student, possessor of 「【Healer】S-LEVEL 1 S」.

These two students possessed the Talents useful for him.
He provided us with the portrait of the two girls and their class. In the documents, their addresses were even stated.

It’s more efficient to kidnap separately, but he told us to attack their Talent school at an appointed time for some reason. Hence, he gave us the power of Talents. Make the attack flashy. Then, go and kidnap the two girls.
That is all you need to do. The rest you can do as you please.

It’s full of contradictions.
I’m sure that he’s insane.

But…I think that he’s a guy who keeps his promise. In fact, we gotten stronger.
You can say that we have already obtained an enormous reward.

At present, we have many members equal to Level 3, and at the top, there’s this me, the 「Level 4」. We can even win against the army.

The attack will be carried out tomorrow at 1pm.
It seemed that there are some strong teachers in the Talent high school, but I wonder how much they can resist against us.
I have told my subordinates that they can do anything they want to the girls other than the 「Targets」.

I’m really looking forward……for tomorrow.

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