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52 Transfer students

Morning, at the time when it was almost homeroom.
Chihaya-sensei entered the classroom and said this while grinning for some reason.

「Ha~i!!! Everyone, be seated! I’ll introduce the transfer student!」

Transfer student?
Even though it’s not even one month after the enrolment……at such time?

Well, probably a student with some kind of circumstances.
Well, I guess it’s not strange that there’s such person.
While thinking that, I sit on my seat in a daze.

「Okay, everyone’s seated. Then, I’ll introduce them right away! Guys, enter!!!」

Chihaya-sensei said that, and urged the transfer student to enter.
Nn? Guys?
It’s not one only?

While having such question, I looked at the classroom’s entrance, and several students entered from there.

The first one who entered is a girl with a shoulder-length hair wearing a miniskirt of quite a questionable length.
Next, a beautiful intelligent-type girl with black ponytail hair wearing a green-rimmed glasses entered.
After her is a blond haired guy…
The next one is a guy with pointed reddish brown hair……a guy like the 2P of the beansprout bastard. Though his eyes are slightly scary.

Well, I don’t care of the guys.
For me, the first two girls are more important. Both are terrifically beautiful.
This will make the classroom become more brilliant……it was when I thought of such thing.

Then, I saw an unbelievable thing.
The student who appeared after the beansprout bastard 2.
I know that face very well.


That’s right, the internet hero who attracted all the hates and prevented the multiplication of the video of me being carried in the gorilla’s arms.
No one doesn’t recognize him anymore. A legendary idol.
Everyone’s toy, Kurasaki-kun.
He’s saying something while looking down, but my heart feel very warm like meeting my benefactor.

Coming this far, I guessed the situation roughly.
He was a Takasei Academy student.
And a mass transfer at this time………in other words………

When I thought that much, another student entered.
There’s more?

The next moment, the noisy classroom gets even noisier.
Well……that’s as expected.

「Okay, that’s all!! Guys, introduce yourself!!」

「Kazato Rie. I was at Takasei Academy before」
「Similarly, from Takasei Academy. I’m Hiuchi Yumiko…」
「Hiraga Genichirou. Similarly from Takasei」
「……Otoi Tsutomu. What. Don’t stare at me!!」

And the final transfer student. That’s………

「I’m Hikawa Takeru. A lot of new faces, but……Haha!! Serizawa-kun, looks like we meet again」

The handsome pipsqueak waves his hand at me.
That Level 4, Hikawa-kun was there.

Of course, the class became noisy by that.
The girls in the class are squealing.
………As I thought, I should have changed his face at that time.
That’s merely for his sake……and above all, for the peace of my heart. No, it’s still not too late to do it……

「Okay okay!! Everyone, be quiet!! I can understand that you’re surprised, but they are in trouble now. Please get along with them, okay?」

Come to think of it, it was on the news this morning……
Takasei Academy was influenced by Shidara’s high treason, and it’s almost confirmed that the school license will be withdrew.
It looks like the government is preparing to abolish the school.
Because there are students, the abolishment is anticipated to be a few years later, but many students have started to transfer to other schools.

They came to our school is maybe due to that.
What an irony.
Even though we were the one going to get abolished a while ago.

「Nn? Guys, I can’t hear your voice. You want to die? Please get along with them~!?」


I felt that there were some threatening words, but everyone replied cheerfully and the morning class ended.




Lunch break.

It looks like everyone are talking to the newly transferred students.
Looks like they accepted their previous enemy immediately.
Well, even if I say enemy, it’s just a school event. It’s not like it was a real war.

That’s why, I head towards a certain transfer student.
Although there’s a crowd on the other transfer students, no one tries to approach this guy for some reason.
This is a great chance to get closer to the popular him.
Thinking that, I call out the guy who’s muttering something at the corner of the classroom.

「Nice to meet you, Kurasaki-kun. It’s an honor for me to meet a celebrity like you…」

Just like that, I hold out my right hand for a handshake, but…

「………Shut up, I’ll kill you」

His reply was like that.
Looks like he’s in a bad temper today.
No. I forgot about the important thing.

「Oops, sorry! I forgot to give my name. I’m Serizawa Atsushi. It’s an honor to meet the hero in real life like this」
「Are you joking with me? Die」

As expected, he replied that way.

After all……he’s very popular in many kinds of genre of videos.
As if he absorbed all the hates to Takasei Academy.
It can’t be helped that his heart would be slightly distorted due to the exhaustion.
I have no choice but to interact with my whole heart.

「I’m not joking. I’m very thankful to you. I just wanted to say that」
「You snatched away all the……looks (hates) that I was supposed to receive. Thanks to that, I can continue living peacefully. To the extent that I can’t thank enough of you. Really thank you, Kurasaki-kun」
「You, seriously die」

Looks like he won’t open his heart to me yet.
I wonder what made him this obstinate.
As I thought, when it comes to an internet idol, the hurdles are higher than usual.
Now, what should I do in order to melt the ice in his heart……

While thinking that, I look around the classroom, and my eyes met with Kirishima-san’s eyes accidentally.

…………………Our eyes met.

After that incident, I refrained from looking at her because it was somehow awkward, but………

Just like that, she walks directly towards me.

Will she question about that time?
On top of that, will she finish me off?

No, no no. Impossible. Calm down.
Even if she question me, there should be no problem at all.

Originally, I did nothing wrong.
That incident was all the trap set up by that beansprout bastard and the pervert.
I was set up by them……I have the urge of explaining that to her right away.

That’s right, let’s explain it to her properly.

I was set up by those idiots, and almost fell to the women’s bath……and due to the emergency landing, I had no choice but to blow off the towels.
Just like that, I rotated slowly against my will while staring at the girls’ naked body……That was all inevitable. Although they are all burned into my memory, that’s probably not my fault.
Just like that, I was forced to spat out all the information about the girls’ breasts to those guys……

……………It’s not good.
It’s not good at all!!!!
With this explanation, what I did is completely guilty!!!!!

When I was thinking hard for an explanation that can proof my innocence……

Kirishima-san was already in front of me.

「Serizawa-kun. Are you free after school? I need your help for something………」

She suddenly said such words.

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