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41 Assault Unit

「「Alpha side here. we have reached the designated point. Gamma side, requesting for respond……Can you hear me?」」

Deep underground where radio wave is not good.
I talked to the small translucent octahedron which is rotating slowly on my palm.

「「……Gamma side, Delta-sensei, can you hear me? The port has been set at the designated position. Are you ready?」」
「「Hai ha~i, Gamma side, loud and clear. Of course, it’s ready~!」」
「「Well then, please」」
「「Roger~. Activating from the first port to the eighth port. 『Convert』」」

Just like that, she…Kokonoe Delta-sensei activates her special Talent, 『【Dimension Converter】』.

Then, the countless translucent octahedron installed on the floor, fold up one by one, and gradually becomes a surface, a line…and after becoming a point for a moment, the process reversed this time.
Just like that, several octahedrons that are larger than the previous ones, are completed…and there’s a person standing in each of those.

「「Conversion completed. I transferred it without any problems~」」

When she said that, 8 people walked out from the 8 ports that were converted into large octahedrons.

「This is the ability of the teacher of Teihen High School……You have an outstanding talent that even the army would want it immediately」

Saying that, a woman talked to me……Tsurumi Chihaya. With her long black hair tied up behind her, and wearing a military special battle suit, she looks like a student I know.

Lieutenant Kirishima. Please keep this matter as a secret. If I’m not mistaken, we made such agreement, didn’t we?」

The woman shows a charming smile that can even attract the same sex……

「I know, Chihaya-sensei. Besides, it’s the school where my cute little sister goes. For me, if there’s a teacher with such ability with her, then I can be relieved」

Then, a slightly younger woman who came out from another octahedron, cut into the conversation.

「Nee-san. Now is not the time to be chatting. Here is the enemy territory, you know?」

The small build woman who called her “Nee-san”……Kirishima Setsuna is wearing the same black luster battle suit while carrying a long carbon blade.
The others who came out from the port, wore the same military suit, and some carried weapons and some didn’t, but……they all have the composure as if they served the military for a long time.

「Fufu, you’re right……but just because the superior called you, you don’t have to follow until here as you’re still a student, you know? I’m sure that you will be seeing many things that you never want to see……」

Saying that, the Imperial Air Force Lieutenant, Kirishima Satsuki said that to her younger sister. Then, Kirishima Setsuna replies with a resolute attitude.

「……Fighting against things that I don’t want to see, is the job of the army. Those are your words, Nee-san. Next year, I’ll be serving the army. I have already prepared myself for it」
「I see……this time, if I’m not mistaken, the general strategy commander gave a voluntary sortie request to you. That this is a special mission. But at the same time, the right to deny is also given. You understand what it means, right?」
「Hence, us, right? I must see it. With such meaning, I need to go」

Looking up at her sister with honest eyes without crumbling her posture.

「Oh well. Fufu, I’ll expect from you. However, our mission this time is mainly, escorting them. There’s no need to stiffen so much. Isn’t that right, Motomiya-sensei?」

Lieutenant Kirishima Satsuki, the commander of this mission, turned towards the person, but……

「……Well then, with this, please excuse me!」

Motomiya-sensei enters the transfer port. And takes the pose of bowing for some reason.

I sighed once, and speak to him.

「……You must not do that, Motomiya-sensei? If Yukimichi-sensei and you are not here after this, this strategy will not work. You made such agreement with Meria-sensei, right?」

Motomiya-sensei who’s pointed out by me, sighs greatly, and speaks with a lower voice than usual.

「……I’m just joking. Well then, let’s get this over with and return. I want to get out of this dark place as fast as possible」
「……That, I agree」

Yukimichi-sensei who’s silent until now, agreed with a soft voice while pushing the black glasses up with his finger.

Just like that, we head inside………
Before long, we reach the room that has the sound of moaning.
And when the short haired woman wearing the battle suit, look through the door, she said this.

「Several 『Over-Talentified Individuals (Extras)』 confirmed. All of them are changing into 『Variants』」

Receiving that report, Kirishima Satsuki declares with a low voice.

「As the commander, I declare them as the 『First Subjugation Target』. Starting from now, get into recording and cleaning up. Are you ready, teachers?」


「My my……It’s useless even if I say no, right?」

Just like that………
The war on the other side……
The military operation that can’t be revealed to the public, started deep down in the underground research facility.


Character File 038

NAME: Kirishima Satsuki

CLASS: 【Divider】S-LEVEL 4

Affiliated to the Japan Imperial Air Force. 22 years old. Her rank is lieutenant. The daughter of Imperial Air Force general (and also 「commander」), Kirishima Itsuki, and the eldest of the 「Kirishima three sisters」. She is very affectionate with the 7 years younger, Kaname, but she doesn’t realize that her own sister felt pressured when being compared with her excellent sister. In the house, she is the Onee-chan who is good at cooking. By the way, she graduated as a top student from Reimei Academy where Setsuna goes.
She undergo a surgery as the subject of the secret research,「Fourth Talent User Production Project」, when she was 11.




Character File 039

NAME: Kirishima Setsuna

CLASS: 【Divider】S-LEVEL 3

A third-year student of the private Reimei Academy. 17 years old. She will be serving the Imperial Army next year. The second daughter of the Kirishima three sisters. The most strong-willed among the three sisters is this second daughter. Because they lost their mother when they were still young, the relation between the sisters are basically good. Hence, she continued to oppose the talk about only her younger sister, Kaname enrolling into Teihen High School. However, at the end, due to Kaname’s strong hope and her father’s opinion, Kaname enrolled into Teihen High School.
Setsuna has always felt that Kaname was feeling a complex to the perfect superwoman sister, Satsuki, and she even lectured her that 「Such thing doesn’t matter. Just be yourself」, but in the end, she doesn’t realized that she herself was being a strong pressure to her. (Tramadol)
She undergo a surgery as the subject of the secret research,「Fifth Talent User Production Project」, when she was 7.




Character File 040

NAME: Yukimichi Takahiro

CLASS: 【Cold Maker】S-LEVEL 3
【Wind Maker】S-LEVEL 3

Teihen High School’s 1-B class teacher. In charge of mathematics and Japanese. Always wearing a black-rimmed glasses, and a blue suit. Possess two different Talents. A very rare 「Biholder」. Specialized in wide-ranged delicate temperature change.


Heavy Snow
Cold Sleep

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