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37 Beloved Body (Person)

「We have 3 wins……and 2 losses? Is this some kind of mistake……?」

While looking at the live broadcast in the underground facility called Garden…the white-haired old man asks the person in a suit beside him.
That person tries to explain desperately while sweating heavily.

「P-President. T-This is…also unexpected for us, teachers……」

The old man called President, glared sharply at the sweating person.

「What do you mean by unexpected? That just means……that you couldn’t cope with the unexpected, isn’t it?」
「…………I have no excuse for that」

Shidara Group’s President……Shidara Ougen placed his hand on the cane leaning against the side of the chair, and stroked the handle while saying this.

「……Well, fine. But if by any chance………we lose any further than this, don’t think……that you will get away with just being fired」

Then, a white-robed man with a pale face, walked in while carrying a bundle of papers.

「President. You’re here. That guy……Hazama Kyouhei seemed to have brought customers again. I think it’s a new buy……」
「Ah, Kiryuu-kun, huh. I’ll leave that to you. If there’s a good Talent User (thing), then tell me」

Shidara Ougen said that while watching the large display in the Garden.

『『Well then, Representative Battle……second match’s participants, please get into the starting position!』』

The announcement voice at the arena streams through the television’s display.
It’s currently showing the 『Talent School War』, Teihen High School vs Takasei Academy.

「……High school student’s game, huh. President like this kind of thing, huh」
「Kiryuu-kun. Why don’t you watch it on this occasion? There might be something that can help you with your research」

While looking at the display, Shidara Ougen points at the chair beside him, and invites him.
The man wearing a researcher-like white robe called Kiryuu, distorts his face slightly in displeasure…

「If President says so」

Saying that, he sits beside Shidara uninterestedly.

『『Well then, the Representative Battle…second match will start!!』』

Once again the voice is heard from the display.

And Kiryuu looks towards the screen…
And he sees something unbelievable.
That was too sudden. Too coincident.
But for him, that was like an inevitable meeting of fate……

His expressionless face………suddenly, distorts greatly.


Unlike moaning, a voice that has some kind of fear, resounds……
……while he laughs.

The face that is too disgusting to be called as a joyful look.
The terribly mean smile as if reflecting his grotesque inside.

「………What’s wrong, Kiryuu-kun………?」

Without minding the eyes of the surroundings, he just laughs.
From an outsider’s perspective, he looks like a mad demon.

「………I found ittttttttttt………!!!」

At that time, he laughed from the bottom of his heart.
Feeling the fortune and fate.

This man……Kiryuu had always been searching for the 【Extra Individual】 of 「Project Number Six」.
The final body of the research project that he was in charge of during his times in the imperial army when he was using his previous face and name.
The research was discontinued after the war……and he lost the supreme result of his Talent research.
And it is displayed there.

Unlike the other numbering bodies, when he was ordered to do a surgery, for some reason, the body’s name and birthplace were not told to him at all.
And after surgery, he was prohibited from making contact with the body……even if he tries to obtain information, everything was erased as confidential matters.
And after the end of war. His research was discontinued suddenly, and the equipment invested were all disposed.
As a result………she became his final work. Furthermore, for him, the research was still half-way.

Hence, after disappearing from the imperial army, relying on his memory of her face and age………he searched every possible place that he can think of. He read every possible documents. Obtaining every possible information, he tried to search for her.

And yet, he couldn’t reach her at all.
Even so, he wanted to reach her.
Time passed, and the more research he does, the stronger the feeling becomes.
And even until now, he still yearns for her.
Because he can now declare it. That she was a miracle body that brings extraordinary fortune.

Why at that time, I didn’t know about that?
I must find her as fast as possible.
……I am the only one who can lead her to her real self.

With various feelings overflowing, Kiryuu looks at the display in front.
While shedding tears and laugh, he opens his eyes wide to burn it into his memory.

I didn’t stop searching for her………
I didn’t forget about you even for a moment………
The grown appearance of my beloved body.
She’s in that display.
She’s displayed in front of me.

「Hey, Kiryuu-kun. Why on earth did you raise your voice suddenly…」

Shidara asks him as if threatening him, but Kiryuu doesn’t reply him.
And………he leaves his seat silently………and walks to the outside.

In order to take away all of his research results here.
He has already receive enough money.
Now is the time to move.

Just like that………Kiryuu Yousuke, the head of Shidara Group Talent Development Laboratory………
Real name 「Haba Ryuuichi」 disappeared to somewhere on that day.


Character File 036

NAME: Kiryuu Yousuke (Haba Ryuuichi)

CLASS: 【Unknown】

A talented scientist who previously worked as a researcher in the weapon development department of the imperial army. During the war, he became the person in charge of the 「First Talent User Production Project」 aka 「Project Number One」, and after that, he was in charge until 「Project Number Six」, but the project came to an end after the war. After that, he disappeared mysteriously, and became untraceable. After that, he changed his face and name himself with a false name, and became the head of the 「Talent Development Laboratory」 which the patron is Shidara Group’s Shidara Ougen. On that occasion, he sponsored the low level Talent User production and enhancement technology. Takasei Academy’s draft was also provided by Kiryuu (Haba).

Because he was the person who carries the most important secret of the Talent User Production Project, his disappearance was a hard blow to the government and army. However, because they can’t reveal the content of the research to the public, they couldn’t put him on the wanted list. Therefore, they searched for him at the back in a frenzy, but they couldn’t find him. Although he is considered to be possessing some kind of Talent because he knows the know-how of the Talent manifestation, it has not become clear. He is believed to have some kind of connection as he managed to disappear countless times, but that is only a conjecture.

He has an obsession on the 「Project Number Six」 which ended halfway at the final stage. He has a strong delusion that if he accomplished the project, the world should draw near to become the「world of myth」. In addition, because he needs an enormous budget, a large-scale equipment, and a large amount of bodies, he spent a considerable amount of time in preparation. Approaching Shidara Ougen was a part of that plan, but that is only temporary. His end goal is another thing.

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