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02 Entrance ceremony day

「Yes~, therefore~, everyone’s school life is~」

Today is the entrance ceremony.

While listening to the principal’s 「story」, I was moved to tears.

National Teihen High School.
That’s the name of the school which I will attend starting from today.
Although it may look like excellent people attend here due to being national, it’s actually not.

After becoming a military country, many training schools were established to bring up young Talent users.
At first, only the schools were constructed by the country, but gradually, large companies started to contribute in building private schools and many excellent teachers started to go there.

Now in this era, people who have financial muscle, attend private schools for a more special and better education environment. Those who were judged with 「excellent Talents」 by the country, almost everyone, started to pick to attend private schools. The country offered 「the rights to pick a better education environment」, so the tuition fees were completely exempted.

Just like that, those who failed to enter the private schools…in other words, the students with 「not very useful Talents」 and 「problems in their personality or ability」, came to the point that they would enter the national schools. Among those, Teihen High School is graded with 「F」 rank in the country. Among the numerous Talent training schools, it has the lowest rank.

In other words, a「garbage dump」.
Apparently, the public order is very bad because ruffians and those with useless Talents act violently in school.
When I read those things written on the internet, my tears just won’t stop.

Good-bye, my first love. Good-bye, my fun high school life.

Ah, I can’t.
Even though it’s the entrance ceremony, I can’t stop crying.

…But still, how long is this story going to continue?
I think about 1 hour has passed.

But the clock hand has not moved much.




The principal’s story that I thought was going to continue endlessly, ended, and we, the freshmen were set free.
I feel that it lasted about 4 hours, but only 5 minutes have passed. How scary.

Well, anyway, I decide to go to my own classroom and forget about the things that I can’t understand.
It seems that we can go back after meeting the class teacher for today, so let’s get it done quickly.
While thinking that, I was rushing at the hallway.

「Gyahahahahaha!!!! I heard that you’re repeating the same class, Yomohira-chan!!」

A vulgar laughter resounds in the hallway, and in front of me is a very small build girl with black long hair…
Wasn’t this school a high school?

But for her to be a high school student, huh? Maybe a middle school student? If not, maybe at least an elementary school student.
Somehow, she’s hugging a doll looking thing preciously.
Leaving that aside, at a glance, the girl seemed to be involved with a Mohawk student.

「Gyahahahaha!! You should’ve ask me to teach you if you don’t understand your study! This me who scored an average score of 75!」

Seriously!? This Mohawk is that smart!?
Is he approaching such a small girl?
Seriously? He’s a lolicon?

Not that.
The girl is clearly scared.
Should I help her?
When I think about that, the freshman next to me, had a surprised expression.

「That peculiar laughter…! H-He’s probably…」

「You know him?」

Because the freshman next to me seemed to know about that Mohawk, I decided to try asking him.

「Yeah, in the bulletin board. That there’s a dangerous senior here…」

「Dangerous…How dangerous is he?」

「He’s…the second year student of this school and also a member of the public morals, Kirisaki Noboru. His Talent evaluation is 【One who cuts things (Divider)】. And, Level 2. He can easily cut a person to pieces…」

Public morals!? With that hair!?
No, rather that that…a power that cuts things!?

Mixing his personality and his power is bad.

…It’s useless.
Not someone I can deal with!
Let’s look at how things go…

「Gyahahaha!! Listen, just be my girlfriend, okay? I won’t treat you badly」


The Mohawk grabs the girl’s arm.
The flustered girl dropped her doll.

「Hmm? What a dirty doll. Still playing with dolls even though you’re a high school student? Gyahahaha!!」

While saying that, the man, Kirisaki Noboru, trampled the doll with all his strength.


The girl is clearly in confusion.
I can’t see her face due to her bangs, but I know that her eyes are full of tears.
Kirisaki said this while kicking the doll.

「Still having a stupid hobby, eh. That’s why, you don’t have friends. I’ll teach you a better hobby」

Stupid hobby?

Ah, I see. That guy said that the girl’s doll is a stupid hobby, huh.
I see, a stupid hobby…
Hou. Houhouhou…I see.

Similarly, my hobby is Buddha stones pilgrimage…

When I look at that countenance, I would feel warm and fluffy. Each region has different characteristics…each and every one of them, have the warmth.
Hmm, that girl’s doll looks pretty interesting.
I’m sure that a person with good sense made it with his soul. In someway or other, I can feel the similar apologizing air from it.

And that was kicked…and trampled?


……『Stupid hobby』?


A sound of something snapped sounded in my head.
I started to walk towards Mohawk-senpai, Kirisaki Noboru slowly.

「What? Are you trying to interrupt me? You wanna die?」

「…don’t…a person’s…hobby…」

「Ah? What, I can’t here you, shitty brat」

I clench my fist, breathe in, and shout.

「Don’t look down on a person’s hobby!!!!!!」

Serizawa Atsushi who possessed the Talent capable of changing temperature, 【Thermo-Operator】.
It seems that his boiling point is very low.

Character File 002

NAME: Kirisaki Noboru

CLASS: 【Divider】 S-LEVEL 2

A second year student of the Teihen High School. A member of the public morals committee. A clumsy man who has feelings for his ex-classmate, Yomohira-san. The Mohawk hairstyle is the result of an image change during the spring break.





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