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100 War in the Forest 1  Morning Attack

I woke up in the tent by the dim morning light.

「Where am I……?」

Yesterday, Major Kirishima poured alcohol while saying 「only one drink」, and it looks like I slept when I was talking with her. I am in the tent now means that she carried me here?
Next to me, there is the unbecoming figure of Major Kirishima sleeping while hugging the bottle. The battle suit that she wore yesterday, was thrown off to the corner of the tent, so she is currently defenseless in various meanings.

「I can’t show such appearance to the students……」

Apparently, I was also quite drunk, so my clothes are quite disordered.
When I take out a hand-mirror to look at myself, my bed hair is terrible.

The tent is being filled with a unique sweet smell.
When I look at Major Kirishima, the bottle she is hugging has already been emptied. Is this air from her breath?

「……A little……no, it stinks of alcohol a lot……」

But I can’t say that to her.
I probably have the same smell.
The two of person who were supposed to supervise the students, are in such state…… Good grief, we shouldn’t be doing such thing.

「It is a grace that the smell doesn’t remain on my body」

Yesterday’s alcohol doesn’t seem to be a bad alcohol, so the smell didn’t remain on my body strangely.
Rather than a hangover, my head is extremely clear.
But I feel that I forgotten what I have been desperately thinking so far completely……

I guess……it is okay.
That can’t be helped. Maybe it is okay to have things like this once in a while.
Thanks to that, I managed to sleep well.

My body is in a very good condition.
Now I just need to pray that she will wake up quietly……


Is she going to be okay for today’s work?
I believe that she said that the training starts early morning……
When I am worrying about that,

「U~n, ah, Meria-sensei……Mo~rni~ng……」

she said that while yawning, and she stretched herself.




Because we are having a training early morning, we formed a line at the designated place while rubbing our sleepy eyes.
Then, Meria-sensei and Satsuki-sensei walked alongside.
It’s exactly the meeting time.

「Ha~i! Everyone, all present? No one overslept?」

As expected, there’s no one who’s brave enough to say something like 「I overslept」 after experiencing yesterday’s demonic training and showing her power by making Hikawa-kun say 「nyan☆」.
I thought of that, but……

「Satsuki-sensei, Yumino-san is not here!」

The one who raised her voice was Otonashi-san.
Eh? That Yumino-san? Even though she’s the one that looks to be strict with the time or rules……

「Overslept……doesn’t look to be that」
「Yes, when I woke up, she wasn’t there anymore……I surely thought that she went to the meeting place ahead, but she wasn’t here. ……I wonder where did she go」
「Is there anyone who knows where she went?」

It was when Satsuki-sensei looked at the other students while saying that.


Something familiar. A weird voice like a groan or scream.
It can be heard all around.

「This is……?」
「……Don’t tell me……?」
「Hey, seriously」

The students including me, became bewildered by the sudden situation.
When I look at Satsuki-sensei and Meria-sensei, they look around in a surprised expression.

『Meria-sensei, Instructor Satsuki……can you hear me?』

Our communication devices receive a voice call from Yumino-san.
The communication device were distributed to everyone yesterday night because we are going to use it for today’s training.
That’s why, everyone is equipped with it right now.

「Yumino-san, where are you? No, rather than that, the sound just now……can you see anything?」
『Yes. I thought I can see a strange shadow from afar at dawn, so I climbed the hill and surveyed the surroundings, but……that monster……『Variants』. They appeared suddenly in large numbers, surrounding where we are』

Along with Yumino-san’s report, countless explosion sounds echo.

Furthermore, it’s not at one direction only.
Countless destruction sounds resound from many directions.

「……What, was that……!?」
「Again, those monsters……!!!」
「……Really……not just a training……?」

Expanding turmoil.
Of course, we remember the incident on that day very well.

「Everyone, calm down. First, I want to understand the situation a little」

Controlling the flustered students, Satsuki-sensei asks Yumino-san again.

「Yumino-san……do you know the numbers?」
『……Thousands. I can say that for sure』

The moment I heard that, my spine froze.
The monster that attacked Teihen High School the other day.

Thousands of that?

I can’t imagine it.
But I don’t think Yumino-san reported such number as a joke.
I don’t think she’s wrong.
Then, it’s real……!?

「……Meria-sensei? Are you okay!?」

Kagura-san raised her voice from my back.
When I turn around, I can see the trembling figure of Meria-sensei.




My body is shivering in confusion and fear. I can’t feel my legs.

Thousands of Variants……?
We are being surrounded by such number right now?

「No, I can’t be afraid……I need to think……I need to protect everyone」

I hold down my shivering body and throbbing, and I think.
What on earth is going on……!?
There weren’t this much presence up until now.
Appeared suddenly? How?

In addition, thousands?
Such number……is impossible.

How many people were sacrificed for that demonic experiment……!?
In other words, this is none other than a prove of having created a force of artificial Talent Users while piling up failures to that extent.
That technique is an inhuman act. A foolish move that is sharpened with malice. To the fact that it is being used in a grand scale like this, I feel sick and dizzy.

「……What, are they doing……!」

How many people……!!!
Even if the army gather up the Talent Users of the whole country, there is not even thousands of them.
With such scale, isn’t it……a level that can start a war immediately……!!!

If such thing repeats, the world will go back to that chaos era.
War. The return of the Talent Great War.
No, even at that era, there weren’t these much of Variants and artificial Talent Users.

What is he……no, what are they scheming…………!!?

「Anyway, everyone gather!! We need to form a formation……!」

What are their current aim!?
As expected, Serizawa-kun……!?
If I don’t protect him……what should I do!?
But……if we are surrounded by such number, there……is nowhere……!!!


Major Kirishima slaps my shoulder.

「I will take command. Please contact all sides」

While smiling calmly, she said that to me.
Even in this kind of situation, she can smile calmly.


……That’s right, I am not alone right now.

I should leave this to her. I should do other things.
Pitiably, I am frozen from fear right now.
But my body can still move.
Because of yesterday’s sleep, I can move my hands and legs if I want to.
When I take a deep breath while thinking that, the shiver on my body calmed down a little and I start to think.

「Everyone, you heard it. An enemy attack. You will form a formation now, so move according to my instructions, okay? And also, keep your communication device on from here. Think of that as your lifeline」

Just like that, Major Kirishima issues instructions to the students one by one.

「First, Akai-kun and Serizawa-kun, you two move to 12 o’clock. Exterminate the Variants you meet as much as you can. Kurasaki-kun and Yomohira-san move to 6 o’clock. Do the same thing. If it gets dangerous, return to the camp」

『Ah, understood』
『Fuhi. Got it』

Saying that, the four students head to their directions immediately.

「Midou-kun, get invisible and grasp the situation. Avoid battles, and if possible, find a breakthrough point and report back」

『Fu, roger』

「Hikawa-kun, freeze every Variant. There should some that are immune to it, but if you can stop their movements, Yumino-san will shoot the Variants’ cores」

『Understood, Satsuki-sensei』

The minute that Midou-kun and Hikawa-kun heard the instructions, they rushed out.

「The rest gather at the hill where Yumino-san is, and form the same group as yesterday. Tsuchitori-san’s team put up protective walls, and Yumino-san’s team shoot down the enemies from afar. You can say that is our castle. Think that everything will end if the castle falls, okay?」

『Uhya~, will we be alright~』
『……I understand』
『Shit, this is not a training……!!!』
『I am a battery charger again……?』

It is a desperate situation right now.
But they haven’t give up. They are not feeling hopeless.
Then……I must not give up.

「That’s all for the first instructions. …………Everyone, please survive」

With Major Kirishima’s voice as the signal, we start to move with everyone.
I also run together. Because my head was emptied yesterday, my legs can move properly. I can still move.

I shift to thinking for things that I can do right now while predicting what is going to happen from now on.



Author note: Thanks to you, we reached 100 chapters.
I thank you for reading up until now.

Regarding the novelization, because I received permission to reveal the rough draft of the characters, I will announce it. The girls are already cute in the rough drafts……!

From left, Serizawa Atsushi, Kirishima Kaname, Kurono Meria

Yomohira Miriya, Kagura Mai

Beansprout (In the light novel, his name will be changed to Ueki Futoshi), Pervert (Midou), Akai Tsubasa

Shinozaki Yuria (Really big)

『Kuzu Inou』 light novel’s release date is expected to be near the end of December.

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