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22 One who uses and being used

「Inou-kun…how’s the issue of that matter?」

At a Japanese-style garden, a cane-holding old man who’s feeding the koi carps, talked to a small build man who has a golden badge on the chest of his suit.

「It’s going well, President. I will definitely crush that barbarian’s castle」
「I’ll be expecting your success, Inou-kun」

The old man called as President, said that without turning around.

「Even so, President. I thank you very much for your instructions on the various wonderful ideas the other day」

The small build man wearing a dark brown suit, bowed his head to the old man while continuing his words respectfully.

「Take advantage of their weaknesses, and corner them like a shogi problem. That deeply laid plan was far beyond my power. I’m also thankful to Takasei Academy for the cooperation. I am much obliged to you」

「With this, you now know. Even if you can’t win with power, you can just win with wisdom」
「It’s…indeed as you said, President」

After finishing feeding the koi carps, the old man puts away his cane and……turns around to the man.

「However, this is all your plan. What I said was just a monologue. Hmm, make sure you deal with the sparks so that it can’t reach here」

The old man’s eyes are full of dignity and intimidation. Not even thinking that there would be anyone who will defy him… There’s the eyes of an old dictator.

「I understand. Then, because I have some public businesses……I will take my leave now」

Saying that, the small build man bowed once again, and left the old man.

「……That small guy only know how to speak on the outside……Well, fine. I will use you as much as possible……the fool who doesn’t know about the dreadfulness of that man. Therefore, he is very useful……」

While watching the koi carps in the pond……he unsheathed his cane suddenly, and when he swings up the sword cane, a black koi carp was stabbed.
The black koi carp struggled for a moment, but it immediately stopped moving and died. Blood spread faintly in the pond.
While watching the koi carp’s corpse floating in the pond…………the old man says this in an unpleasant way.

「Kurono Kagenobu……that abnormal monster. On top of crushing my important laboratory………he stole my body’s freedom. I will surely make you feel my pain……no. I will repay several times the despair I tasted……! 」

The old man mutters, and sheathes the blade……Then, he walked away from the garden awkwardly and disappeared from the garden.




The dark brown suited man called Inou, head to the private transport outside while thinking.

「National Teihen High School…a symbol of genuine evil. How annoying」

There are still many national Talent schools which accept low leveled incompetent people for free in this country. This is absolutely pointless. On the contrary, it’s a harm to the social economy.

There’s no need to use the taxes on those incompetents and the poor. They can just earn by themselves. No, they should. That’s a matter of course.

If they can’t pay for the private education service, they can just serve for the army right away. There are many ways to use those incompetents in the army. If they are declared killed in action and are actually sold to the black market as experiment samples, the incompetents will even be highly valued. If they are sold, the profit is very high. There are many buyers.

Buy in the market, and then sell them to the market. That’s how to preserve a healthy economy.

There are many enterprises and organizations which support my way of thinking. Just now, that self-important geezer…President Shidara is one of them. That pitiful old man who thinks he’s very smart.

The 「wisdom」 that the old man gave to me, no much as expected. It’s just a simple pretext. Abolish the school depending on the 「result of the School War」? In order to realize that stupid idea…I ran around everywhere…

However, he always give a large amount of donation to my office, and the reward on the back is extremely large. He can still be used. The 『Talent User Production Technology』 done by Shidara at the back………that one was very useful to build up my influence. If I can secure excellent Talent Users, to that extent, my influence will increase.

At the present time, it’s against the laws, but that just means that the law is still outdated. The law will change someday. Then, I can devote into my business without hiding.

At first, with making President Shidara in a good mood, I must crush the annoying obstacle, Teihen High School (Insect Nest) that obstructs my plan.

What, there’s nothing to fear when it’s just that third-rate Talent high school’s principal, Kurono. He didn’t announce his Talent publicly, but normally, an excellent Talent User will announce it publicly and then, start a school. With just that, you can see how incompetent he is.

I don’t know why Shidara is that afraid of such man……

I can even crush him immediately.




「Closing…!? No way, with just the result of the School War…That’s irrational!!」

I, Kurono Meria spoke frankly to Chihaya-sensei first. Her reaction is just as expected.

「I also think so. But for them, if it can be a pretext, any reason is fine. What’s important is that it became an official decision. The one who is leading this, is that Inou from the Military and Science Department…」

Chihaya-sensei gulped by my words.

「I-Inou…you mean, Kagura-san’s kidnapping…!」
「Yes. It is the name of the client that came out from the mastermind of the kidnapping with Motomiya-sensei’s 「memory manipulation」. This is…most likely the same person」
「No way…the Director of the Military and Science Department…and also the President of the Talent School Alliance…!?…Don’t tell me…」
「You see. There is one more…from the investigation result. A truth that cannot be disregarded…a common feature has surfaced」
「Common feature…?」

「The donor of Inou’s political funds, and the boss of the white robed man, are business partners. And it is the same name as the founder of the incorporated educational institution, Takasei Academy…which is the coming School War’s opponent. It is impossible to think that it is a coincidence」
「The opponent is Takasei Academy!? That A rank champion school’s…founder is that…」
「Yes, his name is…I think you also know that very well. The President of the 『Shidara Group』 which governs over start-up companies……Shidara Ougen」

The owner of the black company…that grew rapidly in these few years.
And…the shadow owner of the living things experiment site which was destroyed by Otou-san in the past.

In public, it was a temporary employment agency which provide a high salary work to Talent Users. However…there was a rumor of the Talent Users disappear one after another, and when Otou-san went to investigate it, an unthinkable experiment was held there.

Otou-san destroyed the facility instantly…find the owner, Shidara Ougen, and attacked him.
And, those who were used for experiments, became Teihen High School’s staffs.

Because both parties violated the law at that time, it couldn’t be made public. Therefore, the case couldn’t be taken into the courtroom……Hence, he and Otou-san are glaring at each other now. Most likely, one of the people who hate Otou-san……Teihen High School the most.

Everything is connected. It became connected.
The enemy is…Shidara Group’s Shidara Ougen.

「Looks like…we mustn’t lose this time」
「Yes, please. Chihaya-sensei. We must also tell this to the other teachers」

Chihaya-sensei looks unusually grave.
After all, she is also…one of the people who was involved at that time.

What we are dealing after this is not only a war between the students.

This is our war.



「Investigation」 … A simple job done by stopping time and trespassing illegally.


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