Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – The Revolving Lantern of the Summoner

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The revolving lantern of the summoner

Where did I make a mistake?
Or, this result is cause because there was no mistake?
I don’t know.
Although I don’t know, I will die.

「This is…karma…..」

If I think back, this Goblin named Razraz was different from the first time I saw it.
Speaking of the Goblin, it’s the combat maniac who only thinks of fighting.
And yet, Razraz had the eyes that have deep intelligence.
And, when I appraise according to my intuition, I saw the skill.


It was the skill that the spider monster called as the Nightmare also has.
The same skill as that non-standard monster.

I had a bad premonition.
At the same time, I thought that it’s also a chance.
If I can tame this Goblin, it will bring me favor in the future.
Although it won’t reach the nightmarish monster, it might be able to be stronger than a normal Goblin.

The Weapon Creation skill that I had not seen before was also attractive.
If I have this skill, it’s possible to escape from the difficult situation that weapons can’t be supplied properly in the remote region.
I understood why the Goblins expanded the range of action.

I succeeded in subduing Razraz by the skill.
However, this is only a starting line.
In order to really subdue a monster, it’s necessary to earn the loyalty.

The loyalty is a special status applied only on the subdued monsters, and when it becomes 100, it becomes the highest.
The monster that became 100 reaches the point that it will listen to every master’s order.
On the contrary, when the loyalty is low, it will back-stab the master if each and every orders are not given.

It’s easy to raise the loyalty.
First of all, break the heart.
And, it’s completely.
It’s impossible to win or oppose the master.
It’s important to make it think so.

I made Razraz to kill the Goblin next to it and eat it.
As a result, the title can be acquired, and by having it experiencing the a strong experience of killing its intimate one forcibly, the heart can be broken.
It should be like that.

Razraz’s heart didn’t break.
Rather than that, it endured its ego by anger.
Even though Razaraza who was subdued at the same time got its heart broken easily by the guilty conscience of not being able to defend the village.

After that, although I tried to break Razraz’s heart, all of the attempts failed.
If that’s the case, I tried changing the means to contacting it as politely as possible, but the loyalty didn’t rise from 0.

At this point in time, I had a bad premonition.
The skill called Anger rises day by day, and it even acquired the skill like Curse.
The other skills also rise slowly, and it was clear that Razraz is waiting eagerly for a chance here.

But still, there was a reason why I can’t let go of Razraz.
Because there was a reason that I must return to the empire by raising a meritorious deed quickly.
Razraz’s ability had the charm to do it.
The ability to create efficient weapons from nothing.
If I tell this ability that has neither been heard nor seen to the empire’s higher-ups, I might be released from this remote region transfer.
There was such a light expectation.
The result of revealing the desire is this.

「How unsightly」

The start is as expected, the subjugation mission of the Nightmare, huh?
That time, I didn’t want to go the mission if possible.
After becoming this age, my wife became pregnant.
The expected date when the child will be born is exactly similar to the period of the mission.
I can’t see my child’s birth there with my own eyes.
I was unlucky.

And, what I have encountered is that Nightmare.
Only Ronant-sama and I who survived.
Moreover, in the story after that, it’s said that the Nightmare have gone out of the labyrinth by chasing the guides who ran away on the way.

Mission failure and the loss of the unit, and furthermore, the sin of releasing a dangerous monster to the world.
I was made to take those responsibilities, and I was transferred to this Magic Mountain.
Although it might have been good that I didn’t get sack, I can’t meet my family.
Although I heard that a girl was safely born, after all, I can’t see her appearance.

And, just recently, a letter from my wife arrived saying that my child have been kidnapped by someone.
Although I wanted to return to the empire at once, I will be treated as a deserter if I return now, and I will really be sacked this time.
In order to return grandly, I have no choice but to do a meritorious deed.

The criminal who kidnapped my daughter is unknown.
However, I’m told that it was not done solo, but it’s an organization-like crime that multiple people took part of it.
It seems that even a high rank magician is in the member, and it’s said that the traces of the magic of the wind had been used were discovered.

Although I have an acquaintance in the army to search, there’s no clue.
Although I don’t know what I can do even if I return, it was unbearable to not being able to do anything at a distant place in the present state.

「Do you hate me?」

It suddenly comes into my mind, and I ask.
After I ask it, I realized that it was a foolish question.
It’s impossible that it doesn’t hate me.
The opponent who made you kill your family by your own hands.
It’s impossible to forgive such a person.

I see.
Monsters also have the family love.
The one who was devour by Razraz at the beginning was probably its younger brother or younger sister.
It’s said that Razaraza was the older brother.
What did it think when it sees the appearance of its older brother changed completely being ruled by my skill?
The start that cause this disastrous scene is probably it guessed that we destroyed another Goblin’s village in some reasons.
Although I don’t know how it escaped from my skill, the strong anger might have exceeded the power of my skill.
Even if I think about such things now, I can’t do anything.

Razraz raises the sword high and swing it down as if saying that this is the answer.
If I think of the things that I did to Razraz up until now, it’s the deserved end.
However, I have things left undone.

「It’s regrettable」

At least, even if it’s only once before I die, I wanted to see my child’s face……


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  1. RoflCat says:

    Well…now I feel bad for him…although if he didn’t try to break Wrath’s mind through trauma he might’ve gone down a different path…

    Still…the elves kidnapped his child huh…I wonder if we’ll get to know the person later.

    • heshekell says:

      Bull, he wanted accomplishments because he was downgraded and sent to a remote region so he destroyed whole villages. Poor him. His kid getting kidnapped is beside the point. It sounds like his kid was a reincarnated person. What if someone saw her skills and instead of elf kidnapping, be as ruthless and thoughtless as he was and make her kill him, His wife, and everyone in the city. This is what happens when you take the selfish end.

      • RoflCat says:

        He didn’t know about the skill until he saw him for the first time though.

        Frankly I can’t fault him for killing a village thing, it’s kinda his obligation to clear the land of monsters so the empire can use it.

        Also, the ‘break the heart’ thing probably has long been simply the option because it’s the fastest + highly successful way of removing the monster’s resistance.

    • Tyizor says:

      Yeah, considering what he did, I have no sympathy whatsoever for him. He probably tricked himself into thinking monsters had no feelings, despite knowing otherwise (or else, why would he make them eat their own kin? If they have no emotion in the first place, they can’t “break”). Only thing I’d pity him for is that he couldn’t see his daughter. >.>

      • RoflCat says:

        He’s aware of monsters having feelings, in fact part of the ‘break the heart’ is to show dominance over the monster through negative emotions.

        What he realized later late into this point is that monsters’ feelings are not as primal as he’d assumed (i.e. sex, food, sleep basic desire) and that the goblin he ordered Kyouya to killed probably was a family member.

  2. GokubeatsSuperman says:

    I’m glad he died. And I hope his daughter gets eaten unless its a soul reincarnate

  3. Anonymous says:

    “To gain his loyalty, I made him eat his sister.”

    Even if I can somewhat understand that what ran in his mind was “If you obey me, the suffering will end”, but that will never approach loyalty.
    It will reach the minimum level of submission, but not loyalty.
    Especially not in a magical world which gives you power out of nowhere.

    Nobody is truly helpless in a world like that, especially if he’s aware that this Razraz has intelligence.

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