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S28 The Elro Great Labyrinth escape

After encountering the Remnants of the Nightmare, the course after that advanced surprisingly well.
It seems that the Earth Dragon that just evolved preyed on other monsters, and there’s hardly a monster remained in the large passage.
Thanks to that, the combat frequency ended with a little, and we didn’t even encounter a big shot.

I think that it’s probably not only the Earth Dragon’s influence.
The Remnants of the Nightmare.
Because there’s that existence, either the monsters ran away or they are all eliminated.

After that, Basgas-san’s words have decreased.
He set up his nerves without speaking unnecessary things.
Although he speaks of necessary things, he ceased to laugh cheerfully like before.
The appearance is like the warrior who goes to the battlefield.

We were inspired by Basgas-san’s state, and the conversation decreased among us.
As the exit is getting closer, it became remarkable.
The tension of being in the dangerous labyrinth and the tension to get out of this labyrinth and stand on the real battlefield.
They mixed, and everyone’s face becomes severe gradually.

「Well then, the exit is close by now that we come this far」

Basgas-san began to talk at the camp that would become the last.

「About the exit, there’s only one bypath in this side」
「Then, does it mean that we will use the bypath?」
「Is it a dangerous place after all?」

Basgas-san nods seriously.

「In the first place, if the bypath is safe, there should be more people using it, right? There’s no one using it means that either it’s not known or it can’t be used because it’s dangerous. Only one of these two.」

Basgas-san takes out a map.

「Look. We are now at here」

The place that Basgas-san points at.
There was already close to the exit.
When I recognize the place where I am now clearly, a real feeling of having coming this far at last arises.

「And, the bypath that we must break through is here」

The place that Basgas-san indicates.
There became a large space.

「It’s a pit. There are several of it in the Great Labyrinth, and it connects the upper layer to the lower layer. And, this pit also connects to the ground. If we climb here, we can reach the ground」

The pit.
I heard it that it’s a huge hole that connects the upper layer to the lower layer called the untrodden danger zone.
It’s said that most of the adventurers who went down there didn’t return.
But, this time, we are not going down.
We will climb it oppositely.
And, Basgas-san said that it’s dangerous.
There’s a dangerous reason.

「What kind of danger exists in the pit?」
「Ah. First of all, before the pit, we must pass through the danger zone that’s here」

At the place of the map that Basgas-san indicates, there was a wide space opened before the pit.

「It’s the nest of the Elro Ferect」
「Elro Ferect?」
「It’s the insect-type monster that has a lot of feet. Although each one of them is weak, there’s a lot of them and they use the abnormal condition of paralysis anyway. Because they are also fast, it’s the end if you are caught. You will be paralyzed and they will gather in swarms」

Did she imagined the scene? Katia leaks a small groan.

「The only way deal with it is to annihilate them all at once with wide range attack」
「I see」

Certainly, it’s dangerous normally.
But, this party should be all right.
After all, most of the members can use the wide range annihilation magic.
If Katia, Sensei, Anna and I activate the magics, a considerable range should be able to be covered.
Even if we miss it, there’s Hyrinth-san’s impregnable defense and Basgas-san’s covering.
It might be good.

「First of all, that is the first barrier」
「The first, so that means there’s still something?」
「The second barrier is the nest of the Finjegoath」

We wait for Basgas-san’s next words.

「Although the Finjegoath is a monster that also inhabits in places other than the Elro Great Labyrinth, the one that inhabits in the Elro Great Labyrinth makes the nest at the pit, and act based on there. Somehow, most of the pits have the Finjegoath’s nest. Finjegoath is a flying insect-type monster that has poison stinger. Although the danger degree of one is assumed to be D, generally, it’s led by the evolved individual and form a platoon. They will cooperate and attack. In order to reach the exit, we must climb the vertical wall while dodging their attacks」

It didn’t seem that the Elro Great Labyrinth will let us out easily.




A scream leaks from Katia’s mouth.
Although she was not that good with insects since the previous life, after coming here, I feel that she have become excessively bad at it.
Well, it’s not that I don’t understand her feelings.
If I see this scene, I will feel unpleasant even if I’m not bad with insects.

In my point of view, the swarm of insects jostled each other.
It’s the insect monster that has the similar figure as the centipede of the former world.
They wriggle in a heap all over in my view.
It can’t be helped even if a scream comes out.

We intended to mow down the swarm of monsters by shooting wide range magic in turns as planned originally.

「Hiiiyaaa! No no nooo!」

Katia goes mad and fires magic at random.
The number of the centipede-type monsters reduce very fast by the magic shot one after another.

「Um, isn’t it dangerous to use fire in the cave?」
「It’s probably all right because the magic fire in this world doesn’t burns oxygen and produce carbon dioxide」
「Eh? Is that so?」
「Yes. Although I didn’t checked in detail, it’s something vague like causing the phenomenon called the fire. When the magic skills are inexperience, the carbon dioxide seems to be generated, but I don’t know the detailed condition. I think that if it’s Katia-chan’s skill, carbon dioxide won’t be generated, so there’s no need to worry」
「It sure is mysterious」
「It’s mysterious. In the first place, it’s a mystery that how fire can be generated without the combustion of carbon, and I don’t understand the mechanism that carbon dioxide will be generated if the skill is inexperience. It seems to be different from the combustion of hydrogen. Well, if I begin to say such a thing, it will become what is magic to begin with. As a body came from the world that science exists, it’s impossible to understand it, but it might be not good if I don’t think so」

While we are talking pointlessly, Katia has burnt the swarm of monsters alone exhaustively.



I look down at the bottom.
The darkness of the bottom that can’t be seen opened the mouth big there.
I look up at the top.
There’s a little sunlight, and innumerable shadows flew between the light.

It’s the bee.
The figure is quite similar to the former world’s bee.
However, the size is incomparable.
The length is nearly twice of me.
The huge monsters flies around innumerably.

Although Katia who hates insects looks pale again, she doesn’t have the energy to rampage like a while ago.
Fortunately or unfortunately, Katia only looked at the swarm of bees without having the energy to rage.

「Well then, this is the time to show our skills」

Hyrinth-san and I lead.
Running in the air.
It’s the aerial run by the “Space Maneuver” skill.

Although the “Space Maneuver” skill is convenient, the acquisition is difficult to that extent.
Only Hyrinth-san and I can fight using the “Space Maneuver”.
Although Katia also has the “Space Maneuver” skill, because she is considerably exhausted by the magic barrage a while ago, this time, she’s in the rear.

The strategy is very simple.
Intercept the attacking monsters by making full use of the “Space Maneuver”, and the other members climb the wall at the chance.
It’s a hard work to climb the wall, and it’s considerably tough for Hyrinth-san and me to keep activating the “Space Maneuver” in the meantime.
It’s not a simple strategy as it’s said.
Although I’m worried about Anna, because Basgas-san is on her side, I want to believe that it’s all right unless something great happens.

Several bees flew at once towards here.
When I see it near, it considerably big.
Six bees.
Strong power can be felt from one of them.
Apparently, the individual is the leader.

My sword cuts the leader bee.
Although I swung it lightly with the intention of testing it, I was able to defeat it easily.
Apparently, each one of them doesn’t seem to be significant.

But, when more than two of them attack at the same time, it’s troublesome.
Hyrinth-san and I kill each bee surely as if protecting each other.

When we killed the last one, the next swarm arrived.

「There’s no time to rest, huh?」

I reduce the number before they approach with “Holy Light Magic”.
But, apparently, the bee have recognize us to be an enemy, and a large quantity of bees surge all at once.

Even if I reduce the number with wide range magic, because there’s a lot of them originally, it’s not so effective.
Even if we intercept with magic and sword, several of them get through.

Those were shot down by Sensei’s magic of wind.

「Please don’t mind the back! If it’s a short time, I can handle with magic!」

There’s Sensei’s covering, so Hyrinth-san and I devote ourselves to bee extermination.
We handle the attacking swarm of bees one after another mechanically.
When it becomes pretty hard to maintain the “Space Maneuver”, the end was seen at last.

It’s the exit.

Basgas-san climbs up first, and pulls Anna up.
Next is Katia, Sensei, and when I saw Hyrinth-san is heading toward the exit, I shoot the last wide range magic aiming at the approaching bees, and jumped into the exit.

The sunlight that I see again after several days.
It’s already in the evening, and the sky has been dyed into madder red.

Without losing time to be absorbed in deep emotion, we go away from the exit.
The bees might chase us if we are here, and there might be the ambush of the empire.
At present, there’s no figure of the empire soldier, but we can’t be careless.

「I have a hideout in this side too. Let’s go there today」

We decide to get on Basgas-san’s suggestion.
Like this, we succeeded in escaping from the long labyrinth life.


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