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S22 To the Elf Village

Sensei received a report that the army has invaded the Elf Village with Distant Communication.
The flag that the army raised is Rengzant Empire.
It was the army led by Yuugo.

Sensei receives the report, and declared to return to the Elf Village without hesitation.

「Yuugo can’t be neglected anymore. I will return to the Elf Village and intercept him」

The eyes that’s full of Sensei’s determination.
Hyrinth-san opened his mouth as if he’s obstructing it.

「So? How do you go to the Elf Village?」

The Elf Village location is further inside the deep forest, and it’s in the place called the holy ground.
The holy ground is at the central part of the Kasanagara continent, and it’s located near the Demons territory.
And, now we are at the Dastordia continent.
There was an outrageous gap of distance.

「No matter how you estimate it, it takes dozens of days to reach the Elf Village from here unless Transfer is used. Even if you go from now, it should already ended by the time you arrive」

As what Hyrinth-san said, there’s no way we can reach there no matter how we work hard unless Transfer is used.
Although there’s a transfer circle in the royal castle, when we rescued Leston-niisama and the others, we confirmed that the transfer circle has stopped functioning.
Although it’s not completely broken, advanced technique seemed to be required to restore it.
There’s no one that can do it among these members.

「It’s all right. As long as I can cross to the Kasanagara continent, there’s a transfer circle that the Elves hold in secret」

So, there’s such thing.
The transfer circle is rare among the magic tools, and it’s regarded as more important than the high level appraisal stone.
To have such thing in secret.
The Elves’ organizational capability might be higher than I thought.

But, when I think about it, because they can even gathered us who have reincarnated on their own, it’s not strange that they have such a thing.

「However, even if it’s used, it will still take more than ten days. Although I don’t know when the empire army will reach the Elf Village, there’s a report about it, so that means the march begins steadily to that extent. I don’t think that you can make it in time」
「Certainly, I won’t be in time for the outbreak of the war. However, there’s a powerful barrier at the Elf Village, and there’s also the fortress of nature called the forest. It’s impossible for the Elf Village to fall until I reach there」

Sensei who declares it.
I guess she is very confident of the defense of the Elf Village.

「Rather, the problem is that the empire army might withdraw before I arrive」
「Why can you declare it to that extent?」
「While being at a place near both the Humans and the Demons, the result of impregnable is not just for a show.」
「I see」

Hyrinth-san looks at me once.

「And, how do you cross to the Kasanagara continent?」
「The only way is to pass through the Elro Great Labyrinth」
「Do you think that it’s possible?」
「I don’t know」

The Elro Great Labyrinth.
Roughly the only path that connects the continents other than the Transfer.
The sea is the base of the powerful Water Dragons, there’s no one who succeeded in a voyage.
It’s said that even if a person flies, the person will be shot down without care.

The Elro Great Labyrinth is a huge labyrinth that connects such both continents through the underground.
It’s said that because it’s huge, if there’s no guide, it’s impossible to get out forever.
In addition, numerous monsters inhabiting there use poison, so it will become the worst situation if measures are not taken.
This world’s largest labyrinth is also the labyrinth prod of the world’s worst difficulty simultaneously.
However, if a person follows the guide’s directions and pass through the proper route, the danger is little.

「There might be an ambush at doorway of the labyrinth」

From the importance of the Elro Great Labyrinth, the doorway is strictly guarded.
The reason why there’s no Demons in the Dastordia continent is because they are not allowed to pass through the Elro Great Labyrinth.
For us who have became wanted people, it’s difficult to enter and to go out.
If a unit that clearly aims at us is stationed there, then it’s all the more.

「Shun, what do you want to do?」
「Oka-san intend to go to the Elf Village alone. I’m asking what Shun wants to do」

I intended to go with Sensei normally though.
Is it different?

「Eh? I intend to go with Sensei though」

A grand sigh leaked from Hyrinth-san’s mouth for some reason.

「Shun, do you understand your position?」
「Currently, we are in the position being chased globally with the sin of national treason. And the principal offender is said to be Shun, right?」
「Is it necessary for you to go to the Elf Village nonchalantly?」

I think.
Certainly, I understand Hyrinth-san’s point.
I don’t have the obligation to protect the Elves.
If seeing from Hyrinth-san.

「Hyrinth-san. There are friends of the same town as me before reincarnation in the Elf Village. I can’t abandon them」

Hyrinth-san is surprised at my words, and sends a glance to Sensei.
And, Sensei affirmed it with a nod.

「In addition, I must settle it with Yuugo」

Did he feel my determination? Hyrinth-san closed his eyes once and nodded.

「I understand. If Shun says so, I have no objection. I will follow in order to protect you」
「Thank you」
「Of course I will go too」

Katia appeals her existence as if agreeing with Hyrinth-san.
To be honest, I don’t want to take Katia along into the battlefield because I’m worried about her, but now that we have come this far, Katia will not draw back.
Katia is considerably strong, and if she always follows near me, rare things won’t happen.
Even if it happens, I can use the resurrection by “Kindness”.
Although it’s dangerous to rely on it too much, it’s far better than nothing.

Although the resurrection of “Kindness” is seen as a cheat skill, the fact is that the use is quite limited.
First of all, it’s ineffective if it’s not immediately after the person died.
If it’s not resurrected within roughly five minutes after death, there’s no effect.
When Father was killed, if I resurrect him at the very beginning, this might not happen.
However, I suffered a defeat by Yuugo and got wounded at that time.
If I’m not in perfect condition, the resurrection will not success.
And, even if I resurrect, I can’t resurrect if the former body is completely destroyed.
If I don’t clear these conditions, I can’t resurrect.

Besides, if I resurrect another person, “Taboo” will become level 10.
When “Taboo” becomes level 10, a frightening thing seems to happen.
If possible, I want to avoid it, but if my comrades are sacrificed, I will probably execute resurrection without hesitating.

「Unfortunately, I’m a burden in combat. I will remain here, and advance the preparations for the royal capital recapture」

Leston-niisama said so and selected to stay.

「Then, I will devote myself to the assistance of Leston-sama. I don’t think that my power is useful from now on」

It seems that Clevea will remain with Nii-sama.

「Please let me go with Shurein-sama」

Anna said so with an obsessed expression
To be honest, it was unexpected that Anna said so.
Because Anna is a Half Elf.
And, we are heading to the Elf Village after this.

It’s the Elf’s exclusive race.
Even if the Half Elves that should be half of the same race, they won’t accept them.
It might be simply because they are half same.
Anyway, the Half Elves born in the Elf Village grow up with ashamed feelings, and when they reach the point that they can support themselves, they will be driven out of the village without discussions.
In harsh case, it’s said that they might be thrown out while they are still babies.

Anna spends her childhood in the Elf Village, and she has a past of being driven out to the Humans territory.
The Elf Village should have been a place without good memories for Anna.
And that Anna says that she wants to follow to the Elf Village.

「Anna. There’s no need to force yourself, you know?」
「No. I’m not forcing myself. I just can’t forgive myself like this. Please take me along with you」

Anna who’s ghastly.
Speaking frankly, this condition is dangerous.
She is mentally cornered.
Leave her here or take her along, both are not good.
Then, it’s better to appoint her in a noticeable place.

「I understand」
「It’s okay. Anna, don’t force yourself and please always be with me」

I answer Katia who turns a criticism glance with my gaze.
Although it has become the feeling that holds a troublesome thing, Anna is an excellent magician in the Humans.
If her mind is stable, it should be all right.
I will watch her well until then.

I think that the position was reversed suddenly.
In the old days, Anna protects me and taught me about various things.
This time, it’s my turn to protect Anna.

「Now that it’s decided, let’s start the action at once」

Everyone start to move by Hyrinth-san’s command.
First of all, we have to reach the Elro Great Labyrinth.
It will start from there.


That night, Katia visited my room.

「What’s wrong?」
「No, I thought that there’s something that I must tell you」

I prepare myself because it doesn’t seems to be a good thing just by looking at Katia’s strangely awkward face.

「You heard the story of the missing students from Sensei, right?」
「Among that, four people have already died」
「I see」

I have expected it to some extent.
Although I expected it, when I hear it like this, I’m shocked.

「Why saying such thing now?」
「If we go to the Elf Village, we will meet with our old friends, right? I thought that it should be better for you to at least know the name of the dead ones before that」
「I see, thank you. You know that I will feel depressed when I hear about it, so you never told me until now, right?」
「Please tell me. Who died?」
「I will say it from the one with good relations. First of all, Kogure」

I see, I can never meet him again.

「He was a crybaby even though he’s a high school student」
「Ah. When Kogure lost in rock, paper, scissors game and was chosen for the person in charge of the living thing that nobody wants to do, he seriously cried」
「Saying that “It’s impossible”. Other than that, coming to school crying and saying that his game console was broken」
「Ah, right」

We talk about Kogure for a while.

「Next is Hayashi」
「The table tennis club?」
「Yeah, that Hayashi」
「Although our relations were not so good, I remember that he hustled me during the table tennis class of physical education」
「Me too. Usually he’s not so cheerful, and at the moment he holds a paddle, his personality changed」
「He hit a smash while shouting Sure-kill Tornado Smash」
「I laughed at that」

「Next is Wakaba-san」
「Eh? That whole school bishoujo?」
「It’s a world loss」
「Right. Even though she’s taciturn and expressionless, her presence is amazing」
「She was the idol of our school after all. The point is also high that she was nonathletic unexpectedly」

「The last one is Sakurasaki」
「Natsume, a friend of Yuugo, huh?」
「Ah. he’s Natsume’s stopper, and he’s the only one who can talk to that guy equally」
「When Natsume seems to be reckless, he always intervened casually」
「Furthermore, he come an apologize in secret later. Saying that Ken has did something bad」
「I see. Because there’s no Sakurasaki-kun, I wonder if Yuugo became like that」
「Who knows」
「I wonder why. Why did he become like that? Everyone should have been doing well in Japan」
「We were reborn in a different world. Everyone will change. Yuugo just changed in the bad way. That’s all」
「Katia doesn’t change」
「Do you really think so?」

I’m shocked at the glance of Katia who says so.

「Say, how am I reflected in your eyes?」
「Is the one that you are seeing is Katia? Or, is it Kanata?」
「Eh? What do you mean?」

Katia is Kanata, so both should be the same.
I don’t know what Katia wants to say.

「Haa. Well, fine. Do I really looked unchanged? Or, did you persuade yourself that I’m unchanged?」
「Well. Sorry」

I apologize to Katia who seems to be in a bad mood somehow.

「It’s fine. I understand that you are such a guy」
「What do you mean?」
「You dullard」
「Isn’t that harsh!?」
「It’s not harsh. You cheat bug dullard」
「Isn’t it harsher!?」
「Leaving that aside, I find that you are more strange that you don’t change at all」
「Is that so?」
「Yeah. Do you really understand the present situation?」
「Of course I do」
「Then, why can you be so natural?」
「Is there something bad about it?」
「It’s not bad. But, think about it properly. Your biological parent is killed, your half younger sister is kidnapped, and you are driven out of your birthplace. And, you are going to fight with the person who wreck your birthplace from now on. And yet, why can you stay calm like that?」

I wonder why.
Now that you say that, it’s so.
Normally, if it becomes such a situation, either despair or get angry and lose control of myself.
And yet, I feel nothing.
No, I feel it.
Only sad.
But, something is different in this sadness.
I’m not sad because of my circumstances.
This is,


Yeah, sad.

『The world is ugly』

Yeah, the world overflows with fights, it’s ugly and that’s sad.

「What’s wrong? Being absentminded」
「A-Ah. No, it’s nothing」
「Is that so? If you are tired, sleep, okay?」
「Yeah. I will do so」
「Ah. Then, I have disturbed you」

Katia leaves the room.
I’m aware that my back is sweating damply.
What on earth is that a while ago?

What on earth happened to me?


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