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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Side Story 11

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ポティマス・ハァイフェナス = Potimas Hyphenath
フィリメス・ハァイフェナス = Firimes Hyphenath

S11 Elf girl

I was called by Father.
And in addition to that, it’s Katia and me.
Without knowing what’s the matter, both of use tilt our head to the side.

「Is this possibly an engagement?」
「Ha? Who’s?」
「You and me」

I can’t think of a word after hearing Katia’s astounding words.

「No, that’s impossible」
「Well, it’s impossible for us. But, what about the people of the surroundings? We are man and woman of the same age who are in a good family. Furthermore, our relationship is also good. Then, it’s not strange even if it’s a discussion of getting engage before it’s too late」

When it’s said like that, it might be possible.
I’m one of the royal family, and Katia is the daughter of the Duke’s house that has a history.
We go well together.

「But, are you okay with it?」
「Like I’m fine with it! I can’t even imagine getting married with a man. But, it’s likely to happen sooner or later, so don’t you think that we should be prepared for this?」
「You, I never thought that you will think about it」
「That’s rude. But, you being the fiance is way better than someone I don’t know. You know my circumstances, and when the time comes, we can just show a bad appearance and we can cancel the engagement in mutual agreement」

There’s such a move too.
Fiance, although I have never thought of that so far, I’m one of the royal family, so it’s not weird even if such discussion comes.
If that’s the case, then it might be convenient if Katia becomes my fiancee that both of us are not conscious of it..
However, excluding one point.

「And, what will you do about Sue?」

My younger sister, Sue doesn’t allows anyone to approach me.
Recently, she allows Katia a little, but I don’t know what will happen when it becomes an engagement.

「Then, I might get killed by that girl」
「As expected, that’s an exaggeration」
「… I think it’s possible」

Although Sue is raised like that, she’s not to that extent.

Meanwhile, a man and a small girl enter the waiting room.
Katia and I look at the two who entered the room, and our mouth opened wide.
The ear of the two who entered the room were longer than human’s ear.

「Nice to meet you. This occasion, I came to this country as the goodwill ambassador of the elf, named Potimas Hyphenath. I’m the one who called both of you. Hereafter, at your own discretion」

That man, Potimas of the elf introduced in an indifferent tone.
It’s my first time to meet an elf.
Although I know that there’s elf in this world, when seeing the real thing, the real feeling that this is a different world surges.

「Fumu. You have it」

Potimas close his eyes partly together with an uncomfortable feeling.

「Oka, these two have it. The rest is all yours」
「Hai haai. I understand」
「Then, I will take my leave」
「I appreciate your efforts」

Potimas goes out of the room quickly.
Katia and I who were left behind can only be dumbfounded.
Without even the time for us to introduce ourselves, he left just like that.
Without understanding what to do, I look at the small girl.

「Fumu fumuu. Then, I will introduce myself. My name now is Firimes Hyphenath. Please take care of me from now on」

Katia and I look at each other.
Even if such a small girl introduces herself, we don’t know what to do afterwards.

「I think that it’s a manner to introduce yourself if the teacher introduce herself. How about it?」
「I’m sorry. I’m the fourth prince of this country, Shurein Zagan Anareich」
「I’m the eldest daughter of the Anabald Duke’s house, Carnatia Seri Anabald」

We introduce ourselves because we were prompt by the girl.

「Un un. Prince-sama and Duke-sama. That’s nice. Moeruu (萌えるぅー )」

I stiffen by that word.
From a while ago, this girl unusual speaking way, and that speech and behavior is similar to a person I know.
Katia also seems to be the same as her eyes are opened wide.

「You shouldn’t attach ‘chan’ to a teacher’s name, you know? But, you’re right」

The girl in front of us was our class teacher in the previous life, Oka-chan aka Okazaki Kanami-sensei.

This teacher who’s called by the nickname of Oka-chan was quite a regrettable person.
When she was a student, she imitated the tone of a character from the manga she likes, and it became her normal tone.
She enters a university and majors in history just because of the sengoku manga.
She became a teacher after drafting the Reverse Genji plan (逆光源氏計画).
She was a quite regrettable teacher.
However, that regrettable part is greatly received by the students, and she was popular.

「So, why is Sensei here?」
「That’s because I know that both of you are here. It became quite a news, you know? Few outrageous geniuses were born in Anareich」

We who met our teacher after a long time, speak in Japanese.
We already told her our previous life’s name.
The moment she heard Katia’s name, her eyes opened wide, but in the next moment, she spatter 「Moeru」.

「You came to meet us specially?」
「That’s not the only purpose. Even though I may appear this way, Sensei is a teacher. After all, I think that I must confirm my student’s safety. Well, the point where we reborn, there’s no safety on it」

Although Sensei says it jokingly, I think that the will is splendid.
I never took consideration on anything other than trying to live in this world.
I never think of searching for my other classmates.

「This world is dangerous unlike Japan. It’s better if I do it quickly so that I can protect you all」

I also have never thought about that.
There are monsters in this world, if I think about it, it’s natural, and yet because I’m safe, I think that my classmates are also safe.

「Then, will Sensei protect us?」
「No no. I can’t take you along because both of your position doesn’t allows me. Normally, the person must wish for it by himself to be protected in the Village of Elf」
「That means, some of them are found?」
「Hai. 12 people in the Village of Elf, and the other students that we were able to contact, adding you two, it will be 5 people. The whereabouts of another 2 people were confirmed, so I’m going to meet them later」

There were 25 students in our class.
That means, there are only 6 people that their whereabouts are not confirmed.
But, on the contrary, there might be no whereabouts of the another 6 people.
Finding only 6 students in this huge world must be considerably difficult.

「Sensei, you go so far to do that just for us」
「It’s my responsibility as the teacher. Besides, most of students are found as a Human race in the Human race territory. It’s not that difficult as said」

But still, it’s obvious that Sensei have put much efforts in it.
I bow once again to Sensei.

「Well, although it’s a another story, Sensei is going to enroll the school in this country soon. At that time, let’s have a detailed talk again」

Katia and I also will go to the school soon.
My new life has approached close by.


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  1. Teanu says:

    It’s regrettable kumo-chan doesn’t have a way to communicate with anyone else. It would be funny and terrible if she ate one of her other classmates without realizing it.
    Thanks for the chapter releases Turb0!

    • Anonymous says:

      I doubt the author would let her eat a fellow reincarnated monster.
      Adding a companion to the party is like getting 5 skills at once, it’s a huge boost to the story.

      Hm, I guess that’s something to expect! Maybe there’s a dragon amongst the students~

  2. Gunther says:

    I get the feeling that Kumo-chan will evolve into an arachnia (human-spider hybrid). I hope it will come true.

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    Well… there was a mention of [Telepathy] skill at the time she got [Appraisal].

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    Maybe she already did eat one of her classmate…remember the taboo skill ..maybe

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    Dear Moonies, Thank you for the chapter my wonderful Author, Translator(s), (Editor), (donors)!

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    She could pick up telepathy if she wanted to. She could even do it on a whim since she has the points for it stockpiled.

  7. Carl says:

    I would laugh if one of my high school teachers said that if we were in this situation. They have been reborn meaning even if they could get back to Earth they aren’t the same people. It must just be a Japanese thing..

    Also i hope all the other classmates were born as demon/monsters..

  8. Node says:

    The side story is getting a bit more interesting.

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